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    Provide vehicle details about your food truck or trailer such as year, make, model, VIN #, mileage, condition
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    Receive instant values of what your food truck / trailer is worth to make sure you're priced right for selling or to buy a food truck.
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Food Truck Values
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Finding Food Truck Values Made Easy

Buying or selling a food truck can be difficult because determining the value with so many added components. Food trucks are all unique because their different purposes means they need different equipment. Some may be mainly for concessions and not need the same cooking equipment that a catering truck would while a simple taco truck falls somewhere in the middle. Each is unique and so are their values.

It's not even accurate to just list the pieces of equipment as some can have home appliances while many have commercial grade brands which are known for top quality that drastically changes the price of each piece of cooking equipment or chill unit. Along with the equipment are special features found only on food trucks.

Our extensive list of available options and equipment with a simple check and scroll format makes finding your food truck value a cinch! Yet, just like any high dollar item, knowing the value is only part of the process for buying or selling. A truck worth $45,000 in New York won't bring the same price in Alabama even though we can determine the vehicle values based on zip code. So we use a variety of factors to calculate these values.

The Food Truck Bluebook is on it's way, and we can't wait to share it with you!
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