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Beverage / Coffee Trailers for Sale

Have the perfect blend of strong coffee business and sweet success in of our well-equipped coffee concession trailers! We specialize in providing the best mobile coffee units in any part of the country! Also we have mobile taprooms, mobile wineries, and other beverage concession trailers. Be sure to keep in touch with us and get MeFirst Alerts to know the latest coffee concession trailers we add every single day!

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Freshly Painted 2019 Challenger Coffee Concession Trailer / Used Mobile Cafe for Sale in Michigan!

Item No: MI-P-168G2

Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee. Here is 2019 Challenger coffee concession trailer that's ready for use and ready to fulfill your dreams!
 .in Michigan 


Well-Kept Coffee Concession Trailer Loaded with Commercial-Grade Equipment for Sale in California!

Item No: CA-P-124G2

Grind and work hard for the fulfillment of your dreams with the help of this coffee concession trailer that complies with California's health departments. Call us now for complete details!
 .in California 


2016 Custom-Built Coffee Concession Trailer/Mobile Cafe in Excellent Working Order for Sale in Utah!

Item No: UT-P-860F2

Start brewing your success in the mobile biz industry with the help of this 2016 Custom-Built 6' X 13' Coffee Concession Trailer. It was originally built out for coffee, but it can be converted into a beverage/soda trailer with ease. The indoor standing height is approx 6' tall. You have the option to purchase the trailer including all of the equipment inside or just the trailer alone. 

Price of trailer WITH coffee equipment:  in Utah 
Price of trailer without coffee equipment: $16,500.
See details for info about coffee package. 


Lightly Used 2018 - 8' x 10' Snowie Beverage and Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in Pennsylvania!

Item No: PA-P-110G2

Quench your thirst for success with this 2018 8' x 10' Custom-Built Snowie Beverage and Coffee Concession Trailer that was only used for less than a year by its original owner. Inquire now!
 .in Pennsylvania 


Turnkey and Lightly Used 8' x 14' Ice Cream / Shaved Ice Concession Trailer for Sale in Missouri!

Item No: MO-P-114G2

Run a very cool mobile biz and create frosties, smoothies, shakes, hand-dipped ice cream, shaved ice, gourmet lemonade, and frozen coffee drinks with this 8' x 14' Ice Cream/Shaved Ice Concession Trailer that was only used for 3 hours! Call us now to inquire!
 .in Missouri 


Lightly Used 2016 7' x 16' Arising Food Concession Trailer / Mobile Food Unit for Sale in New York!

Item No: NY-P-054G2

For sale is a 2016 7' x 16' Arising food concession trailer. Inspected and approved in New York, the unit is practically brand new! The trailer has all the amenities you need to run a Frozen dessert mobile restaurant. More info below.
 .in New York 

Was: $127,330
Save $19,530 (15% off)

Fully Self-Contained and Turnkey Traveler Airstream Mobile Bar with Restroom for Sale in California!

Item No: CA-P-003G2

Cheers to a successful mobile biz venture ahead! Here is a turn-key and fully self-contained very rare model 1959 Traveler Airstream Mobile Bar with a restroom that can make turn your dreams into a triumphant reality! This has been totally refurbished into a commercial mobile bar and has been disassembled down to the original frame. All interior is brand new. The exterior is original, except for the new belly pan and some pieces that were custom made. See more of its specifications below.
in California


Spacious 2016 - 8.5' x 20' Mirage Beverage and Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in North Carolina!

Item No: NC-P-991F2

Smell the freshly brewed aroma of success with this 2016 8.5' x 20' Mirage Beverage, soft serve, and Coffee Concession Trailer. It is a spacious trailer with a standing height of 7'. See below for more details.
 .in North Carolina 


Used 2018 2' x 7' Custom-Built Coffee Concession Trailer in Perfect Shape for Sale in Rhode Island!

Item No: RI-P-871F2

Be it hot or cold, you'll surely take home the gold! Here is a 2018 2' x 7' Custom-Built Coffee Concession Trailer designed for vending coffee, both hot and cold-brewed.
Seller also have other coffee brewing equipment available (kegs, nitrogen tanks, nitrogen regulators, cold brewing equipment, etc.), available separately from the listed price. Call for details!
 .in Rhode Island 

Was: $27,500
Save $7,700 (28% off)

Vintage Style 2010 5' x 16' Kayes Coach Wagon #8 Beverage Concession Trailer for Sale in Indiana!

Item No: IN-P-829F2

Just look at how astonishing this 2010 5' x 16' Kayes Coach Wagon #8 Beverage Concession Trailer is. It is made of real solid wood, old fashion whiskey barrels with vintage serving taps to serve your old sugary beverage into collectible tin mugs. Everything functions properly as it should. See below for more details.
in Indiana

Was: $54,872
Save $7,702 (14% off)

Turnkey 2019 Custom-Built 18'11" x 7'7" Cargo Mate Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in Washington!

