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All-Purpose Food Trucks for Sale in Mississippi

3 All-Purpose Food Trucks for sale in Mississippi - New & used food trucks for all styles & purposes! Our zip code search is amazing for finding all kinds of food truck deals near you, but our MeFirst Alerts keep you informed even if you can't always check the new items that arrive daily in Mississippi! You won't believe our amazing support team that helps you find the perfect food truck to fit your budget and style! We walk you through the deal in a safe manner to make sure you're satisfied and are getting the right questions answered.

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Well-Maintained Ford Food Truck w/ a Trailer in Excellent Working Condition for Sale in Mississippi!

Item No: MS-T-059G2

This dynamic duo is ready to take you to your destination - SUCCESS. Here is a 1992 Ford Food Truck with the 6' x 12' trailer included for additional storage and sales. Call us now for more info!
in Mississippi 


Fully Loaded 2000 33' GMC Food Truck / Mobile Kitchen Working Magnificently for Sale in Mississippi!

Item No: MS-T-735F2

Let your passion for cooking drive you to success with the help of this fully loaded 2000 33' GMC Food Truck. It runs and drives great and is ready to make you money! See below for its complete specs.
in Mississippi 


GMC Food Truck for Sale in Mississippi!!!

Item No: MS-T-666D2

Cook on the move! Start an awesome mobile cooking business with this 1993 model GMC P3500 food truck that is featuring an equipped 2018 build kitchen inside! See more details below.
in Mississippi 

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Customer Experiences
  • It was too easy and I walked away from the deal with my asking price.

    The Used Vending team was awesome to work with. Their communication and updates throughout the process was exceptional. They paired me up with a buyer all the way across the country and the transaction went very smooth. I would advise anyone looking to buy or sell a unit to consider using them. It was too easy and I walked away from the deal with my asking price. Thanks Used Vending.. Cheers!
    Nathan Thomas,
    Dallas, TX

  • ...a safe and responsible place to do your business
    4 Mega Vending is a solid and responsive company. When our company was looking for a low cost solution for replacing our old soda machine I found 4 Mega Vending.

    It is always a risk to buy something like this without knowing the company you are working with. I took a chance and found that they are quick acting and customer service oriented. Iíve worked with April Hurd since 2006 and she has always answered my questions and requests. It is a welcome relief from the revolving door of customer service representatives at other companies.

    I recommend 4 Mega Vending as a safe and responsible place to do your business.

    Honolulu, Hawaii
  • UsedVending is great, Melissa was very helpful and supportive.
    UsedVending is great, Melissa was very helpful and supportive. she very patient with me and soooooo helpful. I cant say enough about her, she so good, her attitude her cheerfulness, on the phone. and she stuck with me through he whole process. Melissa I can't thank you enough. 

    Jimmy Colon 
    Wayne, NJ
  • My experience with was the best
    My experience with was the best. All information regarding the sale was clear and concise and April was extremely informative and easy to work with. I will only use usedvending in the future and will only recomend them to get the job done. Thank you!!!
    I am happy that some companies still believe in excellent customer service.

    Satisfied customer,
    Miami, Florida
  • I would definitely do business with this company again
    April with worked very hard to help us sell our machines. She regularly checked in to ask if the machines were still for sale, and although it took awhile, she paired us with the perfect buyer. The transaction was smooth and simple.
    I would definitely do business with this company again.

    One Satisfied Customer
    Columbus, Mississippi



  • I don't know who to send this to, but I want someone to see it and let them know how happy I am.

    I don't know who to send this to, but I want someone to see it and let them know how happy I am. I've been a personal bodyguard and a club cooler for well a long time I started when I was 17 and at 45 still doing it. Not to long ago me and my wife wanted to spend more time together and enjoy life without the constant potential danger of the job I have been doing for so many years.  First we thought of a franchise restaurant.  Then a food truck. But decided franchise would still be working for someone else and who knows if it would be what we wanted to do cause even though the job I have might be dangerous we still have alot of free time didn't want to spend even more time behind a counter for not as much money as what we are making already. So decided against that. Then the food truck idea was better but it would be limited of what and where you could park and setup at. Thats when the thoughts of dirty construction sights and vacant parking lots just didn't sit right. 

    Then one day my wife happened upon the idea of a concession trailer. And instantly I knew that it would be the perfect adventure. Because the sky's the limit.  All the stuff we could do and sights we could see and be making us money at the same time. Every body likes the fair and the food. But why stop there you could travel with the fairs are concerts are feativals. Are you could do what we are going to do and that is the trades days and flea markets swap meets and festivals. As far as the trades days there is a huge one every first monday which is that Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday before the first Monday of every month in canton texas thousands and thousands of people attend. Then the second third and fourth Mondays of the month there are trade days in Longview marshall and Mckinney texas. That is so much money guranteed. And would only be working the weekends during the day. And wouldn't be necessary to do all four. Cause even if you just sold snacks you are probably looking at 5000 to 6000 a weekend easy.But the hard part is finding the right trailer. Has to be quick so money can be made. But you have to find the right one for your needs and the money you have to spend. Well my wife worked magic and found a perfect trailer in everyway.

    She emailed Mr. Bradley and that night I did too, not even realizing that we did.  But no matter, we was promptly and very professional answered back. Bradley was so nice and understanding with every step he didn't mind that we had to text alot. At all different times of day and night he was always quick to respond and help us. He was able to get the trailer cheaper for us than the asking price. So cool.  He was there for us in perfect outstanding service.  He made the deal go by so much quicker than expected. All at one time we had a garage built bought a new truck and paid cash for all of it. So when we had to wait a week to have all the cash for the trailer. Even after all the  work Mr Bradley did he still kept in touch and did everything perfectly till we got back in touch with him and got the trailer he really did simplify and make it so easy to get our dream started I will send everyone to Bradley and will be doing more business with him soon.  He is a very valuable asset to yalls company. A damn fine job he does. Thank you again Bradley.

    Roger Tate,
    Tyler, TX

  • A simple and streamlined process
    Courteous and Knowledgeable.

    April sets the standards of customer service other business could use as a model. A simple and streamlined process for acquiring vending equipment enabled by a polite and confident staff.

    I am currently acquiring more equipment using their services, and will continue to do so in the future. I personally wouldn't consider taking chances with any other service. More than just a brokerage, they're your full-service partners in the business.

    Thank you for all your help!

  • sold those for a price I was looking for

    Working with was a great experience to sell my 5 machines. It was taking up so much space at the house and sold those for a price I was looking for and made my life a bless.
    Alexandria, VA

  • I will definitely use 4-Mega Vending in the future
    4-Mega Vending is great! I had the pleasure of working with Melanie Lee. She helped me find a wonderful Vendor who was matched perfectly with the needs of my company. I will definitely use 4-Mega Vending in the future and will definitely recommend it to my friends.

    Allentown, Pennsylvania
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