How to Sell Your Food Truck or Semi with Great Videos

Listings sell 42% faster with videos!

Step 1: Prep

Impressions Matter!
Remove Trash, Clean & Organize

It’s important to think of yourself as a retailer when you take photos or videos of your item, especially if you want to get top dollar. Be sure to clean and organize the inside of your truck or trailer before taking any photos or sending a walkthrough video.
Impressions Matter

Find a Buyer Fast by
Thinking Like a Buyer!

Arrange things as though your customers were taking a tour of the inside. Imagine you’re a realtor who really needs to sell a house. Think about what your buyer will see from all angles. Check to make sure things are in the right place and that you can operate the equipment before you start recording.
Find a Buyer Fast by Thinking Like a Buyer!

Step 2: Walkthrough

Video the Interior Only
Plan your Shots beforehand

Record up to a 3 MINUTE walkthrough of the INTERIOR ONLY of your item, explaining the equipment and any other details that should be disclosed. Be sure to stand back from equipment so viewers can see it, and hold the camera steady as you record.
Great Video

Hold Camera Sideways! NOT Up.
Call Out These Specific Details

Hold the camera sideways so it will shoot wide (and not tall). The video should be in focus. Describe the equipment as you’re walking through. Be specific with dimensions, brand names, and other information. Demo the equipment inside if possible. For example, if you have sinks, run the water so the buyer can see it run. If you have a truck, start the engine.
Do NOT include in your video:

  • Names
  • Business name(s)
  • Social media pages
  • Phone numbers
  • Asking price
  • Email address

Step 3: Upload

  • Click on Video tab
Open Upload Page
  • Add name, phone, and upload video

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