purple dump truck at a construction site

Top 5 Best Tri Axle Dump Truck Models in the Market

Dump truck businesses have been a steady sector of the trucking industry. Today, there are around 27,841 registered dump truck services in the United States. They have a low market share despite their big demands in construction and mining.  Dump trucks are heavy-duty trucks with an open-box bed hinged at […]

kenworth logo on black day cab

Top 4 Best Kenworth Day Cab Models

Semi-trucks in America are classified into two major categories. These are day cabs and sleeper trucks. Day cabs are designed for hauling goods and materials within short journeys. That is why they are not equipped with a sleeping cabin. Most of the time, day cab drivers go home with their […]

white semi truck driving on a road during summer

Truck Driving in Summer: Stay Safe with These Tips

Summer in America has officially started. Meteorologically, it begins on 21 June and will end on 22 September. During these 80 days, college dudes get back home, and grade-schoolers wrap up their classrooms. It has also become common for professors, students, and teachers to hunt for summer jobs. As the […]

steering wheel on a volvo semi truck cockpit

Top 4 Best Volvo Dump Trucks

There is no doubt that the trucking industry is one of the most dependable services in the US economy. A significant part of such a niche is dumping services. The market size of dump truck services in the US stands at $19.1 billion as of 2021. Last year, there were […]

semi truck air brake pedal

How to Maintain Semi Truck Brakes (A Must Read for Safety)

The brakes of a vehicle are its most important safety feature. Maintenance services like brake inspection, brake pad replacement, fluid flushes, and hose replacement are very essential to keep you safe on the road. These items doubled for semi-trucks. Besides promoting safety, updated brake maintenance can reduce semi-truck breakdown, downtime […]

Kenworth T680 high-roof sleeper semi trailer truck at the dealership

Top 5 Best Kenworth Sleeper Cabs

Among long-distance truckers, getting enough rest at night is crucial. That is why most fleets invest in sleeper trucks or trucks with sleeping berths. They are designed for inter-state hauling where truck drivers spend days, weeks, or months on the road.  Customized sleepers are the truck driver’s second home along […]