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Like NEW 2018 Ford F59 Custom 29' Coffee and Espresso Truck for Sale in Texas!

2018 F59 Custom 29' Coffee And Beverage Truck Coffee & Beverage Truck Texas Gas Engine for Sale
$199,822 Item No: TX-T-615X2 Location: Texas - Pickup or have it transported!
Big Dreams? We Can Help!
Your dream cafe on wheels is within reach! Here is a barely used 2018 Ford F59 custom 29' coffee and espresso truck looking for its new owner! There are not too many trucks that SCREAM a PREMIUM experience of SPECIALTY 3rd Wave Coffee like this one with classy curb appeal and big windows showing off a custom powder coated La Marzocco espresso machine and a Mahlkonig Twin grinder! Don't miss out, find out how you can take it home by calling us today! NO CDL REQUIRED
$199,822 in Texas
Too late - This item is Sold or no longer available, but You can see more coffee & beverage trucks like this here!
Seller's Description:
The overall user experience is fantastic and was built with a dream team of people with strong backgrounds in all the right areas such as a truck body manufacturer, a 12 year food truck builder/operator and 10 years of specialty coffee experience. We are not 1st time truck builders so the kinks have been worked out over the years. This is not a cheap build but this price is certainly less than what has been spent on it overall (there is quality that you cant even see- behind walls, in the systems, in the weight distribution, in the structural integrity, in the layout efficiencies, etc)

Because of all this experience behind the build, EVERY little detail was thought out!

Below are just some of the more apparent examples of why many features on this truck are just a step above what you see out there in the food truck space:

A good foundation is at the heart of any good build and this one has one of the best. At the heart of some food trucks is a propane tank and a small cheap generator dropped out the back door when in service to run fridges and fans, however, with some types of food services such as espresso/coffee with lots of 220v and other electrical needs, propane is not your source of production, you need a strong and reliable generator. Furthermore, you need one larger than you think you will need because of surge loads and later expansion, you need one that is quiet enough to not affect the customer experience or noise level inside truck, in some jurisdictions you need one that passes new stringent emissions standards, you need one that is fuel efficient relative to its size, and you need one that will last for a very long time under load.

This is a very tall order but not to worry, this truck is equipped with a MONSTER 42KW California Tier4 Clean Diesel Generator. (A white coffee cup is shown in photos for size reference of this beast). This was a $45,000 generator built in the USA by CK Power with a tuned Kohler diesel engine coupled with a Wisconsin based Marathon brand generator head with Deep Sea Electronics digital controllers, readouts and onboard diagnostics. That was just the cost of the generator NOT including cantilevering it off the truck frame, building sound attenuation measures around it with sound deadening foam, routing electrical main runs to auto transfer switch, modifying truck floor to drop in, custom frame and access door, 30-40 gallon custom fuel tank built and mounted (with 2nd fuel gauge for generator only) , 2nd battery tray fabricated and mounted to truck frame, etc.

Speaking of good foundations, not only is this step van a like-new truck with only 14,500 miles but these step vans can sometimes be incredibly hard to find parts for and some places cant even identify model numbers for them – that's why I like that this one is a FORD and not a Freightliner or International, etcetera where you end up at a heavy truck dealership all the time and wait forever for parts with high labor rates.
I really don't understand trucks out there that are a “new build” on a truck that already had 2-300,000 miles! You can't just move the build over to a newer truck later if the truck proves to be an unreliable lemon because a lot of the money spent when building is on the infrastructure, not the equipment. That's why THIS like-new truck with a like-new build is the best way to start your journey. Just this truck alone empty in this condition is worth over $60,000.
So many good things about that foundation and we are just getting started on the build features!

One of the first things you see when walking toward this truck and the amount of windows! Although during operation only a couple are used to open and close for service, it brings huge curb appeal to the truck, draws people in, peaks their curiosity and allows the customer to see what you are all about by showcasing exactly what you are all about right in the window! I am sure that I’m not the only one who has seen sooo many trucks with tiny little windows and you wonder what is going on in there (cleanliness, staff etiquette, is my order being worked on, etc) and it's a bit of a turn-off to be left wondering. Another great benefit is the amount of natural light it lets in and makes the inside space feel HUGE! You also get a good field of view of the audience outside from almost anywhere on the truck.

