Saving Food Truck Wraps from Prior Owners

food truck in a silver, metallic vinyl wrap

Saving Food Truck Wraps

Food truck & trailer wraps are advertising like no other!  However, when you buy a used food truck that already has a wrap, can the wrap be “edited” to change your company name but still keeping the wrap?  Being that a full truck wrap can easily cost thousands of dollars, this is a great question.

First, there may not be a better investment than a killer wrap to make your mobile kitchen the talk of the town.  Now,  all wraps are not the same – two might cost the same, but the marketing impact can be drastically different!  So when you come across a great wrap, it would be great to utilize it if possible.

Of course this depends on your niche and taste, but I’m sure you’ve seen trucks that had so much going on it was hard to know what you were looking at.  Some are almost offensive or say, confusing; so much so that you just want to look away wondering…. what were they thinking!  Let’s just call those the Trippin Trucks 🙂   Yet others can mesmerize like a work of art making you wish you were behind the wheel!

We have hundreds of food trucks & trailers each year that are sold with wraps and replaced.  Before you spend $5k to $8k on a new wrap, is it possible to make some tailored edits and keep the current eye-catching pop on your new rig?!  Yes, it is possible, but don’t count on it.

Check with a professional auto wrap service because every situation is totally unique.  It’s actually very easy for them to take the existing look of the truck, digitize it and change the logo to yours on the computer.  They can blend in the design to fit like it was that way from day 1 – on the computer.   The tricky part becomes matching the color.  If done by the same company that originally did the wrap, you have a better chance, because matching the color from other printers at other companies is the first battle.  So, when purchasing a food truck or trailer, ask for the contact that did the existing wrap and give yourself a head start.  They may also have the computer files to make it a perfect fit.

However, mother nature also has a role here!  The amount of sun exposure will cause the color to gradually fade.  So the degree to which they can match will just depend.  Yes they can adjust the brightness to try to match but getting a perfect match is not easy. Also, different sides of the truck have had different amounts of sun exposure – so each will need to be adjusted manually to match that particular area.

So, you might save thousands by retrofitting that fabulous wrap, but it’s worth the extra of going with a professional who has had experience in matching existing wraps already.

Can you find the best wraps on our thousands of food trucks and trailers?