How to Sell a Vending Machine Using Videos

casual caucasian woman using a modern beverage vending machine

In this digital age, people are relying more and more on the internet to find the things that they need, even vending machines. However, with the vast information available over the internet, it can prove to be quite difficult to stand out from your competition or even just to pique the interest of your target market. To address this matter, you have to be creative, even using videos to market your products, including a vending machine! If you want to sell your vending machine using videos over the internet or as part of your marketing efforts, below are some of the things that you need to do.


One of the primary things that you need to do for you to be able to sell your vending machine using videos is to create a storyboard. This is where you may need to brainstorm ideas for some of the most compelling stories that will describe your vending machine. For instance, you may need to highlight that your vending machine can be used inside office premises. It can be a way to bridge the gap of communication between colleagues at work.

On the other hand, you can also come up with a love story that takes place in a park. In this case, your vending machine will be the center where two people usually meet until they fall in love. In both instances, your vending machine will make a significant appearance in the videos regardless of whether you are planning an indoor or an outdoor setting. The key is in making the story you come up with realistic and relatable to the many people who will be using the vending machine.


As soon as you have a storyboard for your video, the next thing that you need to come up with is a script. When it comes to the script though, you have to take note of two things. These are the length of the script you need to make, as well as its relevance to the story you have in mind.


To effectively sell your vending machine, keep in mind that the less you say, the better the video will be. In this case, you have to make the video speak for itself, making the script as brief as possible. The reason why you need to limit the length of your script is that video viewers often have a short attention span. When it comes to promotional videos, you have to be able to capture their attention in less than five seconds. Expect that any more than this, they will most likely bounce, failing to appreciate the story of the video that you have created to sell your vending machine.


You should also see to it that the script you come up with is relevant to the story that you have come up with previously. This means that as much as possible, you have to focus on the needs of your target market rather than coming up with a boring sales pitch. As much as possible, try to speak the language of the people who you think will be interested in buying your vending machines. From there, think of a script that contains the words that they want to hear.


Finally, you should also focus on the content of your video. The good thing when it comes to content is that you are not limited to which one you can present. The reason behind this is that there are several types of content that you can use to sell your vending machine. For instance, you can either identify the problem or introduce a unique selling point of your vending machine. There is also the option for you to entertain, such as using the storyboards listed above. You can even use testimonials in creating your video content. The key here is unleashing your creativity to capture the interest of your target market.

Tools to Use

The good thing about making videos to sell your vending machines is that there are a wide variety of tools that you can use to do so. Some may need to be installed on your computer, while other video tools only need to be accessed using a browser. Explore all of your options and try to test each of them. In this way, you will be able to access which one you are most comfortable using.

Here are some of the best free video editing applications:

  • Windows Video Editor – for Windows users
  • Apple iMovie – for Mac users
  • KineMaster – for Android and iOS users
  • Premiere Pro – available in a free trial version
  • MovieMaker Online – browser-based video editor

Final Word

For you to be able to sell your vending machine using videos over the internet or as part of your promotional efforts, you have to create a storyboard, as well as a script that you can use in making the video. From there, you also need to outline the content of the video you intend to make. Rest assured that you will be able to find the right tools that you can use for these components. All these are geared towards ensuring that you effectively sell your vending machine using videos published online or as part of your overall marketing plan.

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