Trucking on Holidays: Frequently Asked Questions

trucking driving on holiday

It is the time of the year once again! You cannot help but feel excited to go on a new challenge and provide your customers with the best products and services, especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and before New Year’s Eve. 

Your ultimate goal is to successfully attain your business plans and serve your clients despite the very stiff competition in the U.S.A.

For newbies, it’s only natural to have questions on what to expect when you are trucking during the holiday season and how to prepare for it. So here are the answers you have been waiting for!

How do I get people’s attention?

The best thing you have to do to get your clients’ attention is to advertise and promote your business to your target market. It’s a basic and simple but effective marketing strategy. You can get published through ads in community newsletters, business magazines, local newspapers, or email marketing and social media ads.

What’s more, building up your brand through social media is becoming a cost-efficient tactic today. It’s because most of the world’s population goes online to connect and discover new services and products that will serve their needs. 

Business websites are a likely means to be seen online and to attract prospective clients better. Using networking sites, creating and managing social media pages gets your mobile business’s customers’ attention with ease. 

Getting your business registered always plays a big part in the success of your mobile industry, as there are consumers who search through Foursquare, Bing, Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages for information.

Are delivery services essential on holidays?

It is absolutely a plus if you’ll have a business partnership with delivery services or open your mobile business for pick-ups. This is a trend that is becoming more of a norm these days because it is convenient and hassle-free. 

It is crucial to prepare for the additional expansions for these as you will create a delivery team and the ordering team to handle your customers. You indeed have the option to choose a 3rd party delivery, and you have to pay additionally as the delivery apps will market the products and services you have. The 3rd party delivery apps are reliable in reaching a larger scale of audiences and marketing your truck business in the holidays.

Are promos and limited-time offers effective?

Without any doubt, having these promos is the best method to promote your products and services. The most common but full-proof technique is introducing the “one day,” “special for the day,” “limited-time” offers.
These words will encourage customers that it is an urgent matter to acquire the service or product. They feel that they should not miss out on anything that’s on holiday. It’s a clear opportunity for you and your team to market the goods and services effectively and promote the mobile business for the holiday season.
Never forget to share the most important details or information with your customers. In this way, your clients will even become efficient agents for your business.

Are customers always right?

Absolutely! And most consumers do not hesitate to voice out their opinions from their experience. As a mobile business owner or truck operator, it is always wise to get feedback from your clients and give them what they want, if possible. The direction to attain successful trucking starts with creating a relationship with them and making them feel they are valuable.

It won’t take long before they post praises and market your business to their family, friends, and peers on their social media networks. People will want to connect with you and your team and expect a jam-packed but fulfilling holiday.

What are the different kinds of licenses for mobile business units?

Keep in mind that for every kind of mobile business, you will be required to get the licenses for these. It also varies in which state you are in or to follow through the federal government’s laws.
For example, several license classes for truck food businesses involve cooking and preparing food, delivery, food units types, and more. It could differ, so you have to make sure to abide by regulations.

Are there permits I need to get before pursuing a trucking business?

You have to make a few calls and contact the authorities by email to know the steps you have to accomplish to be legally worry-free as you go about your business for the holidays. Legal information is vital, and you should prepare everything.

If you plan to operate within the midst of a rural area, you have to determine the local requirements. These would often start by making a checklist of the permits and licenses and the necessary licenses in the city and country.

  • Business License
  • Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Food handlers’ permit for food truck businesses
  • The license from the Health Department

Other states and cities may require a commissary letter of agreement that gives you access and make use of freshwater, wastewater and trash disposal, food preparations, and storage. The documents for “Standard Operating Procedures” may be needed, but it depends. Other permits and certificates to secure are for fire, parking, special events, and insurance. 

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