Top 4 Best Western Star Dump Trucks

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Liebherr is a German company founded in 1958. In 2002, it partnered with Western Star to introduce its off-highway dump truck that can carry a single load of up to 40 tons. Liebherr used the said dump truck in a mining field in South Africa. Such a rigid dump is 30% fuel-efficient. It has filled a unique niche in the mining industry. It also made Western Star a dominant dump truck manufacturer. Let us take a look further at its history and evaluate the top 4 best Western Star dump trucks today.

A Brief History of Western Star Dump Trucks

Western Star started as a division of White Motor Company in 1967. The company’s headquarters was initially located in Cleveland, Ohio. While the manufacturing plant was based in Kelowna, B.C. (Canada). 

Founded with the belief that drivers are the main assets in trucking, they manufacture custom-built trucks for heavy hauls, logging, and oil transport. During that time, Western Star used cabs from Autocar, their sister company. The Kelowna plant space eventually grew to 300,000 square feet with a steady production of truck units until 1980. 

Western Star pioneered major product innovations including a larger cab headroom to improve driver visibility. It also introduced a wrap-around dash which became a state-of-the-art attraction for its highway tractors.

In 1981, White Motor Company sold Western Star to Bow Valley Resources and Nova Corporation. From there, Western Star has established its name as a manufacturer of trucker’s trucks. They have been a popular provider of premium over-the-road heavy trucks and vocational big rigs. 

One of its premier truck models is the Western Star light-sleeper truck featuring an ultra-lightweight core made of polypropylene honeycomb. In 1991, Bob Shand and Terry Peabody became the new owners of Western Star Australia. 

The year 2000 witnessed how the company’s forward-thinking approach paid off. Daimler Trucks North America bought Western Star, making it a part of Freightliner Trucks. They moved to a modern plant in Portland, Oregon in 2002. That’s where the company started offering the LowMax package. The LowMax package featured a low-profile stainless steel highway truck. It was also during this year that Western Star partnered with Liebherr to launch the 6900XD dump truck in South African mining.

In May 2015, Western Star began building the 4700 and 4900 models in the Cleveland, Ohio plant of Daimler. It also assembled an all-new semi-tractor called the 5700XE model. The latest Western Star truck model was the Star MBT 40 designed for bauxite mining in Papua New Guinea. 

Today, Western Star still holds the reputation of being a manufacturer of customized and premium heavy-duty trucks in the world. For 44 years, Western Star still focuses its attention to provide comfort, convenience, durability, and power to truck drivers.

The Best Western Star Dump Truck Models

Western Star 4700 Series

This is an entry-level semi-truck model. It has a 110-inch bumper to back of cab (BBC) which can be outfitted as a day cab, dump truck, or sleeper. The 4700 series can use a Cummins L9, Cummins X12, or Detroit DD13 engine. It has a steel cab with a durable fiberglass hood. The low roof with enhanced insulation and sound resistance allows a fast and smooth highway run. 

The 72″ cab features a modern dash with an easy-to-read instrument cluster. The Western Star 4700 dump truck was designed to meet the needs of construction companies and municipal applications. A set of forwarding axles and back axles configuration also makes it a perfect dump truck for hauling gravel, sand, and mine produced. 

Western Star 4800 Series

This features a streamlined cab with a 109-inch bumper to the back of the cab (BBC). It is powered by a more powerful engine than the 4700 series – a Detroit DD13. The bare cab and chassis of Western Star 4800 can be fitted with a crane, dump, mixer, or tanker. It has a standard cab with a roped-in windshield and a traditional fiberglass non-stopping hood. What makes the Western 4800 a great dump truck is its twin steer option for better weight distribution. 

Western Star 4900 Series

This model is a multi-purpose tractor targeted at a variety of industries. It has a 123-inch bumper to the back of the cab (BBC) powered by either a Cummins X15, Detroit DD13, Detroit DD15, or Detroit DD16 engine. It features a taper leaf suspension with ratings of 21,000 to 78,000 pounds. Its standard power steering makes it easy for drivers to maneuver at low speed and keep a straight line at high speed. What makes the Western Star 4900 a great dump truck is its resistance to body roll that keeps a balance even on bumpy roads.

Western Star 6900 Series

This is a 6X4 40-ton dump truck powered by a Detroit DD16 engine. It was specially made for an open cast mining quarry. This dump truck can operate on the road and off-road. The tippers of Western Star 6900 can move fast even on long downhill gradients and can withstand a rugged environment. The dumper is very easy to operate with very simple and straightforward dash controls. In terms of safety, the dumper has a built-in stopper when overused to prevent dangerous situations. 

With all these amazing models, Western Star is no doubt one of the most trusted brands in the trucking industry. If you are thinking about getting your own truck from this brand, go browse our listings at UsedVending where you will find a wide range of Western Star dump trucks and semi trucks.

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Enjoy trucking!