food truck owner serving a number of customers

Food Truck Customer Service

Your food truck looks good, what about the customer service? Hopefully your thinking… Amazing, awesome, great, excellent or something like that.

Even though, your food truck relies on the actual truck and the food, customer service can kill the whole thing. If your customer service is bad, you can’t keep customers. If you can’t keep customers, you can’t sell food, and so on!

You can see where that was going. Your food truck business should have standards and rules for your food truck customer service.

Know your standards

Do you say the same greeting every time? Do you greet with a smile? What are you doing to make the customers see that you are approachable? create an environment that is positive for everyone, including you!

Think about your employees, the owners and the customers. This even includes those “angry for no reason” customers. However you want to look at it, running a Food Truck business with bad serve, does not equal success.

Let’s go into detail!

Bad customer service is bad for business

  • Think about reviews. Today, reviewing a business online is the thing to do. This lets other people know what to think about a business before they actually go to it. Don’t give people a reason to say bad things.
  • Other businesses will not want to team up with you if you have a bad rap. We talked before about teaming with a business that you are not competing with. Why should they hurt their name to help you out? They won’t!
  • No one tipping? There could be a reason.
  • Ultimately, you will not be able to keep customers, and you might even loose the ones that you do have.
  • If you lose customers, you lose money.
  • If you made a bad name for yourself, you might not get those side jobs anymore.
  • If you want to work with someone or an event, they will look you up online. What will they find?
  • Think about the work environment. If the customer service is bad, it’s probably not an enjoyable place to work either. Work would become unpleasant for everyone.

Love your work

It should be about making people happy. You should wake up excited every day to have your business. Make some awesome tasting food and keep those customers happy.

Stay cool – Be professional

You don’t always have to be right when there is a customer dispute. Reasoning with the customer is an option ya’ll. Try to understand the situation. This isn’t the place to argue over who’s right and wrong. Focus on solving the problem.

To improve your food truck customer service, you have to be professional and stay level headed. Treat every customer like they are your number one customer, because each one of them are the reason you are in business.

Work towards a resolution

The customer-is-always-right approach is a good place to start. Of course you don’t have to let the customers walk all over you and your business. — But try not blowing them off  for being rude…”Kill them with kindness” and be the bigger person!

Find out what the issue is and try to solve it. Then, learn from your mistakes.

Being understanding and be able to communicate is key. Engage with them, be friendly and have fun!