How to Use Videos to Sell Your Truck Quickly

truck on a highway at sunset

When you open your social media or different websites, you will notice advertising videos popping on your screens.  Sometimes, when you are looking for something to buy online, a video comes in handy. Photos and videos are now very important when selling something online.  Since people cannot see the actual product before purchase, it helps them get a better idea of how the item looks.  

Great videos entice buyers to consider your product first before someone else’s.  Selling used trucks can be a challenge so a video can create trust with potential buyers in a way that texts or photos can’t.  Here are some ideas on how to create and use videos to make your truck attractive to buyers in the online market.

1. Preparation

Preparation is always important in every activity that we do.  First, you must plan out what kind of video you want to make. Is it going to be a vlog or a movie trailer style?  Define your goal.  When you have identified this first step, you will be able to create a storyboard and help you pick out the right materials for your video.  

Part of the preparation is gathering the tools you need to make the video.  Lights, props, cameras; everything you need to achieve your goal.  If you are selling a mobile truck, you might want to organize and make sure that all your equipment is in the right place before taking a video.

And lastly, preparation of the truck itself is most important.  You will want your prospective buyers to see the best that your truck can offer.  So before going into the shoot, make sure your truck is clean in and out. Make use of the services of professional cleaners and washers if possible.  Remove all trash, dirt, and personal belongings.  The only things you leave behind are those that should be included in your video.

Helpful tip: Always think like a buyer.  This way, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it the way a buyer would want it.

2. Find a Good Location

When doing a video, it is important to find a good location for your shoot.  Although the background would not be seen much, it creates some sort of ambiance for your entire video.  The truck has to be placed in a perfectly lit area.  Remember, sunlight is the best filter there is.  However, when shooting the interiors, you might want to add a little more light so the audience can take a good look at what you offer.

3. Keep It Short and Simple (K.I.S.S.)

The K.I.S.S. method can be very much applicable in making a video.  Keep your video to a maximum of 3 minutes.  This way, you can keep your audience’s full attention.  People get bored with lengthy ones which is why ads are often just as quick as 30 seconds or less.  Plan out your script and send the right message to your prospects within a short period of time. 

Make sure also to give a full view of the truck, especially the interiors.  Walk them through the details of the truck.  If it is a vlog, mention the details and other specifications. Give it a good run on the road while on video for a complete experience.  And don’t forget to track the customer actions or social interactions, such as shares and comments.

4. Upload Hi-Resolution Formats

Since HD or high definition is the thing nowadays, make sure to upload your video the same way.  People love to watch videos in hi-resolution because the details are very clear and it gives them the feeling like they are actually there.

5. Add Animated Texts and Music

Animated texts and music help make your video become more engaging and informative.  You can place the truck model and year, the features you want to highlight, the imperfections you want your prospects to be aware of, and other details.  Do avoid, however, putting your asking price, names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

6. Know What Your Audience Wants

When creating a video, always think about what your audience wants out of the content.   Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask what it is that you are expecting to see from this video.  If you are not able to understand this important aspect you’ll fail in sending the message across and leave your audience disappointed. In marketing, it is the buyer’s preferences that always matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s way out of your league; remember, you are out there to get a sale.

7. Have a Call-to-Action

At the end of your video, entice customers to make a specific action.  It could be coming in for a test drive or checking out the truck in person, or perhaps sharing your video online.  Prompt them to do a quantitative action, otherwise, they will just watch your video and that’s that.  

And, if your budget allows you, hire a team of professional videographers to ensure that your video is of great quality.  Trucks are big investments. They are a source of livelihood to a lot of people, especially to your prospective buyers.  Watching trucks selling videos that are well-thought gives them the impression that their time and money are being valued.

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