fruit juices being served from a food truck

The Beginner’s Guide: How Do Food Trucks Get Water?

Food trucks are a revolutionary way to offer gourmet food to American communities. They serve farm-to-table menus, such as fresh salmon that tastes better than frozen fish and newly harvested vegetables that go well with healthy sandwiches and organic salads. Yet, the deliciousness and freshness of these entrees somehow depends […]

pizza food truck server cuts slices of pizza on the counter of a food truck

10 Mouthwatering Ideas for Your Pizza Food Truck Menu

What is America’s staple food? Most Americans will answer “pizza.” Such a truth is very obvious as Americans eat an average of 100 acres of pizzas every single day.  Between 1880 and 1920, there were 4 million Italians who migrated to the United States. They brought with them their pizza-making skills and […]

chefs in protective masks and gloves prepare food in a ghost kitchen

Ghost Kitchens: What Every Food Truck Owner Should Know

In 2020, takeout and delivery restaurants are suddenly everywhere. Most food trucks and restaurants have transformed. They are no longer merely enjoying food while relaxing and sitting. Instead, they transformed into ghost kitchens offering a wide array of food menus for delivery.  Ghost kitchens are not new. They have been […]

polite african-american woman food truck employee giving two sandwiches to a beardy caucasian male customer

Buying Guide: New VS Used Food Trucks

Buying a food truck is challenging, costly, and time-consuming. The challenge lies in your ability to determine the right type of truck that is perfect for your business. You will also need to canvass prices to get the best offer and save. These processes would all take time and involve […]

tourists buying ice cream from an ice cream van

Top 12 Highly Addictive Ice Cream Truck Menu Ideas

Among a variety of cold treats, ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. Such frozen goodies conjure multiple thoughts. It reminds us of childhood dreams and party memories. During a hot summer night, it speaks of calories with a sense of indulgence.  The global market value of the ice cream […]

ordering online using an online food delivery app

How to Enable Online Ordering Options for Your Food Truck

Times have changed and so are people too. Technology has no doubt transformed and brought the world into new dimensions. The marketplace became a highly competitive landscape. Among food trucks, business doesn’t stop on mobility. Their success highly depends on online discovery. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer behavior shifted. From […]