Becoming more popular but you will still find yourself being one of the few if not the only one at a large food truck gathering with a flat screen TV mounted on the truck. This catches a lot of attention and you can use it to tell a story of your company, sell other services or products, branding, or run specials/daily deals. Some are mounted behind a piece of plexiglass that can always be seen from the outside of the truck but I always felt that was asking for an overnight break-in or theft. This is mounted in a unique way where you press a remote and electric rams lift the entire door up almost 180 and bring the TV up with it. Its final position is a great viewing angle both close and far and the awning above cuts down loads of glare. This is especially fun at early morning events, late events like movie sets you are catering or evening weddings (display bride and groom stuff for an upcharge or as part of your wedding package).

Another example of great features is a 20’ long big beautiful 200sf lateral arm motorized cassette awning to draw a crowd, reduce glare, and create a much better customer experience. This truck is also equipped with MISTING nozzles that line the front of the awning with an entirely separate tank, pump, and switch designated to that independent system–beat the heat with a flick of a switch–talk about grabbing some attention! Even with temperatures over 106F the fact that the fabric is black seems to have no bearing on additional temperature because it is high enough off the ground you cant feel the radiant heat off the fabric. The way it is mounted to the roofline is very on-purpose as well. These awnings come with 4 mounts, however, 4 additional were purchased to make 8 and custom fabricated 8 very long arm brackets to spread the load out across the roof ribs for ultimate strength against wind load twist and uplift. These brackets were also installed using commercial roofing products for weather sealing under screws and roof installations. Additionally, the distance the awning is mounted off the roof is intentional to allow some wind to escape below the spool so wind doesn't get trapped against the truck and awning and cause too much strain on the awning. This awning is also set back a bit so it doesn’t protrude beyond the sidewall of the truck which is usually the opposite of how most food truck awnings are haphazardly installed to the side wall making a wide truck even wider and subjecting it to get snagged on passing signs or trees. The combination of setback and height off roofline still allows for access of the manual override crank on the usually motorized awning in the event of a failure because it is never a bad idea to have a backup plan in place ahead of time! (see what I mean by all the small details throughout?)

A super practical feature that makes this truck very unique is a very comfortable height for the customer at both checkout and pickup (keep in mind the dynamics of picking up scalding hot coffee has always been a liability concern in tall standing coffee trucks is that you are over the customer’s head and could fumble a scalding beverage–this risk seems to be essentially solved by this pickup area layout. If you examine the “Pickup Here” area, there is a floating shelf where drinks are expedited from inside through a sliding door (only takes a split second) without having to squat down or even fully bend down. This limits operator fatigue and maximizes customer safety by placing the drink out ahead of the customer for them to grab just below eye level at just under an arm's length away and then set down at a comfortable countertop level just below to add fixin’s or lid, etc. No risk of a fumbling handoff or a drink resting on a narrow pop-up shelf outside the truck.

Then there are features that can’t be seen on the surface but make a big difference:

No wheel wells to trip on! I’ll say that again–there are no wheel well humps when you are inside the truck!! Usually impossible but not in this truck as the wheel wells were strategically dropped slightly and in addition, an ENTIRE new “false floor” aluminum framing and ¼” plate aluminum floor throughout was the foundation for this build and then the overkill heat seam fused textured flooring product installed over that. Another huge benefit of this “double floor” system is that it allowed it to be insulated between layers! Not only does it have pink rigid foam board insulation but it also has black sound deadening foam stuck on top of that insulation making for a slightly higher R-value than the insulation alone but more importantly an extremely quiet interior considering there is a massive generator right in your midst. You can easily carry on a conversation with a coworker in the truck without raising your voice–amazing!

