How and Where to Get Skoolie Insurance?

three skoolies in a park

One of the most frequent questions you had asked yourself when you planned to purchase a skoolie is if you need to get insurance. You have undoubtedly heard many people encouraging you to do it, but somehow you are hesitant. 

There are many reasons behind delaying or not pursuing something. It could be the lack of budget, knowing that something might not fit for you, or you do not have the information to do it. All of these grounds are valid. But, getting insurance for the skoolie is a step in bus conversion you have to make. Being prepared is crucial when recently bought, and you’re a first-timer.

As many people would agree, any form of insurance is incredibly essential. Because it will be the key to financially assisting you and your family when issues arise from using the skoolie. The insurance company can pay and cover the monetary burden when necessary.

Hesitating or having doubts won’t do you any good. For you to feel safe and secure driving your skoolie by yourself or with your family, then getting skoolie insurance is out of the question. It is tricky, as many skoolie owners have confessed. But the truth remains clear. It would be best if you had it and must get it done the soonest time possible.

Record Every Type of Purchase and Take Photos of your Skoolie Conversion

It’s become common for many people when keeping records of purchases only keeps tabs on big buys. You have to admit that it’s become a natural thing to do. However, since you aim to get the skoolie insurance, it would be best to keep all your records upon every purchase you have made for the bus conversion project.

When you have the receipts for big and small payments you did, it becomes a massive amount when these are added up over time. It is part of the procedure necessary as insurance companies require it. 

How would you prepare it? It is pretty simple. All you require is a spreadsheet to keep track of all the procurement you did. You may also use the spreadsheet for other information like returns. The spreadsheet allows you to get a more organized report with your chosen insurance company.

Photos are another way to record how the school bus conversion happened and how it went. It’s a personal record to easily see and identify the work done to the school bus conversion project. 

You have to focus on specific areas when taking these photos. And these are the exterior, the skoolie’s interior design, bumper, roof racks, paint or color changes, and the final product.

Is it a school bus or mobile home?

Do you know why it’s challenging to choose which skoolie insurance to get? It’s because you initially had a vehicle. For vehicles, you already know what type of insurance you necessitate. But, when a school bus becomes a well-designed DIY mobile home, that’s where it becomes complicated.  

To avoid any form of confusion, then it’s time to face the fact that it is indeed a mobile home and has to be registered as it is. Be mindful that it usually applies to skoolie projects. If you had professionals do the whole project for you, they wouldn’t insure the leisure. 

The registration has to be given a new title as the private recreational vehicle and commercial vehicle. Other skoolie owners who have had the process done admitted it took some time to get the license plate. It would help if you were prepared, though that procedures differ in every state. It’s possible to avoid any confusion by calling your local DMV and preparing the requirements like:

  • Certification of the weight slip
  • VIN verification
  • Statement of the changes achieved from a commercial vehicle to a mobile home
  • Emission tests

For any used school bus that becomes a candidate as a mobile home, the qualifying items are:

  • Toilet
  • Sink or freshwater
  • Icebox or refrigerator
  • Gas
  • Any form of power
  • Air conditioner or Heater
  • Kitchen

Where can you get your mobile home skoolie insurance?

The options are pretty many. If you are new to the process, finding a reliable agent is wiser as they know how to help you make the right choices that’ll fit you and your lifestyle best.

Have you ever heard about “personal articles insurance”? It covers all of your belongings in the insurance policy. The amount will depend on your policy, including luggage, and can be from more than $5,000 up to $25,000. It’s the ideal insurance choice for high-end skoolies.

Car insurance policies are still an option as the skoolie was for commercial use before the school bus conversion. While applying for this, honesty is the best policy, and the coverage can reach up to $20,000.

RV insurance is perfect, too, since you’ve converted the school bus to a mobile home. It is an affordable choice and provides RV coverage perks. You can use the spreadsheet and photos as you apply for this insurance. 

As soon as you’ve chosen the best insurance company for your skoolie, ask and discuss everything you’d like to know. Uncover the policies,qualifications for discounts, or the most current policy that helps you save money.