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Make your dream business mobile! We are known for helping kick-start mobile business careers! We provide the best bang for the buck on all types of mobile business trailers & trucks! With our amazing mobile business trailers scattered all over the country, you can always grab one near you with our zip code search tool. Whether you’re interested in getting an existing mobile business or completely starting your own, we have the right mobile business trailer or truck for you! Come check out our site often or use our MeFirst Alerts. Multiple mobile business opportunities are posted daily!

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2004 Bajaj FE 4 Stroke Piaggio Ape Mini Retail Truck for Sale in Florida!!!

Item No: FL-MB-929E2

Stand out with your mobile business when you get started with this 2004 Bajaj FE 4 Stroke Piaggio Ape mini retail truck! Come check out details and features of this unique unit below.
in Florida 


1961 Vintage Citroen 2CV Mobile Retail Truck for Sale in Florida!!!

Item No: FL-MB-928E2

Promote your products with a unit that's overloaded with coolness and coated with retro magic! This is a 1961 model vintage Citroen 2CV mobile retail truck! See more details down below.
in Florida 


2013 Piaggio Ape Calessino Mini Retail Marketing Truck for Sale in Florida!!!

Item No: FL-MB-566E2

Grab your customer's attention when you arrive on the scene with this 2013 Piaggio Ape Calessino mini retail marketing truck with 3,500 km on its engine! Feel free to check out further information down below.
in Florida 


1975 Chevy with New Fuel-Injected Engine for Conversion for Sale in Washington!

Item No: WA-SV-521F2

Here is a 1975 Chevrolet that runs on an automatic transmission. This box truck has a brand new engine installed by a local automotive shop which is a fuel-injected Vortec 350. Also comes with very nice LED lighting both inside and out of the unit. See below for more details!
 .in Washington 


2002 Freightliner MT45 Empty Marketing Truck for Conversion for Sale in Florida!

Item No: FL-SV-497F2

Check out this 2002 Freightliner MT45 Stepvan that can be a solid foundation for any mobile business that you have in mind. A 10k value of work has been added to this unit. With several shelves that would be perfect for retail, beauty services, etc. See below for its complete specs!
 .in Florida 


22' Chevy Merchandise Lifestyle Marketing Truck for Sale in Colorado!!!

Item No: CO-MB-524D2

This is your chance to acquire a travelling work of art! This custom 1979 model 22' long Chevy Grumman mobile home goods &  lifestyle boutique that features a truly unique design! See more details and features of this beautiful unit below.
in Colorado 


2013 Freightliner MT-45 Tool Truck for Sale in New Hampshire!

Item No: NH-MB-360F2

If you're planning to start a mobile business, this might be a great unit for you! This 2013 Freightliner MT-45 was recently used as a tool truck but can be used for other businesses of your preference. It will be perfect unit for anyone selling any retail tools or hardware or auto parts. See below for more details!
 .in New Hampshire 

Was: $22,000
Save $3,101 (14% off)

Turnkey Mobile Business Pet Photo T Shirt Decal Boutique- 40 Year Established!!!

Item No: DE-MB-235P

Are you looking for a fun and profitable business with low overhead and potential high profits? Then consider this long-established amazing business opportunity ... generate custom pet photos from your customer's cell phones while they wait! Seller is including Thousands of $$ worth of existing stock!

This is a turnkey photo boutique concession business with 16' custom built concession trailer and lots of inventory / specialty equipment to get you started. Print t-shirts, totes, and pillows with your customers own photos (even their cell phone pics) ; or, choose from hundreds of decals featuring dog breeds and other animals. Has enough stock to vend $15k worth of sales; you can be up and running in 20 minutes. Not to mention, this business is not affected by seasons- you can be selling year round. See details for features.
in Delaware


Custom Party / Tailgating Bar & Grill Trailer for Sale in Rhode Island!

