5 Signs You Should Switch to Another Semi Truck Model

row of blue semi truck for sale at a parking lot

Semis are big commercial vehicles that have served their purpose for many years. It is a reliable and worthy investment for any business owner. 

Nonetheless, as time passes by, a truck’s age becomes obvious. All vehicle owners need to be fully aware of the age factor. You have to consider the costs associated with the ownership and the life cycle expenses and calculations. The longer you are to keep older semis, expect more prolonged and pricier maintenance fees and repairs.

These operating costs can take a massive toll on any trucking business. Sometimes, business owners presume that purchasing a replacement will charge a lot more. Repeated repair and maintenance would mount up so much that it’ll be more expensive than buying a new semi.

However, before you give up on your big rig, are there signs you have to watch out for? Wear and tear is a common scenario for any vehicle. How do you know the semi-trailer truck only needs a decent repair? To find out the truth, here are the five signs that will tell you it is time you should make the switch to another semi-truck model.

5 Signs You Should Switch to Another Semi Truck Model

Brake Failures

It is a significant safety hazard to everyone on the road. Imagine maneuvering a semi that does not stop at the intended time. It is already a disastrous thought. The database shows that brake failures lead to 25% of accidents.

There are warning signs and indeed recognizable when you take notice of it. And these brake malfunctions come in many different forms like;

  • It had misaligned brake shoes that often materialize when the pair did not wear out equally. The imbalance would create thinning and stress over the lining, putting too much friction from the scraping resulting in almost unresponsive braking.
  • A bad compressor happens when the air compressor is not getting sufficient air that the brakes need. 
  • Damaged airlines become damaged when the air compressor is compromised. The damage could either be breaking, cracking, or being punctured.
  • Brake lock often happens when the brake shoe doesn’t release itself, making the vehicle sluggish.


A considerably crucial element to all vehicles and is among the most dangerous when the owner doesn’t take proper care of it. It is also a leading issue for many truck problems and takes up at least 50% of roadside crashes. It is usually because of:

  • Low tread depth which situates the tires to road damages like punctures
  • Underinflation happens because of excessive heat growth in the tire’s sidewall
  • Misaligned axles from an acceleration of tire wear

Electrical System

Semis have a designed electrical system. It is also a common component that does lead these trucks to breakdown. It is primarily because of the system’s faultiness composed of the alternator, starter motor, and battery.

Malfunctions of the electrical system are not rare, and when it occurs, the big rig cannot function properly. Suppose the semi truck mechanic doesn’t deal with it. In that case, the failure will often repeat as the battery connections corrode, flickering or dimmed lights, dead batteries, powerful odors, and a distinctive clicking sound as soon as the engine starts.


Sometimes, you must admit that the used semi-truck you have is already old. It could be saddening, mainly if it could serve all your business for many years. 

Nonetheless, it is an anticipated circumstance for every vehicle owned. Nothing lasts forever, and whether you are ready or not, you need to switch to a new model, particularly when managing a business.

Repetitive Breakdowns

And, of course, when the obvious is too hard to hide, there is no point denying the truth. It is a telling tale for letting any big rig go when breakdowns are too repetitive. It becomes an excessive burden to you, whether mentally or financially. For any person relying on semi-trucks for commercial tasks, it is a big blow to their career with every operational failure.

As the semi collapses, it will consume most of your earnings and even your savings over time. 

Face the Music

As big rig breakdowns are not cheap when fixing, it is time to face the music. A brand new semi-truck model might be pricey, but it is often within your budget. 

Make a concise but detailed comparison of the possible maintenance expense for a brand new big rig to the old one. You’ll soon discover that trading the asset before any massive costs appear is more beneficial for you and your business.

Of course, if you are still hoping for the best, there’s nothing wrong with continuing to use the used and battered semi. However, when you put it logically, the maintenance cost for the old truck would accumulate. And there is no real reassurance that it will not break down again while on the road.

What if you are involved in an accident because the used semi has no hope? You won’t only have to deal with the expenses for the truck, but you could become liable for other people’s lives. You wouldn’t want a lawsuit following you around all your life as it’ll tinge on your business records. New trucks’ prices and maintenance are lower, making it a more intelligent move to switch.

As soon as you’ve decided, organize everything you need. Make your money go a long way and relish your profits successfully. Make the switch to a new semi-truck model by clicking this site.