The Most Recommended Dump Trucks in Construction

red dump truck transporting boulders on a dusty construction site

Have you heard of Hard Hat Pete and the story of his little dump truck? They carry debris, haul rocks and stones, and unload at the landfill. At a young age, children know that this is hard work. Construction is the trade responsible for building and maintaining structures. It may also include drilling, explorations, and repairing. Like the story of Hard Hat Pete, dump trucks are essential equipment in construction. 

Most construction projects need heavy equipment for excavation, hauling, and transporting materials. Dump trucks are designed to move heaps and piles from one point to another. Their hydraulic power allows lifting of the rear content to unload it on the ground.


There are thirteen types of dump trucks but not all of them are suitable for construction. Among them, here are the five most recommended and used dump trucks in construction.

Semi-End Dump Truck

A semi-end dump truck is a combined tractor and trailer with a hydraulic lift. The tractor uses the hydraulic lift to pull the trailer. Both the tractor and trailer can be operated in reverse. The dump trailers are clam-shaped making them ideal to transport vertical heaps. They are also perfect for construction sites needing material relocation within the area. It’s because they allow a short loading and unloading time. A semi-end dump truck can carry around 22 tons.

Side Dump Truck

Side dump trucks have tractors with 3-axles pulling semi-trailers with 2-axles. Embedded with hydraulic rams, they allow dumping on either the left or right side. These types of trucks are ideal for direct infills on trenches and loading on narrow roads. Side dump trucks are commonly used to haul asphalt and broken concrete on construction recycle yards. They can carry around 23 tons.

Standard Dump Truck

A standard dump truck is a full truck with a chassis and dump bed attached to the frame. A hydraulic lift in front raises the dump body bed. This type of dump truck is commonly used for transporting sand, gravel, stone, and other construction materials. By lifting the dump bed through hydraulic power, the truck can be emptied without the need for manpower. Standard dump trucks have axles in the front and rear resulting in better maneuverability. A standard dump truck can carry around 6.5 to 14 tons. They can climb a terrain but are not good on soft soil. The most common configuration for standard dump trucks is the six-wheelers and ten-wheelers.

Super Dump Truck

Super dump trucks are straight types of dump trucks with liftable and trailing axles. These axles give them the ability to carry heavy loads from 19 to 26 tons. They are the most profitable and productive dump trucks in construction sites. It is because they carry more payload per trip and quicker to load and unload. A super dump truck is commonly used to transport asphalt and concrete paving materials. Large construction projects can benefit from owning this type of dump truck.

Transfer Dump Truck

Transfer dump trucks are standard dump trucks pulling a trailer with a movable cargo container. The cargo container is powered by electricity, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Transfer dump trucks are ideal for transporting asphalt, brick, gravel, woodchips, and other construction aggregates. This type of dump truck features two separate trailers. The trailers increase the hauling capacity by affecting maneuverability. A transfer dump truck can carry around 26 to 27 tons.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dump Truck for Construction

The following factors should be considered to find the right dump truck for your construction project:

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity of a dump truck is also known as the payload. It is the greatest amount of weight a truck can carry. To know the payload of a dump truck, simply subtract its curb weight from its GVWR. The curbside is the truck’s weight when empty. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the highest amount of weight the truck can handle. Such data can be found in the dump truck manual. Or, you can check them on the door pillar of the truck’s driver side. 


Maneuverability is the capacity of a dump truck to move freely over different spaces. Since they are designed to transport heavy loads, they may have a hard time doing turns. They may also need longer starting and stopping distance. Depending on the hauling location or the nature of your construction site, you must consider this factor before buying a dump truck.


Most construction sites have rocky and rugged roads. This is why it’s important to know the terrain capability of a dump truck. Trucks using manual transmissions with deep gearing can handle even the most technical terrain. But the automatic transmission is much easier to navigate on this kind of road.


Speed matters if your construction project demands long travel. Most construction projects move to different states. So, it’s best to buy dump trucks that can easily travel from one state to another. Also, consider the loading and unloading time of the dump truck. This can be a concern if there’s a need to do many payloads for the construction daily.

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