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NOTICE TO SELLERS: If you have pre-owned equipment to sell, that is free, go to this page for details.

Our traffic is heavy and highly targeted!  With our strong reputation and long-term success in this industry, there is no better partner to advertise your products & services. Link your ad directly to your site. No setup fees. Build your exposure with high quality banner ads on a quality, vending industry specific website.

Ad Placement

Choose from the ad sizes and spots on the chart to the right.  Prices vary with size and location. You may have the ad appear site-wide or just on selected category / item pages.  For the categories you select, your ad will get wide exposure by appearing on the category page as well as every item page within that category.
Category pages show summary info for all items on in a category on a single page.

Item pages show extended details on a particular item.  Ads on item pages will show for all items in that category. Example:
Ads spots are also available on these other pages:
Ads must be aesthetically pleasing as to not diminish the professionalism of our site. Our customers have come to trust our company; therefore, we are selective about what ads and products we will display on Ads must be approved and are also subject to availability.

Pricing & Payment

Ads are placed in 3 month increments and are prorated to be billed on the first of the month.  Longer terms are also available up to 1 year.

Ad Spaces Ad Size (px)
# 1 300 x 250
# 2, 3 125 x 125
# 4, 5 300 x 125
# 6, 7 125 x 125

Call or email for pricing:
a. email locations "at" or
b. call 601-749-8424 and request that someone in Advertising call you during their office hours

Discounts available for multiple ads and prepayments of extended months.

NOTICE TO SELLERS: If you have pre-owned equipment to sell, that is free, go to this page for details.

All ad sizes are represented in pixel dimensions.  Package discounts and longer term discounts are available. All prices are per month fees and can be billed monthly if paid via credit card.  All ads require at least a 3+ month placement.

Payment may be accepted via check, money order, money wire, or credit card.  Ads are prepaid and payment must be cleared before ads appear.  Credit cards may be billed each month.  We reserve the right to cancel any ad for any reason and refund the unused, prorated amount.

Ad Creation & Artwork

Ads must be one of the following:

   a. Image file (jpg, gif, or png)

   b. HTML / Text

   c. Flash (.swf filetype)

     Artwork Options

A. I need a banner!

a. If needed, we can create the banner for you.

b. Just send us a picture of your product or idea and

c. let us know how you would like it to read. Possibilities are:

i.   name

ii.  phone

iii. website, etc..

B. I have a banner.

a. If you have your own banner, please email the image to us via locations "at"

b. It must be correct in pixel size to fit your ad spot.

c. File type should be either a gif, jpg, or png

d. Please make sure it is professional in appearance

e. In your email, include the link where you would like it to take the customer

C. I will create a banner.

a. Contact us to secure your ad spot before creating your banner so that you know what sizes are available

b. Have it created in the correct size for your ad spot as either a gif, jpg, or png

c. Make sure it is professional in appearance

d. Email the image and your link to us via locations "at"

Orders & Questions

For more information, to place new ads, or for help with an existing ad, please

   a. email locations "at" or

   b. call 601-749-8424 and request that someone in Advertising call you during their office hours.  

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