Essential Things and Tools to Carry in Your Truck

happy smiling truck driver in a semi truck

Driving a truck commonly takes long hours, days, weeks, and months. The truck is the driver’s second home. Thus, it’s vital to bring the essential things you need while on the road. This can keep the trip at phase and safe. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the tools to carry when driving a truck.


Things Truck Drivers Need on the Road


Backup Phone

Nowadays, a smartphone is considered a necessity. For truckers, they can serve as a GPS device, fuel stop and rest area finder, and scanner. That’s why having a backup phone will help in case your trucking phone malfunction or run out of battery. 

Cash and Credit Cards

It will always be good to bring extra cash or credit cards to fund your emergency needs or sudden expenses. But don’t bring too much cash as it may not be safe for you.

Entertainment Source

Truck drivers need to relax after long hours of driving. This, they can do through entertainment sources. Bring along portable items that you enjoy like books, iPads, iPods, music players, or print materials. 

Extra Clothing

Whether you’ll be traveling for a couple of hours or days, it’s also important to bring extra clothes. There might be a need for you to change your outfit into something casual. It’s not advisable to wear work attire when catching a movie, eating in a restaurant, or strolling in town during long breaks.

First Aid Kit

Emergencies may arise along your trip. You may have been bitten by an insect, get a cut by accident, or encounter a headache. These minor emergencies can easily be treated if you bring along a first aid kit.


When darkness comes, a good flashlight can help truck drivers feel safe. They can see better at night using this artificial light. It’s also handy if you need to inspect the truck.

GPS and Backup Maps

Truck drivers should always have an OTR GPS device and backup maps. These can help them navigate to alternate routes or in the right direction in case of adverse weather conditions, road closure, or traffic jams. 

Personal Hygiene Kit

A handy personal hygiene kit ensures that a truck driver keeps his body clean and comfortable. Deodorant, shaving kit, soap, and toothbrush are essentials of a simple cleaning routine.

Protective Gear

The potential dangers of attacks and robberies always come along when driving a truck. Always keep protective gear beside you in the truck. This may simply be a knife or baseball bat to aid your defense in case of danger.


It can get messy on dusty roads or when you suddenly need to fix the truck engine. Carrying rags with you in the truck can serve as a cleaning tool for dust, grease, and muds. They can also be useful to wipe the side mirror or windshield for better visibility during rain.

Simple Snacks

Quick meals or snacks can save money and time. Truck drivers cannot control the flow of traffic. Neither can they control hunger when it strikes. Biscuits, fruits, granola bars, and mixed nuts are healthy snacks to supplement drivers while on the go.


Too much exposure to sunlight can greatly affect a truck driver’s driving ability and vision. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that cause dizziness, eye strain, and headaches. 

Utility Knife

A utility knife can help drivers with several tasks. As mentioned, they can be a handy protective gear for self-defense in case of assault or robbery. At the same time, they can be used for dicing and slicing. You may need to cut some cables, cords, ropes, or twines from a haul. Utility knives can also be used to measure the tread depth of a truck’s tire.


A person can survive for three weeks without food but cannot survive without water within two or four days. The same goes for truck drivers. They need to hydrate their body every two to four hours.

Tools to Carry When Driving a Truck


Adjustable Wrenches

An adjustable wrench is a tool that truck drivers can use to loosen or tighten a bolt or a nut. 

Allen Key Wrench

An Allen wrench or a hex key is a hexagonal socket tool for driving bolts and screws. They are perfect for fastening crossbars and hinges of a truck.

Booster Cables

Truck drivers need booster cables or jumper cables with a gauge rating of four or six. They can be useful to jumpstart a truck in case the flow of electricity from the alternator to the battery is not working well.

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are very useful to secure a truck’s load. They can also be used to keep bins, boxes, and shelves safe in place while traveling.

Light Test Kit

A light test kit is also known as a voltage tester. It’s electronic equipment to check the presence of electricity on batteries, lights, relays, and wirings. 

Mallet Hammer

A mallet hammer is a lightweight hammer made of leather, rubber, or wood. They are useful for striking frozen or stuck metal parts of the truck. 

Multi-Head Screwdriver

Multi-head screw drivers are a set of screwdrivers with changeable tips. They can be used to fasten or remove different screw sizes within the truck.

Socket Set

A socket set is a bundle of sockets used to fasten and fit bolts and nuts.

Tire Depth Gauge

A tire depth gauge is a tool to check the depth of a tire. Simply insert it on the tread and press the shoulders of the tire to read the result. A good tire depth is 6/32. Anything below it signals the need for a tire replacement.

Vice Grips

Vice grips are pliers with a locking feature. They can be used for clamping or holding truck parts. They can also be used for pulling bolts and nuts, fasteners, knobs, levers, nails, and staples.

A toolbox is also an essential item to carry on a truck. They keep the tools organized and safe. Also, it’s wise to keep the following fluids, spare parts, and supplies especially on long trips:

  • Diesel fuel conditioner
  • Duct tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Extra jug of coolant
  • Extra jug of oil
  • Extra roll of wire
  • Heat shrink tape
  • Silicone
  • Smaller hose clamps
  • Spare fuel filters
  • Spare fuses
  • Spare headlights
  • Spare turbo hose
  • Turbo hose clamp
  • WD40
  • Zip ties

Whether you are a short-haul or long-haul trucker, it is best to have these essential things ready inside your truck before hitting the road. This practice not only brings convenience to you as a driver, but also provides you control over any unforeseen problems that may happen in the middle of your journey. 


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