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Regardless of your need, our huge variety of snack & soda vending machines can accommodate every situation. has snack & candy vending machines for sale, sometimes new, never used in the original boxes in many states across the nation which saves you hundreds on shipping! In some cases you can even pick the snack machines up the very next day.

Browse our large selection of pre-owned snack vending machines by either...

Clicking on your state to the right Click Here & use the search box to see them in all states

Browse our large selection of pre-owned snack vending machines by either...

Search by Zip code Click Here & use the search box to see them in all states or see new snack machines at our sister site

There are several options to consider when buying a snack vending machine such as:

Item Capacity - make sure you don't have to refill it more than every 3 days Candy / snack selections - also contributes to having adequate capacity, but having plenty of choices depending on the employee size is important (ranges from 7 to 50 item choices) Coin / Bill Acceptance - most large machines accept both, but many compact machines may need an optional dollar bill changer (if needed) and only accept exact change Price Limits - some compact snack vendors only accept up to $1 or $2 which is fine for most snacks, but if you vend other items (such as disposable cameras) your machine may not be able to accept enough cash. Most electrical machines accept up to $99.95 Security - just like soda machines, snack machines can have multi-point locking systems & heavy gauge metal to deter vandalism, but some machines are not suited for problem areas at all Vend Function - today almost all snack machines use a spiral coil system rather than the old drop-shelf system. A few machines use a system similar to a conveyor belt with an elevator delivery to the product delivery box Size & Weight - compact vs. full size - snack machines can range from 50 lbs to 1000+ lbs which means forethought on moving methods & space available

We currently have 165 electrical snack / soda machines.
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Snack vending machines & Candy vending machines come in many sizes with different capacities. For assistance in finding the best one for your need, call us at 601-749-8424 for helpful vending machine assistance.