Item No: WA-P-816F2

Drive down the road serving the best tasting freshly brewed coffee with this turnkey 2019 custom-built 18'11" x 7'7" Cargo Mate Coffee Concession Trailer. This trailer has been inspected and approved by labor and industries. Custom built, and extra tall! See below for complete details.
in Washington


Self-Contained 2018 - 8' x 16' Mobile Cafe' Business / Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in Ohio!

Item No: OH-P-716F2

Start brewing your success with the help of this fully self-contained 2018 8' x 16' Mobile Cafe' Concession Trailer that can really pull in the profits at the right event with just 2 people working it. Trailer works flawlessly and was only used for less than a year by its original owner. 

Can be sold as a franchise that would include contracts for this year's events and marketing support or just purchase the trailer alone. Call for details. 

Price of the trailer with franchise and events:
 .in Ohio 

Price for the trailer only:
$55,000 .in Ohio 

Know When Prices Drop

2010 7' x 16' Mini Donut & Coffee Concession Trailer w/ Pro Fire Suppression for Sale in Iowa!

Item No: IA-P-702F2

Live your dreams and put those cooking hands to work! Be your own boss using this 2010 7' x 16' Stealth - Titan Food Concession Trailer. This unit is set up for mini-donuts and coffee but it can be customized in accordance to your menu and you can also add any kitchen equipment of your choice. 
 .in Iowa 


Super Cute 8' x 8' Lemon-Shaped Beverage Concession Trailer/ Lemonade Stand for Sale in California!

Item No: CA-P-650F2

Serve happiness in a cup with this super cute and head-turning 8' x 8' lemon-shaped beverage concession trailer. Kitchen was built in 2013 and unit was used for six years. See below for the complete specs.
 .in California 


2007 Custom Beverage Drink Trailer in Excellent Condition for Sale in Indiana!

Item No: IN-P-535F2

Check out this 2007 custom built trailer that was used to sell canned and bottled drinks. It can be easily converted into a food concession trailer once the new owner adds cooking equipment. Call us for more details!
 .in Indiana 

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Self-Sufficient Used Coffee Concession Trailer w/ Battery Pack for Sale in Utah!

Item No: UT-P-488F2

Savour the roasted smell of success with this coffee trailer that's loaded with nearly new kitchen equipment! The refrigerator and fridge can run for 8 hours without the need for the generator because of the battery pack installed in the unit, which is rarely found in a food trailer. See below for more info about this wonderful unit!
 .in Utah 


Vintage 1964 Shasta Airflyte Beverage and Coffee Trailer for Sale in Indiana!

Item No: IN-P-337F2

Super cute vintage trailer that was a crowd-pleaser at every event it was brought into. A 1964 Shasta Airflyte Beverage and coffee trailer has a retro look and feel with some modern flairs added inside. It could also be great parked and used as a stationary stand. This is an air conditioned unit with a standing height of 6' 2". See below for its complete specs.
 .in Indiana 


8' x 24' Portable Beverage and Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in Utah!

Item No: UT-P-309F2

Quench your thirst for a money-generating business using this 8' x 24' kiosk-ready beverage concession trailer. Equipped with splash-proof walls and a stunning interior, you can never go wrong with this. Call to inquire!
 .in Utah 

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Was: $44,000
Save $20,900 (47% off)

2019 6' x 12' Espresso/Coffee/Smoothie Concession Trailer for Sale in Colorado!

Item No: CO-P-245F2

Low overhead and high potential! That's what you can expect with this fully customized 2019 espresso/coffee trailer complete with all equipment to make a variety of hot and frozen drinks.
in Colorado 

Was: $38,500
Save $1,100 (2% off)

2019 Mobile Taproom Beverage Wine and Beer Concession Trailer for Sale in Oregon!

Item No: OR-P-221F2

Take advantage of the fun and profitable craft beer & wine trend! Here's a 2019 cute Mobile Tap Trailer for serving ice cold brews, wine, cider, mimosas, kombucha, you name it. See details!
in Oregon 

Was: $42,350
Save $11,000 (25% off)

2014 8' x 16' Cargo Craft Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in Texas!

Item No: TX-P-178F2

This super nice 2014 Cargo Craft turnkey coffee concession trailer has passed it's local health inspection and is ready for you to get rolling. See details.
in Texas 


Vintage Airstream Mobile Coffee Shop Concession Trailer for Sale in Ohio!!!

Item No: OH-P-147F2

Take your Barista skills to the next level with this beautiful vintage 1972 Airstream Sovereign mobile coffee shop! Classic exterior is a guaranteed eye-catcher. Setup is turn-key. See details for features!
in Ohio 


2016 - 8' x 18' Coffee Concession Trailer for Sale in Washington!!!

Item No: WA-P-825E2

Make tasty blends and perfect brews all day, everyday inside this very good condition 2016 - 8' x 18' coffee concession trailer! Get to know more information when you check details below.
in Washington


2001 - 8.6' x 23' Used Custom Beverage Concession Trailer for Sale in Utah!!!

