Finding Motivation- Keep it up!

motivated woman smiling with both fists raised

Finding motivation is what makes it all worth while.

Your Food Truck Business is worth it! Without the motivation, why would you try so hard? You wouldn’t! When times get hard, you have to remember why you are there. Is this still your dream?

If yes, then find that special goal that gets you up and motivated.

We know, there are so many reasons to feel down in the dumps—but that is seriously going to hurt your business. Remember, you should be a direct reflection of your food truck business. So, let’s make it one with a positive attitude.

Don’t get caught up in the daily grind, that’s all part of the fun. Take a look around, there is motivation everywhere.

How can you find motivation on the daily?

Feel goods/quotes: Everyone loves inspirational quotes, right? There are so many different versions of these quotes, you just have to find what works for you. You can go online and literally search for inspiration. You could even do a more specific search for food business quotes.

Maybe you’re looking for a little humor to pep you up, you can find that too. Print it out, hang it inside or outside your business. Do whatever it takes for you to see it and get motivated. Need a little tough love? Don’t we all…

What are your competitors up to?

Check out your competition. What are your competitors doing? Another great way to gain a little motivation and momentum is by analyze who you’re currently destroying in the food truck world. See who your close to passing up, and brainstorm some ideas with your team to surpass them.

Once you involve your team in the daily huddle, talk about things that you are succeeding at! Even the simplest of successes should be motivating because it shows you are on the right path and trying.

Business and self Reflections

Reflections are so important for a business. Reflect on what you are doing right and wrong. Celebrate the things you are winning at and work on fixing the things that you’re not. Reflections allow you to look at your entire situation.

You should be looking at more than just yourself, you should be looking at your business and employees as well. These reflections shouldn’t happen once a year. Reflections and finding motivation should become a daily routine. Harness those thoughts and find motivation through your thought process.

You time

Being a business owner can get stressful because you are always on the go. Eventually, we all feel burnt out. Although, you might not have a lot of free time in your day. That’s the challenge, you have to make the time. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon the business and go home, it just means to step away for a few minutes.

Think about taking a few short breaks throughout the day. Break time should allow you some time to clear your head. This will also take some pressure off of you!

Now, you can be more productive.

What are the results?

Where you’re at now, or where you could be should motivate you. If you’re doing good and your numbers are up, get excited about that. Share it with your team, and understand that you have worked hard for it.

If your numbers aren’t where you want them to be, then get pumped to get them there. If you have a bad attitude about your businesses progress, it’s ultimately your decision to change it.

Who is it benefitting? Not you, not your team, and not your business!

There really is nothing more motivating and more inspiring than loving your career and life. Remember to have fun in this process of finding motivation! You chose this path for a reason, and you had passion for it. So, let’s find it again!