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How to Survive Extreme Heat Inside Your Skoolie This Summer

The most important challenge to people living in skoolies is temperature control. Unlike traditional homes that are easily installed with heaters and air conditioners, upcycled homes like skoolies actually require specific methods for cooling them. If you’re a mobile home resident, for sure you’d want to make its entire environment […]

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5 Brilliant Ideas to Make Money from a Mini Bus

Some people call it a mini coach or commuter while others refer to it as a microbus. If you’re in the United Kingdom, minibus simply refers to any full-sized van or panel truck capable of carrying passengers. In general, a mini bus is a small motor vehicle big enough to […]

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Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Party Bus

The day of hearts is one very significant event among lovers all over the world, no matter the race or gender. These days, romantic couples are perhaps now thinking of extraordinary ways to celebrate this special day with their partners exclusively or together with their friends and loved ones. Of […]

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Top 3 Bus Insurance Companies in the USA

Planning to venture into the transport service or have been in the business for quite a while? Well, whether it’s a single bus or a fleet of buses you’re intending to operate or already operating, make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your vehicles. Whatever type and model […]

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How and Where to Get Skoolie Insurance?

One of the most frequent questions you had asked yourself when you planned to purchase a skoolie is if you need to get insurance. You have undoubtedly heard many people encouraging you to do it, but somehow you are hesitant.  There are many reasons behind delaying or not pursuing something. […]

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4 Tips to Sell Your Old School Bus for the Best Value

You love your school bus. Admit it, and it’s been many years since you bought it as the perfect big vehicle for your business. School buses and drivers go through many trips and adventures together. It is safe to say you have grown emotionally attached to it. However, like everything […]

yellow school buses on road during daytime

Step By Step Guide to Get New Clients for Your Bus Business

For anyone who owns a business that’s about to launch, it’s understandable that you would feel nervous, anxious, and excited. All of these feelings are natural. It’s absolutely part of the journey. Since your chosen venture involves transportation, wouldn’t it be better to find the best ways to get new […]

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Safety Laws You Should Know When Operating a School Bus

As a business owner, it is your focus and priority to offer your consumers the best services and products. It is to assure them that the money they’re putting into your business will be the best experience they’ll have. And it goes the same when you’re operating transportation services that […]

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6 Qualities You Should Look For When Hiring a Bus Driver

It is vital to offer your customers the best products and services as a business owner. It isn’t only because you want to get big profits. It’s also mainly your desire to create an amiable and robust customer and business relationship that’ll guarantee a lifelong trade partnership.  It has taken […]