Why customers choose your Food truck business

customer being served by a man inside a yellow-colored food truck


Food truck owners are always striving to keep their businesses successful. The number one thing that your food truck business will need, are customers. So, we get a truck, market our business, and make delicious food. You have already dealt with your financials and business plans, now, it is up to the customers to show up. What do you think the most important things are for your customers? This is something that you should be asking yourself every day. Why are these customers choosing your food truck business?

Community is family

You have established your business, and you are on your way to becoming part of the community. Being a food truck business owner is more than selling food. Through your business, you will have so many opportunities to create a family. In our recent post, we talked about personalizing your business and creating friendships with your customers. Your customers want to have trust in businesses that they spend money on. Communities represent support, and that is what you can find through your business venture. Show your customers that they matter to you just as much as your business does.


The great thing about food trucks, are the prices. People are always searching for safer ways to spend their money. What better way to spend your money, than on some delicious and affordable food? Be sure to check out your competitor’s prices. Are you significantly higher or lower than your competitors? Of course, you need to make sure you are still making money and not losing it. That is why pricing is so important.

Be smart about your prices. But—stay convenient for your customers.


Location is a major reason for customers to choose your business. You have the opportunity to move your business all over the place. Show me a restaurant that can do that. They can’t! Because of this convenience, you can go were your customers want you. Knowing what is going on in your area, will be one of your many jobs. Town festivals, down town hot spots, parks, the list goes on and on. You need to know where you should be, and what times you should be there. These days and times can change, depending on events and holidays. So, it is up to you to be where your customers are. Another thing you should be doing, is telling your customers where you will be. Social media is a great place to do this. Post on your sites, the dates and times that you will be in certain places. If something comes up like an event, you will want to promote your presence there as well.

Location, location, location!


Think of your presence like the mood that you are trying to set. We have discussed attitude before. What is the atmosphere that you want to provide for your customers? Outside of choosing your food truck business for the price and location, customers will choose you for your service. The service that you provide should set the tone for their whole experience. These customers should come back because you are the nicest, most professional, maybe even the funniest food truck business they have ever been to. Be thinking about your presence towards others and what you want that to look like. Why are they choosing you over someone else?

What makes you special?


Finally, they come for the food! Of course they do. You have great service, your prices are good, your always around when they get hungry. Your food is the best! You know what you are good at better than anyone else does. Keep track of customer comments, because what they think really matters. Don’t be afraid to change things up sometimes. Your customer’s opinions are going to keep you current and up to date on their needs. If you haven’t had any complaints, and only positive comments, keep up the good work.

Keep doing what you do best! It is one of the reasons they keep coming back.