5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Semi Truck

red semi-truck driving on a road during sunset

Making a decision to sell your old semi truck in order to buy a new one can be quite challenging and at the same time complicated. For the most part, the reasons why people get rid of their old vehicles are savings and the need for upgrades.

Of course, it’s always enticing to drive a recent model but on the other hand, parting ways with a truck that has been a reliable companion on the road for so long could have some sentimental strings attached to its owner.

Anyways, as soon as you have realized that the pros far outweigh the cons, selling becomes inevitable. Yet, how would you know if it is time to sell your semi truck?

Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Sell Your Truck

Here are the signs to watch out for and tell you that it is time to say goodbye to your semi.

  • You are spending more and more to keep your semi in good working condition.
  • Your vehicle consumes more fuel than usual.
  • Your truck flunks its emission test.
  • Your safety is compromised.
  • Your semi has reached a higher mileage.

Higher spending on maintenance and repair costs

Age has something to do with your truck’s depreciation which involves severe wear and tear plus a seemingly never-ending repair. If you are spending so much just to keep your semi in good working condition, then it would be good to dispose of it.

Now, if you just take time to compute how much you are spending on repairs over time, and find that that amount of sale you would be making is lesser than that of your repair costs, by all means, get rid of your vehicle.

But, bear in mind, buyers also do not want to take hold of a vehicle that is deemed too old to function even if it sells for a very low price because it would mean that they will have to spend more dollars to keep its functional condition. Now when that happens, your only way out is to sell your vehicle by portion as scrap.

In addition, if your truck is aging, expect it to break down more often until it stops moving. Perhaps, the batteries have discharged or if not, your semi has not been in use for two weeks already! And that is why it is not running as it should. How can you sell your unit if it is not even capable of moving?

Likewise, a semi truck that has become obsolete loses its fuel efficiency and thus, selling it for a present-day model gives you more comfort than you can ever imagine. For one thing, fuel-efficient models cause no harm to the environment. For another, the newer ones, especially the automatic types, are much easier to operate. In contrast, manual trucks give drivers the trouble of having to shift gears constantly while maneuvering. 

Lastly, you are going to have difficulty finding some spare parts if your truck is obsolete as manufacturers may have already stopped producing them. However, if you encounter a mechanic that incidentally has the part you’re needing, chances are, he will also charge you a higher fee for both the part and the service.

Consuming more fuel

Older units naturally consume more fuel than newer models. So, imagine going back and forth to the gas station frequently just to get a refill. More often than not, gas-gobbling is associated with age and poor maintenance issues. 

At times, using the incorrect type of oil on an old engine makes the truck devour gas. If and when this problem could not be resolved, it’s better to bid farewell and buy yourself a model that has excellent fuel efficiency.

Failing the emission test

The amount of carbon dioxide that your old truck is emitting into the atmosphere has something to do with the way it guzzles gas. A vehicle that behaves this way is expensive to maintain due to its excessive fuel consumption. 

The responsibility of finding a remedy to this issue lies in your hands or else, get your vehicle off the road. It’s time to switch to an eco-friendly semi so get rid of your old one fast. You will just be too happy to drive a ‘clean’ truck as your own small way of contributing to the preservation of the environment.

No longer safe

If you feel you are no longer safe driving around in your truck for some reason or another, indeed, get yourself a new one. Think of the lives you would be saving, including yours, if the vehicle you were driving is safe in all aspects.

More mileage

Mileage is one of the major factors that buyers regard the most because high mileage means less fuel consumption. And how much savings would that be on their part? Interestingly, there are also customers who prefer buying a worn-out truck that shows higher mileage than a newer model but with lower miles on it. Now, if you are bent on selling, check out your mileage first since most truck drivers depend on mileage as their bargaining point.

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