4 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Food Truck

food truck server looking at a number of customers in front of the food truck

Doing business is a lifelong fascination and educational journey. There is much stuff you learn as you go through the path of a business owner. Among these is how to buy and sell products for your business.

What? Does it mean it isn’t as easy as literally buying and selling? The truth is it isn’t. You have to broaden your knowledge on matters that will either be unfavorable or beneficial to your company as a whole, like selling your food truck.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it is a step that has to be done. Since it’s your first time being in a situation like this, is there something you should know before letting go of the food truck? Here are four things that will be of great help to you.


Why are you selling it in the first place?

Sometimes not everything you originally planned goes the way you want it to be. Like any other endeavor, food truck businesses require investing in your money, energy, and time. All of these are part of your life, and it’s safe to say that whatever you put into the food truck has a significant impact on your life.

Having burnout issues and feeling it won’t work out anymore are common reasons. Or maybe you cannot see the strong desire to pursue future growth, or the business isn’t cut out for you.

Nonetheless, whether you’re successful or not, the food truck industry changes happen. You may need a bigger and more advanced truck, you may need a newer one, and the list goes on. The most crucial matter is understanding why you’re selling it in the first place for you to accept the situation with ease and let go of the food truck without any hard feelings.

What are you selling and what’s your offer?

When selling a food truck, a piece of basic knowledge is whether you’re disposing of the truck alone or the entire business. Do you plan to keep the equipment or include it in the sale? How much would the total selling price be, and what more can you offer your buyer?

The truck alone does not have residual brand value, and any food truck is worth it like any other vehicle. If you aim for a better sale, selling the business or concept is the better deal to seal. When you follow this type of marketing, you need to take stock of the inventory as there could be equipment you may sell separately from the package. 

Identify the pricing for the used food truck. Anticipate, though, that the price could be below the market rate. You might want to read this article on How to Sell Your Used Food Truck for the Right Value.

If you have conditions and terms for sale, make sure all the actions taken are promising. Are you open to offering finance to your buyer? These are many things to consider, and all of them will give you a better scope of what you’d like to achieve with your goal of selling the truck or food truck business altogether.

What’s the perfect price for you?

True enough, the price has to be correct. Ultimately, tons of truck owners are selling their food trucks and businesses. It is a competitive industry, and you have to be smart in determining the perfect sales price that fits you and your needs best.

How are you going to do this? First, identify the best websites for listings and check the most current listings for the same truck model within your location. You could also ask a professional or dealership about the possible price ranges. 

Is there any practical tip to do when you want to sell the food truck faster for urgent reasons? Of course, there is, and you have to take away at least 20% up to 30% to sell it fast. If you can wait for a few months, charge the suitable and fair value.

Did you know that you can encourage buyers to bid for your food truck? How will you do it? List it for a low price and motivate a bidding process between the buyers. The price for the food truck will increase significantly in no time.

How should you sell the food truck?

 There is no other way to do this than to be 100% honest about everything about the food truck. You have to be sure you mention everything and anything that involves the truck, like the original brand and when it was built.

Other information that many buyers are curious about would revolve on:

  • Was the truck rebuilt, and by who?
  • When did it occur?
  • Were there items on the truck you’ve already sold?
  • How often do you maintain the truck?
  • How powerful is the truck when operating, and the noticeable pros and cons?

Details are vital so keep in mind to put everything into defining data. Never forget to include clear photos of the interior and exterior and every corner of the truck. Documents must be completed, from invoice, registration, records of parts, works, maintenance, and more. 

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