It’s not just the floors that are insulated but the walls and ceilings as well!
Let’s talk about the WALL structure first. Most food trucks either have no insulation and are bare aluminum but even ones that are insulated usually are about a 1” thick wall assembly. If you look carefully at the outside of this truck, you will notice there are about 2x as many factory-style rivets as other similar trucks. That is because these entire side walls have been additionally studded with incredibly strong and THICK gauge stainless steel double hat channel ribs. These not only add an INCREDIBLE amount of strength to the wall, but they are 2” thick which allows 1” of insulation in the first channel and almost 1” thick plywood in the second channel which was then skinned in high quality stainless steel neatly bent and tucked between the exposed part of that vertical stainless hat track that you can see as the double shelf-slot looking posts along the stainless wall every 2 ft. What you see in the truck is only about 1.5” with functional bracket slots but the track is more like 5-6” stout where it rivets to the outer truck wall as it stair steps back–like was said–incredibly strong! This 2” wall configuration also allows for something you almost NEVER see in food trucks and that is NON-exposed electrical! That's right, take a closer look, there isn't conduit or mc or romex, or extension cord running all over the place. All nice and clean and run behind the wall or through the ceiling.

Speaking of the ceiling, it's similar to the floor…
Yup it's a double ceiling as well! Why is this beneficial? So many reasons! For one: after consulting a green building engineer, he told me that one of the best ways to create insulation value is to have an air-gap between surfaces of insulation and then aluminum facer then an air gap between next layer and living space. Well that's exactly what we have here. Top roof skin is made of aluminum supported by factory 2ft on center ribs. Below that is 1” of fiberglass insulation with an aluminum skin under that and the ribs. Then there is a 6-8” air-gap before c-channel steel framing that supports the strong plywood ceiling skinned in beautiful high quality stainless. This not only makes for incredible R-value and a truck that keeps heat out incredibly well even when A/C is not running but it also allows access for future modifications as needed. Vent covers and ceiling lights can be taken down for access in order to fish cables, plumbing, or new electrical runs through the ceiling to drop into walls, etc

This has to be one of the most intricate electrical systems ever built on a food truck with a full 200amp Eaton panel and dedicated circuits galore (almost everything being GFCI protected). This panel can either be livened up by simply clicking a button to fire up the generator OR by using a “shore power” plug and the auto-transfer switch will click over. This electrical job was not an afterthought but designed and executed by true professionals! Just try to get a quote for a licensed electrical contractor to do an install like this for you for less than $20-30k these days. This is wired like a commercial building–not residential–no plastic boxes, no romex.

There are even many many small examples that would have only been included because of the designer/builder’s years out-in-the-field experience. Little details that make a big difference such as:
A pre-plumbed-in backup water pump that is available at the flip of a switch if there was to ever be a breakdown (one is 12v and one 110v depending on situation so water pressure is available with generator on or off). Another example is a generator that draws cool air from under the truck but exhausts fumes out through the roof of the truck high above never to be smelled by customers.

Dual (31gal x 2 = 62gal) waste tank’s vent ports tie together in case one is full it can overflow into the other and both have the vent ports routed through a charcoal filter to eliminate odors expelled from the tank from spoiled milk, etc.

Water fill can be filled with gravity “jerry can” style jugs or via a hose with a full tank being indicated when indicator port starts spitting out water. (46 gallon tank)--usually can last you around $3k in beverage sales.

There are also several areas left as open floor space below the ansul and updraft fan for future expansion. This was done on purpose and the generator’s capacity is not even at 50% capacity with everything running full steam!! This means you could easily run an electric flattop griddle, induction cooktops, electric donut fryers, crepe or waffle maker, toaster and more! This could truly be the ultimate breakfast and coffee truck of all time.

This was built for a client where the deal didn't go as planned so it is now up for sale to someone who is going to get a tricked-out truck with many years of industry experience and thought poured into it and all that at a great price compared to building the same from scratch! It was also minimally branded yet so you won’t incur the $Thousands for having a full wrap removed and adhesives removed, etc. Paint is in like-new condition. Ready for your brand and colors!

If you have made it this far into the description I would assume you are a serious person that does their homework for the best possible investment - I believe you have found it here. I have included such intricate details so you can begin to understand the hundreds of thousands of dollars that went into this truck. Not cutting corners adds extreme value. To give even further assurance that this is a great product, I will offer phone assistance for the first 3 months following the sale. Having a personal hand in this build process would likely allow me to fairly easily diagnose and troubleshoot over the phone to aid in getting you back on the road and making money! (UsedVending: Note this assistance is only if applicable at time of sale.)

