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In Office Wendy Byrd

Wendy Byrd

Service Rep Phone: 601-273-3144

Hi, my name is Wendy Byrd. I was born and raised in South Mississippi. I have been married since 2002 and have 2 children.  Other than spending time with my family, I enjoy hunting, playing softball and doing anything outdoors. I worked as a surgical technologist for 5 years then became a stay at home mother.

Now that they are both in school, I decided to go back to work force and have been with since September of 2015. I enjoy working with others and would like to help you find the right equipment to fit your needs.

In Office Jennifer Melerine

Jennifer Melerine

Service Rep Phone: 601-273-3146

Hi. My name is Jennifer. I was born and raised in Picayune, MS. I studied at the University of Southern Mississippi. While I have traveled around the South a good bit since graduating, I somehow found my way back home. I enjoy reading and writing—yes for fun! I have been blessed with four amazing children, whom I adore—most of the time at least.

I started at in June of 2015 and I absolutely love it. I particularly enjoy talking with people from all over the country and helping them find the equipment they need to be successful in their business ventures. I can’t wait to help you either!

In Office April Hurd

April Hurd

Service Rep Phone: 601-897-4216

Hi, I'm April. I was born and raised in south Mississippi. I have been married since 2001 and I'm a mother of four, three of which are young boys, so you can not scare me! I have been working for since 2002! I am the Vending Veteran. I put magical spells on customers with my fairy dust a.k.a. super kindness. I believe in treating people as you wish to be treated. I truly enjoy helping others, always aiming to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible!

In Office Bradley Heath

Bradley Heath

Service Rep Phone: 601-273-3140
After 30 years of sales, operations, and project management in the energy sector, I have returned to Mississippi. Although I have lived all over the world, it is great to be home again.
It is also great to be working in a field of equipment sales that I enjoy! I love going to food trucks and carnival food trailers to try the creations that are unique in that atmosphere. It is a great way to try new things and experience different chefs' ideas on the same old, same old.
I hope to use my eclectic world experience to assist customers to get the product that best suits their needs!
In Office Julia Hodges

Julia Hodges

Service Rep Phone: 601-273-3696

Hi, I'm Julia. I come from a long line of southern cooks. Although I missed out on that gene, I'm good at burning boiling water. My grandfather was the number one salesman for the Voorhees Baking Company, out of New Orleans, for 50 years (which is no small feat). So, I'm putting THAT gene to work here at My favorite word is doohickey – an object, whose name you can’t remember or never knew in the first place (variations include whatchamacallit or thingamajiggy).

In Office Erin Rose

Erin Rose

Service Rep Phone: 601-897-4205
Melissa Powers

Melissa Powers

Service Rep Phone: 601-273-3141

Hello, my name is Melissa. I was born and raised in Texas but have made my home in Carriere, MS.  I have been with since 2004, and I'm proud of my career here where I enjoy helping others fulfill their dream of being a small business owner. My husband and I have raised 6 children, who are all adults now. I enjoy anything outdoors, spending time with my grandson, and my 2 dogs: Ziggy and Molly.

Janelle Dulay

Janelle Dulay

Support Rep

Hey, my name is Janelle. I'm a nurse, but also your customer service representative here in
I love cooking healthy dishes for my family during my free time, and also like watching different TV series and romantic comedy films. I usually go biking every weekend with my friends. I have been working for since 2015. I am passionate about my job and really glad to be part of the team to help you build and grow your dream business.

Alexia Whitman

Alexia Whitman

Ads Manager Phone: 601-273-3143

Hi, I'm Alexia. I've been your ads manager here at since 2007. Need help with or have questions about your listing? I'll be happy to address your needs and concerns. I am a US NAVY Mom and a crazy cat lady. In my spare time I teach hula-hooping for fitness, read classic detective novels, and making gluten-free, healthy recipes. I also enjoy sewing and singing in church choir.

Sharmayne Dela Cruz

Sharmayne Dela Cruz

Support Rep

Hi my name is Sharmayne, and I have been working with for a while now. I must say that I only not appreciate the work but also the people I work with. About myself, I have only been married since 2014, and no kids yet, hopefully soon. I enjoy reading, eating, traveling, spending time with my husband and my family. I have been in this industry for since 2010 and I've never enjoyed work as much as I do now.

Raphael Lanuza

Raphael Lanuza

Support Rep

Hi this is Raphael and I’m with support. I follow Manchester City F.C. and I’m also interested in football ultras and the football casual culture. This is why I’m also big into street wear, especially the Japanese brands since these guys are real craftsmen and take real pride in their work. Recent favorites include Carhartt (US) and WTAPS (JAP).


I also love all kinds of music but grew up on punk rock. Currently heavy on my playlist are My Vitriol, Title Fight, fresh hip-hop, and 90’s Brit Rock.  Major influences include Hunter S. Thompson, Cockney gangster movies, and Anthony Bourdain.

Crissy Cook

Crissy Cook

Support Rep
Jude Gold

Jude Gold

Support Rep

Hi, I’m my name is Jude.  The things I love most in life are hanging with friends, traveling, photography, cooking and spending time with my loved ones.

I think of myself as a mysterious, a little timid and yet outgoing person, although I’ve also been known to crank jokes when circumstances required.

I’ve been in the business for years, and I must say, I am having so much fun working and surrounding by great people at this company in which I never really got to do with my previous employment. It made me look forward spending more months and years of work with this company.

Laura Prehn

Laura Prehn

Support Rep Phone: 601-273-3154

Hello! My name is Laura! I’m Mississippi born and raised and just finished a degree at the University of Alabama. As I am rather fond of online selling myself, I’m always interested in approaching things from the seller’s perspective. Of course, my chronic consumerism also allows me to sympathize with the buyer—I love to shop! Outside of work, I like to try my hand at an assortment of hobbies, including painting, photography, writing, and cooking. I may not always be successful, but I always learn something from the attempt. I travel as much as I possibly can, and to date I have visited 38 of the 50 states, in addition to Mexico and Trinidad. And I don’t intend to stop there! I enjoy working for because I sincerely believe that our services are capable of offering mutual benefit to both buyers and sellers all over the country.

Josh Lumpkin

Josh Lumpkin

Director of Sales & Marketing Phone: 601-273-3147

Hi, I'm Josh, the Director of Sales & Marketing, Lord of the Faxes, and Wizard of Many Things here at I'm Mississippi-born and make a mean grilled cheese sandwich! I started here in 2012 and love my job and the company I work for.

I'm a musician and a songwriter in my spare time, which is scarce these days. My team is great to work with. They keep me busy as well as entertained, while helping people like you fulfill or continue their dream of becoming a business owner.

Eric Normand

Eric Normand

Founder / President

Hey, I'm Eric! Great to have you here because we love making dreams come true! USEDvending was created out of my own desperation in searching for a career change in 1998 with a backporch prayer that found the path when I had none.  I left Lockheed in 1999 a week after my first daughter was born. We have 2 boys and 2 girls now - along with 2 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, ducks, fish, etc... LOL, my wife won't stop! 

We expect and receive nothing but honesty and integrity from our staff which makes business and life easy to love. They are the reason for our success, and you can't imagine how hard they work to protect you, our buyers and sellers.

We've made many friends over the years, and this is our pride & joy... have a look...

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