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UsedVending FAQ's

The Basics...

  • I found you online, can you tell me more?

    Sure, started in Feb 1999 in Slidell, LA. In 2002, we moved 20 minutes north to Carriere / Picayune, MS and have been here ever since. All of our Service Reps are here in the states. You can meet them here! We were some of the pioneers in selling these categories online, and it all started when our founder learned by a near mistake that a safer solution was needed for finding and purchasing used equipment. That founding driver is even more true in today's digital world. Our 1000+ testimonials are a great reminder of why we do what we do!

  • Why are your vending machines so much cheaper than the biz opps?

    First they are pre-owned, but we also sell new vending machines which are also much cheaper than other companies that sell them in packages.  Those companies are called "biz opps" as in business opportunities and usually sell groups of machines along with the promise of finding great locations to place them for you.  Those promises sound appealing, and they charge a tremendous premium for it - but those promises often go unfulfilled. Also, they usually exaggerate how much money you can make in order to justify the exhorbitant prices.  If anyone is telling you that you can make thousands of dollars working just a few hours a week, you better run like Forest Gump!

  • Do you sell or share my information?

    Absolutely not.  Never in our history have we sold or shared any customer information of any type with anyone or any company. We hate spam just like you and will never make your info available to anyone else.

  • I have a question that's not covered here, can you help?

    Please email us here and we will answer your questions ASAP!

For Buyers

  • Why should I buy from UsedVending?

    Because we really care about helping you find the right item safely, and we have the largest selection on earth! You'll have someone to help you step by step, getting questions answered, negotiating, planning, checking on titles, registration, scheduling, answering general industry questions, etc... By knowing what you're looking for, they will serve as your eyes and ears in case we don't have that perfect unit already waiting! Our buyers often come back again and again because we make the process easy and our friendly reps have their best interests in mind. Checkout well over 1000+ letters from past customers! Our goal is to make you so happy that you write one too! :-)

  • How do I find out more about an item?

    At the bottom of each listings individual item page is contact info for service reps who can help you inquire on availability, etc. as well as a button for you to ask the seller about the actual equipment.

  • What is the Dream List for?

    The Dream List is just a way to mark your favorite items! This allows you to be notified when there is a price change or just to keep an eye on many listings as you narrow down to your final choices. Adding or removing items is super easy; so try it out! Just hit the "Dream" button above the pics for any item and you can see your items added to the footer bar which is visible on every page of UsedVending.

  • What are MeFirst Alerts?

    We invite you to take advantage of this great tool which sends you an email alert when an item matching your criteria is added to UsedVending. It is quick and easy to setup as well as unsubscribe. Many, many customers have found their perfect deal because of this tool! Learn more or get started here....

  • I'm nervous about meeting someone with a lot of cash.

    No problem, if both parties agree, the payment can be made to UsedVending and, after you've inspected & picked up the equipment, UsedVending can pay the seller via money wire or check.

  • Can I have this shipped to me?

    Since most individuals do not have the materials or expertise to properly pack large items, this means freight damage is likely. Our huge selection of equipment scattered across the nation allows you to find items that they are able to inspect before completing purchase and make sure everything works before you leave with it.  However, if you would like to inspect it and have your own transport company meet you to pick it up; then you can arrange that.

  • What about financing?

    You'll usually get the best rate from your own bank, but we also have financing companies that would need you to meet these criteria:

    - If this is a new business startup, you'll need at least a 680 credit score, home ownership, liquidity, & a down payment.

    - If your business has been up and running for at least 12 months, you need at least a 600 credit score as well as the above.

    Or a co-signer could be helpful if the above are not met.

    You can apply for financing here.

  • Are there any warranties on used equipment?

    Not on used equipment. That's why we hold the item for you to go and inspect it. Make sure everything is as expected before you decide to take it.  Once you pay the seller and leave, it's a done deal.  So please test all equipment before you drive off with it. If you find problems and aren't satisfied, then you can just walk away.

  • Is my credit card info secure?

    Yes, our entire site is SSL protected, and your credit card info is never stored with us. We use to process the charge & get approval; so when you pay online, we never even see your credit card number.

For Sellers

  • Why should I sell through UsedVending?

    If you haven't read our testimonials yet, you'll find many reasons in those letters from other sellers just like yourself. At first, they wondered how this process would go, and they often talk about their unexpected satisfaction with the ways we helped them find a buyer and make an easy transaction. Here are some of the key points - We only bring you serious buyers who have cash and are ready to purchase. We save you from the endless phone calls or visits by tire-kickers who take away from your work or family without even having the means to purchase in the first place. We assist in all aspects of preparing both parties for a smooth transaction including negotiations, meeting arrangements, getting titles & other docs in order, and getting questions answered once for many buyers to see. And of the greatest benefits is our technology and tremendous buyer list. We are the "Go-To Source" for buyers of this type of equipment! Oh, and almost forgot - IT's FREE!

  • How long will it take to sell my item?

    We get TONS of traffic! So, the buyers will see it. Often sales are made within the first few days after listing but every listing varies. However, the quality of your pictures, the number of pictures, asking price, condition, cleanliness, etc... do make a big difference in buyer confidence and willingness to purchase. So, the better organized and prepared you are in these areas, the faster they move.

  • How do I sell my items?

    It's easy, this page will get you started...

  • What should I do to help it sell faster?

    In addition to the points above, send us a video!   A well done video will help our buyers become comfortable with your item in ways that pictures can't.  Here are some suggestions on how to do that... 

  • How will I be paid?

    When the buyer calls you to schedule the inspection, be sure to tell them what form of payment you prefer.  Normally the buyer will bring the complete payment in the method of your choice when they meet you for inspection.  If they like it, they pay you and leave with the item.  If not, they can decline, and we will offer it to the next buyer in line.

  • I don't have the means to pack something like this for shipping.

    Good; you don't need to.  We do not ship; instead we find buyers who can come pick the item up themselves. So there is no hassle of getting packing materials or possibile damage by a shipping company.  They pay you and drive off with it!

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