Covid-19 Creates Food Truck Boom 2.0

person carrying a briefcase and a face mask during covid-19 pandemic

Changing to the Wheels you Need

Covid-19 has brought many changes to the food business world. The need for space between people, the need for outside dining, the need for windows or plexiglass to separate customers from servers— all new and different things we are dealing with as mandated necessities in the new Covid-19 restaurant universe.  And while it has played havoc on the brick and mortar world, there has never been a better time to be a mobile food vendor!


Food Truck versus Food Trailer

The differences between food trucks and trailers have a lot to do with space and maneuverability.  For instance, with a food trailer there is typically a much larger space for food service windows.  That can give the business greater flexibility regarding size of menu, amount of food that can be stored on the trailer, and number of people served simultaneously.  With a trailer, because it is pulled by another vehicle, business continuity is better. If the truck that pulls the trailer breaks down, another can step in.  The downside of a trailer is that it is more difficult to maneuver into tight spots and it is difficult to slide a trailer into a neat line of food trucks.  Even if you fit when you arrive, you will be the last one out as you may get boxed in from both sides from other trucks.


Now let’s look at pros and cons of food trucks.  Food trucks are trucks so they can go where they need to be, when they need to be there without waiting on or being attached to another vehicle.  They can jet from engagement to engagement with their shiny commercial kitchens inside just waiting to cook and serve tasty bites to customers.  Modern food trucks, with their shiny and professionally designed graphic wraps, have been the hottest thing since sliced bread since they started taking over the country in the early 2000’s.  The good side-who doesn’t get excited to see a food truck pull up?  Most trucks have tightly designed, specialized menus that have people lined up around the block. The downside? If your truck breaks down, so does your business for that day too.  Other downsides-food trucks are usually a bigger up front investment than food trailers.


Now is a great time

When Covid-19 hit this spring, the country seemed to grind to a stand still. Restaurants closed, grocery stores struggled to keep shelves filled.  The mobile food industry started to sweat.  What would happen to all those summer fairs and festivals where mobile vendors make bank every year?  When most of us saw the cancellations roll out it seemed like a dark day for the mobile food kingdoms of this country.


But then, innovators started popping up.  If the people aren’t coming out to events, maybe my truck or trailer should go to the people!  Trucks and trailers started popping up in commercial and residential neighborhoods where they’d never been seen before.  Some states even started issuing permits to food trucks and trailers to set up at rest stops so long haul truckers would have safe and outside options to grab a bite to eat.  Farmers Markets started up again with Covid Rules and trucks and trailers rolled into markets.  States across the country said that dining outside was safe and actually encouraged.  Mobile dining is an outside business!  There has never been a better time to be in a kitchen on wheels that can drive to exactly where people are to serve them delicious food, outside, safely. The growth of the food truck industry during these uncertain months has been amazing to watch.


Your needs

Maybe you are a restaurant and it makes sense for you to get a food trailer to serve guests from your very own parking lot without forcing them into your brick and mortar to grab to-go food.  Perhaps you could serve a larger menu and more people if you had either a larger truck or got into a large food trailer instead.  You might have also discovered that your cash cow is a niche food (think crepes or burgers) and you could actually switch from your large truck or trailer into something smaller.


Whatever you think your next move is, used food trucks and trailers are exactly what specializes in.  Check out our site and see our huge inventory from all over the US.  Maybe it doesn’t make sense for you to buy a food truck in Minnesota when you live in Southern Florida.  Just do a local search and find the gems that are available within the distance you are willing to drive.  Whatever your thoughts about your current needs, our professional service reps are well versed in the used food truck and trailer  business and ready for real conversations about the nearly endless options in front of you.  We have been involved with mobile food business sales for over 20 years, long before food trucks were super cool and in such high demand.  We can help your business keep moving towards success and staying mobile even in these challenging times.