Item No: UT-P-568E2

The search is over! An amazing concession unit is heading your way! Get this custom 2001 - 8.6' x 23' used beverage concession trailer that has 7.8' inside standing height! More details are shown below.
in Utah 


2009-5.5' x 8' Soda Wagon Beverage Concession Trailer for Sale in West Virginia!

Item No: WV-P-441E2

Serve tasty old-fashioned refreshments in the modern day business scene! Grab this unique 2009 - 5.5' x 8' soda wagon beverage concession trailer now! Come see more information below.
in West Virginia 

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Customer Experiences
  • We just completed the transaction and everything went great.
    Melissa, Thank you for all your help in the sale of my vending machines. We just completed the transaction and everything went great. Nice man! I would highly recommend your business to anyone. Thanks again. Scott

    Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
  • We couldn't have done it without you

    Hi Melissa - Thanks so much for helping us get our Food Truck sold!  The way you worked with the buyer, the buyer’s bank and how you arranged all the meet and greets and test drives, was instrumental in getting everyone on the same page and ultimately closing the deal.  We couldn’t have done it without you, and will send anyone we know that is looking to sell, or buy, a truck or trailer to you! Cheers!

     Ann and Dave,
    Kenmore, WA

  • will be the first one we call
    Thank you for all of your help in obtaining our two machines last month. You made it very easy and the transaction went smoothly. We appreciate your patience in helping us get this done. If we need more machines, you will be the first one we made things so much easier than we thought possible!!

  • She got me in touch with serious buyers

    Melissa Powers helped me a great deal with selling my trailer. She got me in touch with serious buyers and when it comes to certain items, you cannot not mess around with non-serious buyers. Melissa was always very prompt and she was always very friendly. Thanks!

    North Dakota

  • Sold our unit shortly after being posted.

    Sold our unit shortly after being posted. Christina was not only professional but a joy to work with! Thanks again!!
    Judy M.
    Lauderhill, FL

  • Thank you for a pleasant expierience
    Our journey to find the exact machine for our needs turned out to be an easy one....April our customer service rep was not only helpful and informative but turned out to be that real down to earth friendly person that we all look for but never seem to find. On normal terms we are usually forced to speak to automated operators or tranfered to person to person. April became our personal assistant until we found exactly what suited our needs. Thank you for a pleasant expierience.
    Best Regards Sheryl Elliott Easy Management Co.
    Walpole, MA
  • I have already recommeded your site to a friend

    I want to thank Melissa for all of her help. I checked out your website for a new combination vending machine to add to our business. We had an opportunity to add a new site and they wanted 2 machines. We found an offer for 3 machines in our area and so we contacted your company to start the process. I e-mailed with Melissa regarding our small business and the plans that we had. The next day I received a call at my home for an even better deal. For about the same amount of money that we were going to pay for the 3 machines, she told us of an offer for 6 brand new and 1 slightly used machine. The only catch was that it was a fast deal as the seller was moving out of the area and wanted to move the machines. By that weekend we had picked up our 7 new machines and placed 2 of them. We have already made enough money back from those 2 mahines to pay for the 7 that we bought. We are in the process of placing the other 5. Thank you again Melissa for looking out for our best interest. I have already recommeded your site to a friend who is just getting started in the vending machine business.

  • Excellent experience! Highly recommend!
    Excellent experience! Melissa was professional, kind and walked me through each step. Highly recommend!
    Lisa Lease,
    Fayetteville, PA
  • It's really hard to find customer service as impeccable and caring as Grey's was. It was so refreshing.
    I don't even know where to begin. Grey was such an amazing partner. He always responded immediately to our needs when shopping for our machines so we could take advantage of great sales timely. Even after we had a contract in place and a deposit down, Grey was very much involved with us the whole way up till we had our machines safe and sound. We had an awful experience with our delivery company. We had to drive 4 hours to meet the owner of the company and the delivery company. We left at 4am to meet the delivery company at their desired time of 10am. The delivery company decided they weren't going to show up the morning of. Grey went out of his way to call anyone and everyone he knew in the transport business to help us last minute. He texted and called me every step of the way to help us and make sure we were doing ok. Best of all, he felt bad and purchased a Starbucks gift card for us. It's really hard to find customer service as impeccable and caring as Grey's was. It was so refreshing. There is no other person I would want to do business with when it comes to purchasing additional machines as we build our company.
    Christine Baeuerle,
    Nashville, TN
  • This is the third concession trailer I have sold through your company

    This is the third concession trailer I have sold through your company and couldn't be happier with all the hard work you guys put in to help me sell fast and easy. Thank you Bradley for all your hard work even on Saturday to make sure all was going well.
    Matthew Hembree,
    Wenatchee, WA

  • unit literally flew out the door once I priced it ready to sell.

    I have worked with Melissa Powers in the past when purchasing equipment through your website. She always makes things fun...but, I had no idea how fast Stacy Sweet works his magic, because my unit literally flew out the door once I priced it ready to sell. Not only that, but he somehow came up with a buyer only 45 minutes away! I am completely satisfied once again with and would recommend Stacy Sweet anytime. Well done.
    Santa Rose, CA

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