Item No: RI-MB-332F2

PARTY HEARTY with this amazing trailer! Awesome bar & grill style trailer for outdoor parties or tailgating. This rig is so unique and has everything you need to throw down at your next event. See details!
in Rhode Island 


2018 16' Unique Party Trailer, Tailgate Party Trailer for Sale in New Hampshire!

Item No: NH-MB-315F2

Consider this unique 2018 16' custom-built 10-seat tailgate party trailer for all of your pre-game tailgate activities. Equipped with a very stylish interior, epic parties are sure to come your way. Standing height inside of the unit is about 9 feet. Call now to inquire!
 .in New Hampshire 


Mobile Tool Shop Business Freightliner 16000 Truck for Sale in Louisiana!

Item No: LA-MB-163F2

Mobile tool business truck Freightliner 16000 includes all tools that are in it. Everything goes with it you and will have the possibility to start making money immediately after purchase.
in Louisiana 


2019 Mobile Taproom Beverage Concession Trailer for Sale in Oregon!

Item No: OR-P-221F2

Take advantage of the fun and profitable craft beer & wine trend! Here's a 2019 cute Mobile Tap Trailer for serving ice cold brews, wine, cider, mimosas, kombucha, you name it. See details!
in Oregon 

Know When Prices Drop
Was: $11,000
Save $1,800 (16% off)

8.5' x 24' 2018 Retail Merchandise Concession Trailer for Sale in California!

Item No: CA-MB-145F2

This 2018 8.5' x 24'  marketing / retail merchandise trailer is in great condition, used only once! Perfect for selling clothes, novelties, hats, and more. What will YOU make of it?
in California


2015 - 6' x 12' Mobile Oil Change Marketing Trailer for Sale in Texas!!!

Item No: TX-MB-710E2

Make some $ and meet great people with your very own mobile oil change business! Comes with 2015 model 6' x 12' trailer that's in very good condition! Come see more details and features below.
in Texas 


Vintage 1973 Airstream Argosy Retail Marketing Trailer for Sale in California!!!

Item No: CA-MB-668E2

Showcase your awesome merchandise / products inside a retro trailer! This is a vintage 1973 model Airstream Argosy mobile retail marketing trailer! See more details and features below.
in California 


Isuzu Mobile Sign / Billboard Marketing Truck for Sale in Michigan!!!

Item No: MI-MB-069D2

Advertise your business, product, service or others anywhere when you grab this 2001 model Isuzu mobile sign / billboard marketing truck! Has 150,252 miles. See more details below.
in Michigan 


Two 7' x 12' Wells Cargo Mobile Merchandise/Retail Trailers for Sale in Indiana!

Item No: IN-MB-354E2

If you have tons of products you want to showcase, this business opportunity is right for you! Get these two 7' x 12' Wells Cargo mobile merchandise / retail trailers! One is a 1997 model and the other is 2014. See more details below.
Price includes both trailers, plus inventory. 
  in Indiana.


1971-31' Airstream Vintage Cigar Lounge / Speakeasy Trailer for Sale in Texas!!!

Item No: TX-MB-347E2

Hang out and chill with your best buds inside this awesome vintage 1971 model 31' Airstream cigar lounge / speakeasy trailer! See more details down below.
in Texas 

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Was: $65,945
Save $27,500 (41% off)

2013 Chevrolet 4500 Express Mobile Retail Marketing Truck for Sale in Illinois!!

Item No: IL-MB-328E2

Make everyone see your products in an awesome way! Get started on your business with this 2013 model Chevrolet 4500 Express with Rockport Box mobile merchandise / retail marketing truck! See further information down below.
in Illinois 


2013 - 8.5' x 24' Mobile Meat Market Butcher Shop Trailer for Sale in Illinois!

