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To a kid, ice cream trucks are happiness. They represent summer, freedom, and joy. Unless you're my friend Pedro. His mother told him that the only time the ice cream truck played the music was when they were OUT of ice cream. How horrible!, however, is NEVER out of used ice cream trucks! They're one of the most popular types of food trucks in the industry, even still. Packed with all of the equipment you'll need to bring 1000 smiles this summer, we can get you rolling down the Rocky Road.

And they come in lots of shapes and sizes. Everything for sale is unique at
Used Ice Cream Trucks for Sale
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Used Ice Cream Trucks for Sale

Ice cream truck features and options include:

Freezers for storing ice cream products Flat-screen HD Menu Boards Wifi for online transactions and customers Onboard sound system for jingles Counter tops for product prep Point-of-sale systems for cash-handling

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Used Ice Cream Trucks for Sale
Used Ice Cream Trucks for Sale
Even the little ones are a hit! And ice cream trucks can do well year-round if you have an impressive product offering. So make sure before you launch you think about your fall and winter selections, so you're not left out in the cold. To see our full line of used ice cream trucks, click the button below. Shop Now
Used Ice Cream Trucks for Sale