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Used food truck kitchen for sale Used food trucks is our specialty! Being the internet's inventory leader in used food trucks, we have a huge selection to fit any need. Since 1999, has marketed and sold thousands of food trucks, vending machines and other concession vehicles. Here are a few, but browse hundreds of food trucks for sale online via our website!
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Used food trailer kitchen for sale
mobile food kitchen trailer for sale Start your food trucks business today and sell a variety of items, including...

Ice Cream Hot Dogs Hamburgers Coffee Barbeque Pizza Snowballs
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Food trucks can also house equipment,
such as...

Fryers for corndogs or french fries Hand-washing and Utility Sinks Cabinets for storage Refrigerators and deep freezers Grills and make-tables Ovens for baking and making pizza
  used bbq kitchen truck for sale

Food Trucks can usually be customized by the owner to sell virtually any type of product, not just food. Think of it as an office on wheels or mobile kitchen, providing enough room to handle any close-quarter tasks such as cooking, printing, bartending, catering, retail sales, and even playing arcade games! Your imagination is the limit.

used ice cream truck for sale