Item No: IL-MB-313E2

Be your city's first mobile butcher shop! Check out this 2013 model 8.5' x 24' mobile meat market marketing trailer that features visible refrigeration. See more details and features below.
in Illinois 


2007 Gooseneck Special Events / Marketing Retail Trailer for Sale in Virginia!

Item No: VA-MB-214E2

Got a great product to sell or service to market? Then check out this 2007 Wildside Special Events Trailer! Used very gently. No cosmetic issues. 7.5 ft. inside standing height. See details!
in Virginia 


6' x 8' Refrigerated Keg / Draft Tap Cargo Trailer for Sale in Florida!!!

Item No: FL-MB-205E2

Get this awesome business opportunity today! This is a 6' wide and 8' long refrigerated keg / cargo / beverage trailer that has 6 tappers, 34 degree set point for cold draft box serving! See further information down below.
in Florida 


2018 - 16' Cargo Mate Heavy Duty Cargo Trailer for Sale in Illinois!!!

Item No: IL-MB-170E2

This is an EXTRA heavy duty cargo trailer with merchandise vending capability! It's a 2018 model, 16' long Cargo Mate with dual 8k axles - so many possibilities. Haul your ATV's, or start a mobile biz! It has 7.8' of inside standing height and it is in very good condition! See more details below.
in Illinois 


NEW 2019 Refrigerated Cargo Trailer for Sale in Florida!!!

Item No: FL-MB-108E2

Got some retail or food items to keep cold in transport? This is a brand new 2019 model refrigerated and insulated cargo trailer, great for floral business, ice cream or others! See more information below.
in Florida 


8' x 10' Display Trailer Marketing Trailer for Sale in Pennsylvania!!!

Item No: PA-MB-115E2

Showcase your merchandise with this very good condition 1983 model display trailer! It measures 8'x10', and an overall length of 14' with the removable hitch mounted. See further information down below.
in Pennsylvania 

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Customer Experiences
  • I don't know who to send this to, but I want someone to see it and let them know how happy I am.

    I don't know who to send this to, but I want someone to see it and let them know how happy I am. I've been a personal bodyguard and a club cooler for well a long time I started when I was 17 and at 45 still doing it. Not to long ago me and my wife wanted to spend more time together and enjoy life without the constant potential danger of the job I have been doing for so many years.  First we thought of a franchise restaurant.  Then a food truck. But decided franchise would still be working for someone else and who knows if it would be what we wanted to do cause even though the job I have might be dangerous we still have alot of free time didn't want to spend even more time behind a counter for not as much money as what we are making already. So decided against that. Then the food truck idea was better but it would be limited of what and where you could park and setup at. Thats when the thoughts of dirty construction sights and vacant parking lots just didn't sit right. 

    Then one day my wife happened upon the idea of a concession trailer. And instantly I knew that it would be the perfect adventure. Because the sky's the limit.  All the stuff we could do and sights we could see and be making us money at the same time. Every body likes the fair and the food. But why stop there you could travel with the fairs are concerts are feativals. Are you could do what we are going to do and that is the trades days and flea markets swap meets and festivals. As far as the trades days there is a huge one every first monday which is that Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday before the first Monday of every month in canton texas thousands and thousands of people attend. Then the second third and fourth Mondays of the month there are trade days in Longview marshall and Mckinney texas. That is so much money guranteed. And would only be working the weekends during the day. And wouldn't be necessary to do all four. Cause even if you just sold snacks you are probably looking at 5000 to 6000 a weekend easy.But the hard part is finding the right trailer. Has to be quick so money can be made. But you have to find the right one for your needs and the money you have to spend. Well my wife worked magic and found a perfect trailer in everyway.

