Top 5 Best International Sleeper Trucks

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In the United States, the top semi-truck brands are Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo. Freightliner, Kenworth, and Peterbilt have the most numbers of loyal followers. Yet, International and Volvo trucks have high marks for many drivers globally. Among these semi-trucks, the International Trucks brand shows off both good looks and quality performance. Their semi-trucks have clean and powerful designs built to last.

Navistar International Corporation owns International Trucks. It is an American holding company specializing in the manufacture of OEM parts and services for light, medium, heavy, and severe duty trucks. Based in Illinois, it holds 11% of the market share among commercial trucks in the United States. They are best known for their sleeper trucks configurations. 

Below are the top 5 sleeper trucks manufactured by International.

5 Best International Sleeper Trucks

International HX Sleeper Trucks

A severe-duty sleeper truck, the International HX series has an impressive frame rail strength that is ready for any hauling needs. Made of durable and easy-to-repair tough steel, it is corrosion-resistant. Such a heat-treated alloy steel frame makes it ideal for mixer configurations. No rust is a must for the International HX Sleeper Trucks. They are also the lightest and quietest sleeper trucks you can buy in the North American market. 

The International HX Sleeper Trucks come with a dynamic range of OEM lift axles. Their axle system can be a 6×4 or 8×6 and can haul loads of up to 92,000 pounds. With a unique air-assisted hydraulic clutch, HX Sleeper trucks are powered by two engine options: the International A26 and Cummins X15. The International A26 is ideal for vocational applications as it produces a power of up to 515 hp and a torque of up to 1,850 lb.-ft. The Cummins X15 delivers relentless heavy-duty performance at a power of 605 hp and a torque of 2,050 lb.-ft.

As a premium sleeper truck, the HX series comes with a 56” low or a 73” high sleeper cabs with a Diamond Elite interior. It provides the best-in-class comfort, seating, and support among truck drivers. It boasts relaxing beds and seats and spacious storage space, making it a mobile home for long-haul drivers.

International Lonestar Sleeper Trucks

The International Lonestar Sleeper truck comes with legendary styling and unparalleled performance for heavy and long hauls, regional transports of goods, and specialized deliveries. An optimized drive train improves its fuel efficiency by 3%. This sleeper truck is ideal as a cattle hauler or hazmat carrier. 

Lonestar offers 4 sleeper truck configurations such as 56” low rise, 56” high rise, 73” high rise, and 73” sky-rise sleeper cabs. With a premium gauge cluster, truck drivers of the Lonestar series can easily view the key alerts without distraction. It has a large bumper grill, extended classic hood, and chrome external air filters. What makes the International Lonestar Sleeper truck unique is its vertically mounted hood. 

International Lonestar Sleeper trucks are powered by a Cummins X15 engine with 400 to 605 hp and 1,450 to 2,050 lb.-ft. torque. It has a 6×4 axle configuration that can haul loads from 90,000 pounds to 140,000 pounds. Its heat-treated alloy steel is a BBC that extends up to 132” and has a wheelbase of 167 to 280 inches.

International LT Sleeper Trucks

For long hauls, International Trucks boat of the LT Series of sleeper trucks. It is both a business-centric and driver-centric sleeper truck. With enhanced visibility, intuitive controls, and a quiet cab, the LT series is perfect for intermodal, local, and long-haul transport services. 

Just like the Lonestar, the International LT Sleeper trucks come in 4 sleeper cab configurations – 56” low rise, 56” high rise, 73” high rise, and 73” sky-rise. It has a Diamond trim interior with bright door handles and wood grain accents. It has a re-engineered HVAC system with reliable wiring and remote diagnostics. With an OnCommand Connection, fleet managers can monitor the sleeper’s health check remotely. The LT series also use long-lasting LED lights and polycarbonate lenses for better night vision and resistance impact. 

The International LT Sleeper trucks are powered by either an International A26 or Cummins X15 engines. The International A26 produces a power of 400 to 515 hp and a torque of 1,450 to 1,850 lb.-ft. While the Cummins X15 produces a power of 400 to 565 hp and a torque of 1,450 to 2,050 lb.-ft. These sleeper trucks also come in 3 axle systems – 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4. All these axle systems can haul loads from 32,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds.

International Prostar Sleeper Trucks

If you have more miles to go at a limited fuel budget, the International Prostar Sleeper Trucks are the perfect answer for your needs. They are ideal for heavy haul, local delivery, long haul delivery, and tankers. It boasts of a 700 pounds weight reduction making it more fuel-efficient than any other type of sleeper truck in the market. 

The International Prostar has 3 customized interior options. These are:

  • Deluxe trim with cab sound insulation, double cup holders, double visors, molded plastic trim, rubber flooring, soft vinyl seating, etc.
  • Eagle trim with bright handle door trim, four moveable visors, extra storage, removable carpet inserts, woodgrain accents, etc. 
  • Premium trim with cab sound insulation, dual moveable visors, reading lights and speakers in the overhead console, etc. 

What makes it unique among other sleeper trucks is its predictive cruising control. Prostar anticipates changes in the road grades and automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to improve fuel economy and safe driving

It is powered by a Cummins X15 engine with 400 to 605 hp and a torque of 1,450 to 2,050 lb.-ft. The cab can haul anywhere from 32,000 pounds to 140,000 pounds under 4 different axle systems. There may be a 4×2 or 6×4 axle system in a 113 inches BBC and a 4×2 or 6×4 axle system in a 122 inches BBC.

International RH Sleeper Trucks

If you need to navigate the city for local delivery, regional haul, and tanker services, the International RH Sleeper trucks answer your needs. It boasts exceptional maneuverability with a curb turning radius of 27 feet and 10 inches. 

The International RH Series can be configured as a 56 inches low rise or high-rise sleeper cab. It was designed with the driver’s safety and visibility in mind. With repositioned cab mirrors and trimmed doors, it reduces vision-related accidents. Its premium gauge cluster can be customized up to 15 digital gauges. 

The International RH Sleeper trucks are powered by an International A26 engine with a 12.4-liter displacement, 400 to 515 hp, and 1,450 to 1,850 lb.-ft. torque. It comes in a 113 inches BBC under a 4×2, 6×2, or 6×4 axle system. 

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