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Hire a Vending Machine Locator or Locating Company to find Locations / Accounts for your Vending Machines

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Hire a vending machine locator to work for you!. Finding a great, reliable vending locator can be a great asset to running any type of vending machine business. Locators are great for brand new vending operators who need to get many machines up and running quickly, and a good one can be vital in the long term growth of an established vending company. As in hiring any professional of a skill, vending locators usually have years of experience that can easily pay for their service as your machines generate income.

Some vending locators can strategically target their location prospects via telephone calls while others use an in-person approach which can be more effective but less targeted to specific account types. As in most things, each method has it's pros and cons which should be evaluated in matching one for your business.

Snack and soda vending machine operators as well as bulk candy vending operators often hire locators for their first placements and use that experience for learning how to find their own locations in the future.

Some vending business owners use mailers such as postcards to find new locations, but this is usually the worst approach and is usually just a waste of money. Some companies sell large packages of machines along with the postcards for the vendor to mail out; those should not waste their stamps - they will get very few locations and the ones they get are usually to small to hassle with. Although not perfect, hiring a vending locator is much better. Often you may end up replacing some of the locations as you find better accounts, but it's "usually" better to have machines out there making money rather than empty machines sitting in your garage.

When hiring a vending machine location company, make sure you research the company, check their history, speak to prior customers, make sure to get all questions answered, don't assume ANYTHING, and pay them with a credit card. Most importantly, be sure to go to EVERY location and speak to the manager to make sure they did agree to allow your machines to be placed there. You don't want to finish paying the locator before learning that they spoke to the wrong person.

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