Witty Food Truck Name Ideas That Will Get Customers Lining Up

witty food truck names on a food fair

As a food entrepreneur, naming your business is a critical and important step. It can make or break your food business. Sorting out potential names can be a long and tedious process. As the options can be overwhelming, there are several things you can do to narrow the potential fields down. This can help you choose a lot easier. 

After finding the perfect name for your food truck business, you will need to register it under the State Division of Corporations and the local government of the city or county as well. This is done for tax purposes and to run your business in a legal way.

Creating a Name for Your Food Truck Business

Here are some helpful tips on how to create a name for your food truck business.

1. Choose a descriptive name

Making the name of your food truck descriptive can help potential customers immediately know the type of food you offer. Research shows that businesses with names identifying their products and services are more successful than businesses with non-descriptive names. 

A good name for your food business should highlight the type of food you offer and what customers can expect from your truck. It is a branding essential and makes your food truck memorable. If you are selling pizza, announce it loud and clear. If you will offer gourmet burgers, pinpoint your niche through the name of your food truck business. If you will sell salads, incorporate something relevant to the title of your niche. 

2. Keep the description general for future expansion

Another tip when creating a name for your food truck is to keep the description general. This is to allow expansion of your menu in the future. For example, a general description you can use is “Korean food.” If you are thinking of expanding a Korean barbecue food truck to more Korean food offerings, avoid naming it as a Korean BBQ food truck. This is unless you want to specialize in such a food niche. 

3. Strategize in making a great name for your food truck business

There are 4 strategies you can follow to come up with a great food truck name. 

  • First, you can clarify your specialty on the name. This is by naming the kind of cuisine you will offer. 
  • Second, you are the boss and should be proud of your legacy. You may consider including your name in your food truck’s name. 
  • Third, you can also mention your signature dish. It can help people identify your brand and expertise. 
  • Fourth, you can represent your hometown as you will be traveling. Most people patronize small businesses that offer a unique dish from a locality as they promote a diverse and inclusive culture.

4. Think of the name in visuals

Typically, the name of your food business will appear on the side of your truck. If you think of it as visually appealing, it should be short and sweet. Think of how it will be printed on marketing materials. They should be both legible and memorable for your potential clients. 

5. Write a shortlist to help you decide the name of your business

Naming your food truck takes time. While doing steps 1 to 4, see to it that you write a shortlist of the name you come up with for each step. Use this shortlist to filter and rank the names you have listed. In the end, choose the name that you feel is perfect for your food truck. The name should keep you inspired enough to keep the business going.

Best Food Truck Name Ideas

The top 10 best food trucks in America became successful after serving burgers, coffee, cupcakes, deli, fries, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, seafood, and tacos. Based on these categories, here are some unique and inspiring food truck name ideas that will surely attract a hungry crowd.

For Burger Food Trucks

  • Badass Burgers
  • Beast Burger
  • Bite Sized Burgers
  • Burger Bird
  • Burger Bus
  • Cheeseburglar
  • Extreme Burger
  • Gourmet Burgers
  • Juicy Burgers
  • Jumping Jack’s Burger
  • Monster Bun
  • Mouth-size Burgers
  • Sir Burger
  • Sin Burger
  • The Burger Spot

For Coffee Food Trucks

  • After Coffee
  • Bean Drinking?
  • Coffee Wagon
  • Coffee Vaccine
  • Date a Coffee
  • Dracula’s Cup
  • Espresso Lane
  • Grind and Sip
  • Java the Truck
  • Liquid Hug
  • Magic Beanstalk
  • Mocha Motion
  • Mug Shot
  • Parking Latte
  • Room with a Brew
  • The Coffee Cart
  • Your Blackness
  • Your Darkness

For Cupcake Food Trucks

  • Bliss Bakery
  • Butter Sweet Cupcakes
  • California Cupcakes
  • Cup and Cakes
  • Cupcake Amore
  • Cupcake Lounge
  • Cupcake Shack
  • Cupcakes on the Go
  • Cupcakes for Real Men
  • Delightful Desserts
  • Follow the Crumbs
  • Frosted Tops
  • Healthy Cupcakes
  • Mobile Sweets Shop
  • Rolling Bakery
  • The Royal Cupcakery

For Deli Food Trucks

  • Charming Chews
  • Charming Deli
  • Deli Goods
  • Devilishly Delish
  • Divine Bites
  • Fancy Nosh
  • Heavenly Deli
  • Kosher Counter
  • Moreish Morsels
  • My Fine Foodstuff

For Fries Food Trucks

  • Beer and Fries
  • Freedom Fries
  • French Fry or Die
  • Frenchie’s French Fries
  • Frenzy Food Truck
  • Fries Empire
  • Golden Potatoes
  • Holy Fries
  • Hot Potatoes
  • Proud Potatoes
  • Tater Treats
  • The Fries is Right!
  • The Fryer’s Club
  • The Nobel Fries
  • Wacky Wedges

For Pizza Food Trucks

  • Cheesy Crust
  • Cheese Avalanche
  • Cheese Pull
  • Colossal Crust
  • Custom Pizza
  • Oven on the Run
  • Pizza on Wheels
  • Pizza Pals
  • Pizza Parade
  • Pizza God
  • Rocky Mountain Pizza
  • Slice as Nice
  • The Gaping Pie
  • Yas Pizza!

For Salad Food Trucks

  • Earthy Treat
  • Green Salad
  • Healthy Cheat
  • Honeyed Greens
  • Leafy Greens
  • Salad Club 
  • Salad Plates
  • Salad Queen
  • Salad Shack
  • Signature Salad
  • Tossed Greens
  • Veggie Brunch
  • Veggie Heaven 

For Sandwiches Food Trucks

  • Brave Little Toaster
  • Club Sandwich 
  • Easy Bite
  • Flying Breads
  • Generous Sandwich
  • Munch Mobile
  • Pocket Sandwich
  • President Sandwich
  • Roaming Sandwiches
  • Sandwichcraft
  • Sandwich Queen
  • Sandwich Shack
  • Signature Sandwiches
  • Two Slice of Bread

For Seafood Food Trucks

  • Aqua Grill
  • Aquameal
  • Fishermen’s Catch
  • Fisherman’s Wife
  • Fishy Business
  • Hot Crabberia
  • Lobster Cove
  • Meet the Sea
  • Off Shore Eatery
  • Rock Lobster 
  • Seafood Boat
  • Shrimp Truck
  • Tasty Catch

For Taco Food Trucks

  • Crunchy Tacos
  • Fired Up Taco Truck
  • Flying Fish Tacos
  • Guerilla Tacos
  • Let’s Taco Bout It
  • Macho Tacos
  • Los Famosos Tacos
  • Taco Amigos
  • TacocaT
  • Tacos Before Bros
  • Taco Trailer
  • Taco Travelers
  • Tasty Taquitos
  • Where the Tacos Are
  • Wicked Tacos

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