Every Food Truck Owner Must Know These October Holidays!

woman wearing an orange dress eating a taco on a blue plate

National Food Holidays are great on so many different levels! Food holidays should excite a food truck owner for many reasons. Why is this day so important for your food truck?

-You can make a special for this particular item

-You can show your customers that you can mix it up sometimes

-You can sell something you don’t usually offer on your menu

-Be trendy…yes this is trendy!

Changing up the menu just for a day is exciting. Not only do your customers get to see a different side to you, but you have additional content to promote your food truck. If you know these popular days that are coming up, you can prepare your customers for that day. Make them excited that this special item is only offered on that day. They will want to check out your food truck for sure! Get the word out!

The great thing about these food holidays, is that they are every month! Do one, do a few, do them all! That is your choice. Go ahead and type pumpkin spice latte into your search engine and see what it says. Silly or not, popular trends sell, so get on board and make some sales!

October is such a fun month to start “limited time” food specials for your food truck. Think about all of the Halloween themes you can add to your food specials. The more customers you bring in, the more money you make, so you have to be thinking of new ways to get attention. National food holidays are a great way to promote your food truck business.

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Listed below are 10 holidays you should check out for October. Look into incorporating some of these holidays into your menu this month. Your regulars will appreciate a new special. Your new customers will get to know you, and get familiar with your food truck.

One more tip…. Make it your own! If your known for fried food, then fry it! I don’t know if you can fry a pumpkin spice latte…but you get the point!

Here they are!

October 1-National Pumpkin Spice Day

October 4-National Taco Day

October 9-National Pizza and Beer Day

October 12-Pumpkin Pie Day & National Gumbo Day

October 14-National Dessert Day

October 15-National Mushroom Day. National Red Wine Day.

October 17-National Pasta Day

October 25-National Greasy Foods Day

October 27-National Potato Day

October 31-National Caramel Apple Day