Food Grade Interior from floor to ceiling! 20 Foot Interior Length, 89 Inch Interior Width, 77 Inch Interior Height, Stainless Steel Finishes Everywhere! Non Slip Professional Grade Restaurant Floor Extending 5.5 Inches Up Walls, 100 Inch Long By 29.5 Inch Deep stainless Counter Top With 4 Interior Drawers hide generator from inside. 32x60 1.5” thick butcher block countertop (where espresso machine sits) and a 25x80 1.5” butcher block countertop (over pickup window). 20+ GFCI Interior Outlets, 3x 30 Amp Interior Outlets, 2 Roof Mounted Dometic Atwood Air Command Air Conditioner Units, 3 Roof Top Vents, 125lb sliding lid mobile ice bin with integrated drain for melt water. Bunn Dual head 1.5 gallon brewer and hot water tap. 24” undercounter snatch fridge. 3 compartment sink with professional style spring pre-rinse sprayer, separate hand wash sink with side splash guards, paper towel and soap dispenser, hot water heater, 1x speed controlled Roof Top Upblast Ventilator (ready for hood if necessary for your application),

Ansul R-102 Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System (JUST INSPECTED AND PASSED), 70/30 Full Width Rear Swing Doors With Integrated “Exit” Man Door, Cab Swing Doors, Automatic Closing Swing Door Between Cab And Kitchen, Exterior LED Lighting, Exterior GFCI Outlets, Deep Sea Electronics DSE 2510 Generator Controller, CK Power Kohler Diesel Generator, Ford Triton 6.8L V10 Gasoline Engine, Automatic Transmission, Backup Camera And Monitor, Cab Air Conditioning (not common among food trucks) (Blows Cold), Cruise Control (not common among food trucks), cab 12v Fan, Radio, Fold Up Desk With Storage Compartment, 22,000 GVWR, 8,000 Pound Front Axle, 15,000 Pound Rear Axle, 14,500 original miles, 1353 Generator Hours. Under CDL. LIKE NEW truck CLEAN underneath!

Seller's breakdown of build cost:
(**Run through line items and pictures and see how quickly it would add up to try to replicate this build so you can see what a great value the asking price is**)

(**FOR EXAMPLE just to show what scratching the surface looks like: empty truck $60k (current value) + 45k generator (new value but not showing super expensive custom install intricacies as described above) +electrical install 25k + all food truck concession windows and doors purchased and installed $20k. Cost of fabricating special roof brackets, awning purchase, assembly and installation over $6k + blue seamless non-slip flooring $4k (not including dropping wheel well and framing/all the fabrication of the full double floor welded tubing and ¼” plate aluminum (15k+) and insulating and soundproofing between layers + over 22 sheets of stainless steel used on walls, ceiling, and bulkhead build at a current price of $369/sheet =over $8k just material-only cost + 2 rooftop air conditioners over $2k plus install + over $20k in the espresso bar area equipment + $5k in refrigeration …
**You’re already at $210,000 w/ SO many costs, installations & fabrication labor left out of the picture still***
*While this includes SOME labor and fabrication costs such as awning, floor, and electrical, the majority are not mentioned here such as framing walls and ceilings, furnishing and installing 3 compartment sink, handwash sink, water heater, plumbing, etc, furnishing and installing/pnumatic solid riveting all the stainless vertical double hat channel every 2 feet on entire truck walls and REPAINTING entire truck after, cost of all stainless and plywood work, assembling structures walls ceiling, building bulkhead wall, building pickup window area and trimming out, custom aluminum frames that support espresso bar and pickup window, tv and mount, lighting, electric actuator rams to lift door, entire tank, pump and mister system, building infrastructure to support espresso equipment (pumps, tanks, water and waste lines, valves, mounting, securing equipment to countertop through custom measures).

There is money you wouldn’t even think about like over the place–example almost $2,000 in plywood material cost behind walls and ceiling, the underbody tank and bracket installs and plumbing ($Thousands), $1200 POS system, roof mounted billboard style lighting on rear and driver side, $thousands in fasteners, brackets, spent blades, bits, and welding consumables, small custom fabrication items$$, 12v wiring and fuse blocks/switches, designing/engineering hours$$$, transport to various shops, skilled LABOR $$$.

