Do Sleeper Trucks Have Toilets or Bathrooms?

portable toilets for sleeper trucks lined up at a store

Truck drivers typically follow a tight schedule. They need to be on time for delivery and pick-ups. Once a sleeper truck driver’s work clock begins, he just can’t stop to look for a restroom. So, where do truck drivers pee? Like everyone else, sleeper truck drivers relieve themselves on toilets of rest or truck stops. There are times when they micturate inside the truck using urinal bags, wide-mouth bottles, or portable toilets. It’s because rest areas are commonly miles apart and truck drivers can’t hold on to make it to the next stop. There may also be times when restrooms are not available or trucks are not allowed to park on locations where there are toilets. Such scenarios make people wonder. Do sleeper trucks have toilets or bathrooms?


What are Portable Toilets?

The closest thing to feel at home for a sleeper truck driver who’s always on the road is a toilet. If the next rest area is around 50 miles or more, the toilet can save them from the agony of holding off the call of nature. These bathrooms are called a portable toilet. They are lightweight and sanitary facilities commonly designed for sleeper trucks. They’re made of four components: holding tank, flush mechanism, pressure system, and toilet seat. Portable toilets flush waste like conventional toilets. The only difference is that waste is not directed to sewers. Instead, they are kept on a holding tank underneath a sleeper truck. 

Reasons to Consider Having a Portable Toilet on Sleeper Trucks

Having a toilet or bathroom on your sleeper truck allows you to bathe, heed the call of nature, and wash in a private space within the truck. Below are some reasons to consider having a portable toilet on your sleeper truck.

  • There may be times that sleeper truck drivers encounter delays or are stranded on the road. The delays may be caused by an accident, inclement weather, road constructions, or traffic congestions. During these situations, drivers don’t need to sweat to find a toilet if they have one on the sleeper truck.
  • Similarly, drivers may have encountered eating a meal causing a gastric upset. It can hit you anywhere. A portable toilet in your sleeper truck is a perfect place to vomit. It makes you feel relieved after throwing out excrement and gas. The same goes if you suddenly encounter loose bowel movement.
  • Portable toilets also solve the problem of limited access to toilets of public places, rest areas, or truck stops. Some states closed public restrooms for budget-saving. Others limit their operations during day time. Some places aren’t truck-friendly. They don’t allow parking of sleeper trucks even for a short amount of time. As a sleeper truck driver encounters these inconveniences on the road, a portable toilet relieves the challenges. Drivers have toilet access anytime they need it. There’s no need to worry about parking the truck. Most of the time, you can pull off the highway and stop on a ramp to do your call of nature.

Pros of Portable Toilets on Sleeper Trucks

Having portable toilets on sleeper trucks is very convenient. You don’t need to worry about the availability and cleanliness of a restroom on rest areas or truck stops. You can do your call of nature anytime needed.

Portable toilets also promote safe travels. There’s no need for a driver to step out of the truck and risk stepping out of the truck on snow and wee hours of the night. It’s much safer doing your thing inside the truck during such times.

For health reasons, portable toilets are lifesavers. Drivers are humans who need to get rid of liquid and solid waste from their bodies. Holding off these wastes is unhealthy. It may lead to digestive and excretory disorders.

They also give truck drivers a sense of privacy. Having a toilet or bathroom in your sleeper truck allows you to bathe, attend to nature’s call, and wash in a private space within the truck. 

Cons of Portable Toilets on Sleeper Trucks

Having a portable toilet in your sleeper truck is a responsibility. It’s recommended to clean them once a week. They’re hard to clean especially if you’re not familiar with how to do it. Scouring port-o-potties is no doubt a filthy task.  

It’s also another challenge to keep a portable toilet odor-free. Unlike a conventional toilet at home attached to a large sewer, portable toilets occupy a limited space. This makes the waste tank emit odor inside the truck. Although you can use chemicals or deodorizers, the smell keeps coming back, so you have to replenish these items regularly. 

Another downside of having a portable toilet on your sleeper truck is the need to dispose of the waste from the tank once it’s full. Most of the time, they can be disposed of in the main sewage system. These facilities are commonly found in camping sites or RV parking lots. But some areas may not have an available sewage system. The next alternative is to contact a waste disposal company. Any which way, it may take time and result in inconvenience.

The Best Portable Toilets for Sleeper Trucks

Below is a list of the best portable toilets for sleeper trucks:

  • Dometic 970 Series Portable Toilets are relatively light. It comes with a push-button pressurized flush. It also doesn’t need too much water to function well.
  • My Sun Mar GTG Composting Toilets have excellent sizes. They have liquid and waste separators for easy waste disposal. They also have built-in fans to get rid of unwanted odor.
  • Playberg Portable Travel Toilets are easy to install and remove. They’re also easy to clean and have a cover to seal odor pretty well. A unique feature of this portable toilet is the toilet paper holder on the side.
  • Serenilife Portable Toilets have 3-way nozzles for easy flushing. The secure lock between the toilet and holding tank strongly prevents unwanted odor inside the truck. They also feature a splash-free rotating spout.
  • Thetford Porta Potti has compact sizes and durable designs with a sealed valve to prevent odor.

Driving a sleeper truck is never an easy job. This is why drivers and operators must find ways to make the work less exhausting while keeping in mind the health and safety of the passengers. Having a portable toilet or private bathroom inside your sleeper cab may add up to your expenses but it is truly worth it.

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