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Buying With Us...

For more information on a particular listing please contact via the inquiry box below that item, email or call 601-749-8424 and have the item number, found above the ad, ready when you call.

TIP #1: Search by your zip code at the top of this page to find items within a distance you are willing to drive. You may find a great deal or the perfect unit 3 states away that is well worth the trip! This could save you hundreds or thousands in packing, shipping, and customizing costs.

TIP #2: Use our MeFirst Alerts to notify you of new listings the moment they appear on the site! This is a great way to find the best deals or that perfect item and grab it before everyone else!

TIP #3: Use our Dream List feature to help you bookmark items you like, fit your budget, and are within pickup range. Then remove them as you narrow down your favorites to a couple of serious choices.

TIP #4: Since items are sold every day and new items are added every day, it's best to get your financing in place before you get your heart set on an item. If you're funds aren't ready, that item is often gone by the time your loan is approved. But, there will be many new items to choose from by that time as well.

We actually broker the items on our website. The seller has listed the item with us so that we can handle all the calls and negotiations for them. So a UsedVending rep is the person that gets your questions answered from the seller, as well as any additional information that we can provide.

When all of your questions are answered and you are 99% sure that you are ready to move forward on a unit, you and the seller will need to sign some paperwork agreeing to the deposit on the unit discussed. You will also need to pay the deposit via credit card, wire, check by phone, etc... (Note: there is a 3% processing fee if paid via credit card)

While we know that you won't be 100% sure on something until you see it, and since we do not want you to blindly purchase something without seeing, touching and testing it, this deposit puts a hold on the unit to allow you time to do so. It prevents another UsedVending rep from selling it, and it also requests the seller to hold it for you for 14 days. So, once the deposit is covered & both Buyer and Seller paperwork have been returned, the seller is agreeing to hold the unit for 14 days to give you time to get there to look and inspect the unit.

Once you have inspected the item, if you are now 100% sure that it's for you, you will pay the seller the remaining balance owed at the time of pickup. If it's not what you want, you would give us a call and let us know, at that point we would refund your deposit 100%. The only thing you would be out is your travel time and expense.

Our process is to protect our buyer and seller. Again, we work to find out as much information about a unit on the front end before you make the trip there, so no one's time is wasted.

There are NO Warranties on any pre-owned equipment.

NOTE: Be sure to let us know if you are mailing a payment so that we can try to hold those items for you until we receive the order.

Selling With Us...

Our service helps Sellers in many ways to remove the stress, hassle, and dangers of selling in today's world. PLUS, we have tremendous reach to give you the most views possible for targetted buyers! There's no pressure, and we keep in touch regularly or throughout the process when a serious buyer is found. We do the hard part & it's completely free! No cost to list. No cost to sell... ever. Post it Once & get free exposure to many thousands every day until it's sold!
The more details & pics you can provide, the faster we can sell it! The buyer will pay you at pickup or we can hold the funds if you prefer. Our amazing system makes it straightforward and easy! This tutorial shows you how...

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