Menu ideas for this gorgeous unit:
Coffee, espresso, lattes, bottled drinks, pastries, etc (could easily add electric cooking equipment!!) LESS THAN 1/2 of the generator capacity is being used so plenty leftover for electric 220v flattops, ovens, omlette bar, hot or cold holding, electric robotic donut fryer, or other compatible items.

Seller notes: This is a like new truck; we are the 2nd owner, who bought and built into a food truck with tanks, pumps, equipment, etc with almost no use on it--in like new condition!
We had a deal fall through with a major company that this unit was supposed to be stationed at and no longer have a need for it (it was built for that gig which never came to fruition).
Build just finished up a few weeks ago! Unbelievable quality and astonishing overkill details for a food truck! (8/16/22.)

This coffee truck is truly a must-see. Dial our number to learn more about this beauty.


  • Truck Specifications

  • VEHICLE Year of Manufacture: 2018
  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Model: F59 Custom 29' Coffee and Beverage Truck
  • Length: 29'
  • How many Miles on the body?: 14,000 miles
  • How many Miles on the engine?: 14,000 miles
  • What Year was Kitchen Installed: 2022
  • Kitchen equipment runs on: ELECTRICITY

Equipment List

  • Vehicle Features

  • Air Conditioning: Front Cab as well as Dual (2x) rear 15k btu each
  • Concession Window(s): 3-4x (qty2: 65x40"), (qty 1: 80x35), (14x14 for c.c. terminal)
  • Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Wall Covers
  • Insulated Walls: Stainless over real plywood over channel stainless w/ 1" foam bd
  • Floor Drains: 1 center of truck and right underneath ice bin to catch melt h2o
  • Awning: 20x10
  • Diamond Plated Aluminum Flooring: Even better (see description)
  • Exterior Customer Counter: Built into side of truck for an incredible comfort experience
  • Backup Camera
  • Equipment Power Supply

  • Generator: 42KW California Tier4 Clean Diesel Generator.
  • Refrigeration

  • Reach-In Upright Cooler: True undercounter snatch fridge 24"w
  • Refrigerator: 60"w 8-9x 5 gallon keg capacity!
  • Cooking Equipment

  • Food Warmer: APW Wyott
  • Food Service Equipment

  • Ice Bin: 125lb brand new
  • Coffee Machine: Curtis Dual 1.5 gallon brewer w/ shuttles on stands
  • Espresso Machine: La Marzocco GB5 AV volumetric 2 group custom powdercoated white
  • Commercial Blender / Juicer: Blendtec 13
  • Kitchen Equipment

  • Exhaust Fan
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Pro Fire Suppression System: Ansul
  • Work Table
  • Electrical

  • Exterior Lighting: Awning has under lighting
  • Interior Lighting: LED lighting througout
  • Electrical Outlets: OVER 20! 110v and 220v
  • Breaker Panel: 200 AMP! Epic
  • Plumbing

  • Hot Water Heater: 4 gallons
  • Hand-washing Sink
  • Triple Sink
  • Fresh Water Tank: 46 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank: 62 gallons
  • Retail Equipment

  • Sound System
  • Cash Register: Square compatible
  • POS System: Square Terminal
  • TV: 50" UHD 4K Hinsee
  • TV/DVD
  • Other Equipment

  • Electrical Outlets: Flush mounted outlets all commercial code style metal box, mc,
  • Water Tank: ADDITIONAL water tank and separate pump for cooling MISTERS!
  • Transmission - Automatic
  • Extra Concession Windows
  • Gas Engine: Truck engine is gas
  • Diesel Engine: Generator engine is Diesel
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Premium Brakes: Heavy duty brakes (22k gvwr truck model)
  • Back-up Alarm: Can be added upon request of buyer
  • Exterior Work Lights: Driver's side and rear "billboard" style lights to light ad/wrap
  • Additional Equipment

  • Mahlkonig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder
  • Bulk coffee grinder Bunn/Grindmaster
  • Glass beverage fridge
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