white coach bus rented as a tourist bus

4 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Do With Your Bus

Looking to start a business out of your bus? You’d be glad to know that there are a lot of opportunities to turn yourself into an entrepreneur and then make profit in the transport sector. Among the popular transport services today using the bus are airport shuttle, tourism and food delivery […]

group of buses lined up at a bus rental business

Bus Rental Business: Everything You Need to Know

Finally, you’ve found the exact business idea you’ve been contemplating for some time and now, you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon. You may have heard about the popularity of buses nowadays which have been converted into vehicles for specific purposes like for school, party, food delivery, shuttling and touring […]

white and orange motorhome parked during winter

How to Prepare Your Motorhome Bus for Winter

Some people just store their motorhome bus when winter sets in but others still prefer to travel in it even on icy roads. Regardless of whether you intend to store it for the meantime or use it instead, you have to properly prepare your vehicle to ensure that it will […]

group of yellow coach buses in a parking lot

Top 5 Coach Bus Maintenance Tips

As you wake up, it’s another day on the road and making cash with your coach bus. There is no better way to work than knowing that you and your passengers will have a comfortable and safe trip. It is of utmost and extreme importance that everyone around them, as […]

passengers inside a bus

Top 6 Must-Have Safety Equipment in Your Bus

It doesn’t matter what your career is and even what you do in life or where you are; your safety is the utmost and primary concern in every environment. Because in truth, there is no telling what will happen next whether you’re going to work, school, exercising, or even when […]

woman holding a champagne glass at a wedding party inside a limo

Limo vs Party Bus – What is the Difference?

Basically, there’s not much difference between a limo and a party bus. According to experts in the trucking industry, party buses can have limousine-type interiors depending on the specifications required by the party host. Similarly, limo buses can have bus-type interiors. And so, if you’re planning on investing in the […]

used school bus for conversion

Top 3 Amazing School Bus Conversions

Let’s face it: exploring different places while knowing you have a cozy place to go home to at night is highly appealing, especially for young adults, hence the ongoing trend of school bus conversions, or skoolies. Make no mistake, though; families with small children can still enjoy life in a […]

person's hand holding a ballpen while using a calculator

How to Set Financial Goals for Your Bus Business

For anyone starting and running their own business, there are some basic concepts they need to remember in order to make money. Not spending more than you make, trying to increase profit margins, and trying to keep overhead low — these are all things that any business owner should know. […]