Food Trucks: The Key to Reviving the Restaurant Industry

food truck owner handling change to customer

The restaurant industry has been one of the most established industries to date. This can be attributed to the fact that people will always have the need to satisfy their hunger or socialize over a great meal.

With people now relying more on the internet, it will come as no surprise if businesses also go digital, including those in the restaurant industry. But aside from this, more and more restaurant owners are already tinkering with the idea of going mobile.


Top Reasons Why Brick and Mortar Are Going Mobile

Here are the top reasons why regular restaurants and diners are looking into establishing their own mobile kitchen or food truck.

To Cater to the Increased Demand

Brick and mortar restaurants are now pondering about going mobile to be able to cater to an increase in demand. With the fast-paced lives of people nowadays, only a few will have the time and energy to cook their meals after a tiring day. In this case, it is more convenient for them to simply buy their food from a nearby restaurant.

But more often than not, reservations are required before you can be seated in a restaurant. Some don’t even have the energy to go visit a restaurant to have a good meal. This is where food trucks prove to be beneficial as they can cater to people who want to have meals in an instant, even without reservations. 

In this case, some food trucks are even partnering with local community associations to allow them to conveniently park within residential areas freely or within a walking distance from where people live, bringing meals right at their doorsteps. This ensures that anyone who needs to have ready meals will have access to it promptly. There are also those that set up an advanced order option, such that the food is already available during the pick-up time specified by the customer.

To Take Advantage of a Perfect Marketing Strategy

There are a number of ways on how a brick and mortar restaurant will be able to promote their business. One is to leverage paid advertisements through brochures and flyers or be listed on the classified ads section of a paper. Another is to go digital, coming up with their own official website or even social media accounts, making it easy for their patrons to get in touch with them for reservations, advanced orders, or any other inquiries.

However, food trucks can be considered as the perfect marketing strategy because of the restaurant’s brand imprinted on the vehicles. In this case, even people just passing by the street will be aware that such a business exists. This can entice them to discover what meals are being served in the truck, or pique their curiosity if the same menu from the brick and mortar restaurant is available in their food truck partner, prompting them to try out ordering a meal from the food truck.

Reasons for You to Delve into the Food Truck Business

If you are thinking about putting up your own restaurant, perhaps it is best for you to consider a mobile food truck business first. The reasons why this seems to be a more viable business venture are listed below.

Low Initial Investment and Operational Cost

One of the main reasons why delving into the food truck business is a good idea is because you don’t need to empty out your pockets to start your operations. For less than a hundred thousand dollars, you will have the opportunity to earn an annual revenue of half a million dollars. This makes it a more affordable option, not only for novice entrepreneurs but to those looking at expanding their businesses as well.

Attract More Customers

Going for a mobile food service business will also allow you to attract more customers because of the advertisement that is already imprinted in your vehicle. In addition to this, you also have the liberty to customize your menu according to the preferences of your customers in a certain location, varying your menu depending on where you are situated. Just keep in mind to pair your mobile service with mobile communication to expand your market reach and cater to their demands.

Experiment with Location

Having a food truck business means that you are not limited in catering to a certain market or group because you can experiment with your location, allowing for a better customer reach. In doing so, you can leverage social media geolocation tools that can direct your customers to your food truck. You also have the option of participating in events or collaborating with event-scheduling organizations to be a part of a weekly or monthly food truck gathering.

Expand your Brand

With a food truck business, you may find it easier to expand your brand as you have more freedom to test new concepts, food truck menu ideas, strategies, and recipes seamlessly, all in a cost-effective manner. You can also test your ideas and business model in real-time with immediate responses that allow you to alter your methods accordingly if you find that they are ineffective.

Just make sure that you exert the extra effort to research the codes and regulations encompassing food trucks in your region. Keep in mind that mobile vending laws may vary from one locality to another, which is why you need to check for the permits and parking laws necessary for you to operate.

Check out our guide on Food Truck Licenses and Permits You Need to Operate.

The Bottom Line

It can be deemed that food trucks can be the key to rejuvenating the restaurant industry. In fact, brick and mortar shops are now going mobile to cater to an increase in demand, as well as to bring meals right at the doorsteps of their customers. Food trucks also serve as a perfect marketing strategy.

Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to invest in the food truck business too. With a low initial investment and operational cost, you will surely gain a positive revenue as you attract more customers. Just keep in mind to experiment with your location to expand your market reach, as well as your brand.

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