Top 4 Best Volvo Sleeper Cab Models for Long Haul Trucking

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Volvo stands firm on its three (3) core values. These are quality, safety, and environmental care. Volvo is mindful of its responsibility to the environment. It complies with ISO energy and to environmental and quality standards. 

For longer hours of service, Volvo has come up with the VNL series. This series features a sleeper cab to ensure comfort for the driver. Some rest will ensure the driver’s efficiency and productivity. Below are the top 4 best Volvo sleeper cab models for long-haul trucking.

Long-Haul Trucking with a Sleeper Cab

As defined in Merriam Webster, haul is a transitive verb, which means to transport in a vehicle. Thus, long haul trucking pertains to long-distance transportation of freight in a vehicle. With this kind of travel, drivers spend days and nights away from their homes. They commonly deliver materials from one state to another. 

A sleeper cab is a semi-truck with a compartment attached behind the cabin of a tractor unit. It is used for rest or sleeping. For long hauls, drivers need sleeper cabs for resting to fulfill their tasks. This serves as their home away from home. 

A Brief History of Volvo Sleeper Cab Models

Volvo made the 1st car for Sweden’s rugged terrains in 1927. It was named “Jakob.” In 1928, the company built its first-ever truck. It was in 1959 when Volvo Group entered the American market. More than a decade later, Volvo made its way to the U.S. truck market through Volvo of America Corp. 

The introduction of Volvo sleeper cabs made life easier for the driver. Through the years, Volvo’s sleeper cabs evolved. In 1983, Volvo pioneered its integrated sleeper compartment. In 1996, the Volvo VNL series was first introduced. The line consists of a revolutionary aerodynamic sleeper cab. It greatly improved fuel efficiency back then. The features inspired other North American aero truck designs. A year later, Volvo debuted its convertible workstation dinette. In 2017, Volvo introduced the remodeled VNL family for long-haul operations. The series consists of an all-new 70-inch sleeper. And finally, in 2021, Volvo upgraded the sleeper to 77 inches. 

In the 21st century, Volvo’s trucks maintained their core values. It continued to be economical, ergonomic, and ecologically sustainable. It adopted an integrated system that functions optimally and perfectly.  Among Volvo’s notable sleeper cabs are the VNL 400, VNL 740, VNL 760, and VNL 860 model.

Best Volvo Sleeper Cab Models for Long Haul Trucking

Volvo built the VNL series for long-haul trucking. The different models in the VNL series each consist of a spacious interior, a feature that provides maximum comfort to the driver. The engine of a VNL truck may be a Volvo D13TC (405-455 hp 1750-1850 lb-ft), Volvo D13 (405-500 hp 1450-1850 lb-ft), Volvo D11 (325-425 hp 1250-1550 lb-ft), or Cummins X15 (400-565 hp 1450-1850 lb-ft). Built for long travels, a VNL truck’s transmission could be a Volvo I-Shift – 12 speed, Volvo I-Shift for Severe Duty – 12 speed, or Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears – 13, 14 speed.

Here are the best sleeper cab models of Volvo:

VNL 400

VNL 400 is well suited for long-distance bulk haul and specialty applications. It is a flat-roof sleeper tractor, which is versatile and affordable at the same time. It has a 42-inch sleeper. Like others, its interior width is also 83.5 inches. It has a mattress with a 75 inches by 36 inches dimension. Its engine and transmission specifications are the same as all the other VNL models in the series.

VNL 740

Volvo built VNL 740 for truckloads. And it is also used for deliveries requiring hours of service. VNL 740, designed for fuel efficiency, maximizes every drop of fuel. It is particularly designed for weight-conscious specialty applications. This is a flat-roof sleeper with a measurement of 70 inches. Like others, its interior width is also 83.5 inches. It has a mattress with an 81 inches by 39 inches dimension. This model’s engine and transmission specifications are similar to all the other VNL models in the series.

VNL 760

VNL 760 is a long haul or van trailer. Launched in 2017, it is considered as the best-selling truck of Volvo. With a 70-inch sleeper made for long-haul drivers, Volvo built this model to deliver reliable performance on the go. Like others, its interior width is also 83.5 inches. It has a mattress with an 81 inches by 39 inches dimension and its engine and transmission specifications are just the same as other VNL models in the series.

VNL 860

VNL 860 is a premium long haul or van trailer. As the flagship model of the VNL series, Volvo built this model on its foundation of fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and uptime. This premium long-haul sleeper is the newest model in the series and it features a more comfortable 77-inch sleeper. This gives the driver plenty of space to work on. Its interior width is around 83.5 inches and it has a mattress with a 79 inches by 42 inches dimension. VNL 860’s engine and transmission specifications are the same as other VNL trucks.

There you have it. So, if you are searching for the perfect sleeper truck for your trucking business, you might as well look into some of the best Volvo trucks in the market. 

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