Misconceptions about the food truck business

person preparing food in front of customers

Starting your food truck business can be an exciting moment in your life. There are tons of great opportunities and experiences that come from owning your own business. What you need to know, is what not to expect. We have heard about success stories, and people making it in this industry. You should also be thinking about things that can go wrong, as well as any food truck misconceptions you might have.

Let’s talk about a few misconceptions people have had about the food truck business. Knowing these in and outs are the best place to start.

Great cooks make great business owners

False. To be a great business owner, you have to have a certain set of skills. Just because you can cook, does not mean you should start a business. You also have to be a leader and make smart choices in the industry that you are going into.

Skills you should have

No rent/no worries

False. Some people think that having a food truck business will be easy to start financially. In reality, the food truck business not only requires start up costs, but continuous costs into the future. When you decide to start this business, you will have to budget for immediate and long term expenses.

Consider these costs

  • permits & Licenses
  • Truck
  • Equipment
  • Food
  • Uniforms
  • Repairs
  • Insurance
  • The list goes on…

No health checks

False. Just because you are in the mobile business industry, does not mean you will not have health checks. It is still very important to keep up with food safety standards and regulations. If you do not reach a level of success in this area, you can possibly be shut down. So, keep up with these regulations.

Health & safety

  • Proper hand washing
  • Employee health and safety
  • Food safety
  • Proper food storage and temperatures
  • no cross-contamination
  • Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!

The food truck business is easy

False. Being successful in any business, takes a lot of hard work. Of course, some things will come easier than others. You are now entering the food industry, make it all worth it. Your hard work will pay off in the end.

Things to work on

  • Personal Growth
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Have a plan
  • Learn from failure

If you took anything from these food truck misconceptions, let it be knowledge. Know who you are as a person, leader, employee, and business owner. Know the difference between the myths and reality of the food truck business. If this is what you want, then you can make it happen!