    She emailed Mr. Bradley and that night I did too, not even realizing that we did.  But no matter, we was promptly and very professional answered back. Bradley was so nice and understanding with every step he didn't mind that we had to text alot. At all different times of day and night he was always quick to respond and help us. He was able to get the trailer cheaper for us than the asking price. So cool.  He was there for us in perfect outstanding service.  He made the deal go by so much quicker than expected. All at one time we had a garage built bought a new truck and paid cash for all of it. So when we had to wait a week to have all the cash for the trailer. Even after all the  work Mr Bradley did he still kept in touch and did everything perfectly till we got back in touch with him and got the trailer he really did simplify and make it so easy to get our dream started I will send everyone to Bradley and will be doing more business with him soon.  He is a very valuable asset to yalls company. A damn fine job he does. Thank you again Bradley.

    Roger Tate,
    Tyler, TX

  • to sell my vending machines without any problems
    Thank you. My experience great. I was able to sell my vending machines without any problems . I appreciate your work. Best wishes always.

    Palm Coast, Florida
  • She was very helpful, and she went above and beyond... "Bravo Lady."

    Melissa was very professional and sweet to work with. She was very helpful, and she went above and beyond to make the purchase of these Office Deli combo machines possible. I will always recommend her to others, and will purchase our next vending machines from her when the right time comes.
    "Bravo Lady."

  • Thanks for all you do.
    Wendy with UsedVending was great to work with selling my concession trailer, I really appreciate her help thru the process. Thanks for all you do.
    Gregory Spears,
    Ashcamp, KY
  • I can't thank you enough...
    Melissa I can't thank you enough for finally getting the machines out of my living room. It's amazing - I can now actually walk right up to the dining window and look out. - Wow. I appreciate the time and effort that went into your accomplishment and its greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch. It was also a pleasure working with you. The couple that bought the machines was absolutely adorable. Ciao, BJ

    Culver City, California
  • get an A

    OMG! Melissa was professional, personable, knowledgeable and made my transaction go off as smoothly as possible, she is truly an ace. Thanks again, you get an A

    Cameron, IL

  • ...helped us to find used equipment twice now

    Melissa Powers has helped us to find used equipment twice now and she has been quick to get responses both times. We really appreciate her help and will continue to use her resources in the future.
    thanks so much.
    Phyllis Long

  • ...she got us some outstanding deals on vending machines
    We worked with Melissa Powers and she was AWESOME!!! Very nice and professional, she got us some outstanding deals on vending machines! We hope that this will get our business up and running much faster, and plan on only buying from in the future. Thank you Melissa!!!!! You rock!!! :)

    Fresno, CA
  • From the time we got the offer until the unit rolled out of the driveway was only 22 hours!

    We recently sold our concession trailer through Melissa Powers was awesome. She handled all of the paperwork and made our end very easy. From the time we got the offer call from Melissa until the unit rolled out of the driveway was only 22 hours! Thank you very much, Melissa € € .
    Sierra Vista, AZ

  • If you want to sell a truck quickly and without hassles, this is the site to use!

    Working with Melissa and Used Vending was a breeze! They did all the work for us and sent only very interested buyers our way. It saved us lots of time and was well worth it. If you want to sell a truck quickly and without hassles, this is the site to use!

    Kristi Whitfield, DC

  • I was very pleased with Usedvending
    I was very pleased with Usedvending services and very please with April she did a very good job and I would recommend her to my friends. I hope to do business with her again soon.
    Arnita Williams
    Colonial Heights, Virginia
  • Thank you Usedvending. I am very happy.

    I had such a wonderful experience selling my food trailer with used vending. Bradley made the process so easy. He was very knowledgeable and always prompt to get back to me.  I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Usedvending. I am very happy. 
    Leticia Ackerman,
    Lake Worth, FL

  • We thank you and your company

    We are satisfied with our purchase. We thank you and your company for all your help with this.
    Vernal, UT

  • April was super helpful and able to put us in touch with a few vending options very quickly!
    April was super helpful and able to put us in touch with a few vending options very quickly! Without her I don't think I would have found Johnny- owner of Day2Day Vending. Within a couple weeks we had a machine set up in our office and ready to go. All around great experience.
    Danielle Bulla,
    Maitland, FL
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