white semi trucks lined up in a truck parking lot

Can Semi Trucks Be Electric?

You may or may not have noticed an increase in “green” or eco-friendly options for a variety of things. Some restaurants, for example, besides sourcing locally grown ingredients, are working towards using biodegradable or reusable food and drink containers for to-go orders. Vehicle manufacturers now offer hybrid and even fully […]

blue semi truck driving on a sunny day

What Semi Trucks Have Cummins Engines?

What could probably come to your mind as soon as you hear the word ‘truck engine’? Well, if you have long years of experience dealing with or driving tractor-trailers, Cummins will no doubt be the first on your head. Owner-operators, truck drivers and fleet managers alike agree that Cummins semi […]

semi trailer truck on a light traffic road

What Can You Do When Your Semi Truck is Overheating?

If you’re a seasoned truck driver driving for the longest time of your life, then you’re already familiar with the warning signs of overheating. But here is what neophyte drivers should know. When your vehicle overheats, watch out for the signs like – a hood that’s warm to the touch […]

white semi truck on a road during summer

Semi-Truck Summer Tires: Do I Need Them?

You may not realize it, but the weather can, in fact, affect road conditions and therefore affect anything from vehicle handling to fuel efficiency. This holds true for any vehicle, even trucks. That’s why there are tires made specifically for certain seasons, like winter tires and summer tires.  Unlike some […]

smiling truck owner standing in auto park and holding tablet

Best Places to Sell Your Old Semi Truck

So, you have come to a serious decision to let go of your old rig. It was not an easy thing to do, though you have valid reasons to support it. One of the most priority goals when selling the vehicle is to secure good money. After all, it is […]

big rigs semi trucks of different colors, makes, and models stand in row on truck stop parking lot

Top 10 Semi Truck Models With the Best Resale Value

To be able to clearly identify those semi truck models we’re looking for, first, we level our understanding of the phrase, ‘resale value’. Well, others call it ‘residual value’ but whatever terminology used, it simply refers to the amount of the vehicle during the original purchase which is maintained over […]

row of blue semi truck for sale at a parking lot

5 Signs You Should Switch to Another Semi Truck Model

Semis are big commercial vehicles that have served their purpose for many years. It is a reliable and worthy investment for any business owner.  Nonetheless, as time passes by, a truck’s age becomes obvious. All vehicle owners need to be fully aware of the age factor. You have to consider […]