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Vendstar 3000 Vending Machines - Bulk Candy

These bulk candy vending machines manufactured by Multivend are reliable machines with benefits such as the removable candy canisters shown below.  The removable canisters are nice because they make servicing your vending machines easier and faster. The Vendstar 3000 is a lightweight plastic machine with a metal pole. Even though it has plastic coin mechanisms, they are made of a high quality delrin material and hold up very well for many years. They have 3 bulk candy selections as well as separate key numbers to access the candy and the money areas. The wide, round base helps keep them sturdy.

Vendstar 3000s often sell for as much as $330 ea. However, they are really worth less than half of this when compared to other bulk candy vending machines.  They are usually sold in package deals as business opportunities. normally has these candy vending machines, sometimes new, never used in the original boxes for between $90 and $115 each, sometimes less, sometimes more. For the price of 1 new one, you could have 3 Vendstars out there making you money. We may have some for sale right there in your area! See our Vendstar 3000s by either...

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A Vendstar 3000 can vend both round 1" products such as gumballs, superballs, & 1" toy capsules as well as bulk candy products such as nuts, M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, Skittles, Runts, Hot Tamales, mints, Chiclets gum, Reece's Pieces, etc...
Vendstar 3000

Vending Machine Specifications
Weight: 17 lbs empty
Overall Height: 48"
Head: 11"w x 8"dx 18"h
Base Diameter: 18"
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