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New & used food trucks for all styles & purposes! Our zip code search is amazing for finding all kinds of food truck deals near you, but our MeFirst Alerts keep you informed even if you can't always check the new items that arrive daily! You won't believe our amazing support team that helps you find the perfect food truck to fit your budget and style! We walk you through the deal in a safe manner to make sure you're satisfied and are getting the right questions answered.

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Was: $47,850
Save $110 (0% off)

Gorgeous 2001 26' Diesel Freightliner MT45 Food Truck w/ 2019 Kitchen Build-Out for Sale in Indiana!

Item No: IN-T-471F2

Take advantage of this sparkling unit and be your own Boss! A 2001 26’ Diesel Freightliner Mt 45 that runs on an automatic transmission comes with fully functional kitchen equipment that are all in great working order. Kitchen installed 2019. Truck is 26' total; 18' kitchen. See below for more info.
in Indiana


Fully Functional Diesel GMC Food Truck/Mobile Kitchen Unit for Sale in Virginia!

Item No: VA-T-520F2

Dreams don't work unless you do! Start it with this 1997 GMC food truck that comes with fully functional kitchen equipment. Call us now to inquire!
 .in Virginia 


2006 Ford E350 Food Truck w/ Hotdog & Shaved Ice Equipment for Sale in Alabama!

Item No: AL-T-513F2

Seek no more as the perfect unit for your mobile food business is here! A 2006 Ford E350 all-purpose food truck that is in very good running condition with good tires, brakes and cooling. Comes with a hot dog and shaved ice equipment but has lots of room to add any equipment of your choice. See below for more details.
 .in Alabama 


Very Versatile & Clean Food Truck / Used Kitchen Truck for Sale in Alabama!

Item No: AL-T-507F2

Turn your "dream state" into "reality state" with this all-purpose food truck that comes with basic kitchen equipment ready to make you money! Call us now for more info!
 .in Alabama 


Ford 35c Food Truck/Mobile Kitchen w/ Pro Fire Suppression for Sale in Arizona!

Item No: AZ-T-498F2

Convert your dreams into reality with this 1982 Ford 35c Food Truck. Comes with fully functional kitchen equipment and a kitchen that was built in 2008. Call now to more!
 .in Arizona 

Was: $88,000
Save $550 (0% off)

Used 1993 26' U-Haul GMC TOP PICK Food Truck with Restroom for Sale in Alabama!

Item No: AL-T-495F2

Let your passion take you to the success that you've been dreaming of with this 1993 GMC TOP PICK food truck. This drivable 26' U-haul converted to a restaurant on wheels runs on an automatic engine and has driven 160k miles. Another plus feature of this unit is having its own restroom. See below for complete specs!
in Alabama

Was: $41,800
Save $5,500 (13% off)

Fully Operational 1998 Chevrolet P30 Stepvan Food Truck for Sale in New York!

Item No: NY-T-494F2

Start the engine of your success with this 1998 Chevy P30 Stepvan multi-purpose food truck. Fully operational with a 2014 kitchen built-out and equipment that are all in excellent condition. This unit has been used for 5 years by its original owner. Call us now to more!
in New York


Gorgeous 2003 Freightliner MT45 Utilimaster Diesel Food Truck for Sale in Texas!

Item No: TX-T-502F2

Feed your hunger for success with this head-turning 2003 Freightliner MT45 Utilimaster Diesel food truck. This unit is about 3 years old and has pretty much everything you would need to start making money! See below for complete info.
 .in Texas 


2010 - 26' Freightliner Mobile Kitchen Conversion for Sale in Texas!

Item No: TX-T-382F2

This off-road 8' x 26' food truck is a 2010 Freightliner School Bus that was custom built in Spring 2019 to serve a wide variety of food. It is a 1st off-road food truck of its kind. This deluxe Monster Bus is a cutting edge mobile culinary and entertainment experience. This is a brand new fully equipped mobile kitchen food truck, beautifully crafted, very clean. It comes with a brand new high quality and premium equipment/appliances installed inside. Vehicle mileage is 123,000 and the standing height inside of the unit is 12.8'. See below for complete specs.
 .in Texas 


Used GMC P32 Food Truck Lonchera with Eye-Catching Exterior for Sale in Texas!

Item No: TX-T-462F2

Enter the world of mobile food business with this 1995 GMC P32 food truck. Includes a new motor with about 35k miles on it and fully functional kitchen equipment. Call us now to learn more!
 .in Texas 


Newly Painted 2003 E450 Super Duty Food Truck for Sale in Pennsylvania!

Item No: PA-T-463F2

Prepare to start an awesome career in your dream food business with this 2003 E450 super duty food truck that is ready to roll! Loaded with fully functional kitchen equipment and has driven 149,259 miles. New paint job decals are removable. See below for complete specs!
 .in Pennsylvania 

Was: $99,000
Save $11,000 (11% off)

1997 Chevrolet Workhorse P30 Food Truck for Sale in Connecticut - Nice Exterior!

Item No: CT-T-418F2

Get started with your travelling food business adventure with this gorgeous 1997 Chevy Workhorse P30 food truck. This unit is in mint condition with a newly rebuilt transmission with just 1k miles on it. 104,407 mileage on the original engine. See below for its complete specs!
in Connecticut

Know When Prices Drop
Was: $66,000
Save $8,800 (13% off)

2000 Used Chevy V8 P30 Food Truck Mobile Kitchen for Sale in Illinois Loaded!

Item No: IL-T-458F2

Customers will be absolutely drawn by your cooking with this 2000 Chevy V8 P30 food truck! This unit runs on a gas engine with an automatic transmission. Everything has been NSF approved and in excellent working condition. See below for more info.
in Illinois


1994 Chevrolet P30 Automatic Diesel Engine Food Truck for Sale in Massachusetts!

Item No: MA-T-437F2

Let this 1994 Chevrolet P30 multi-purpose food truck help you earn great success with your dream mobile food business. It has driven 114k miles with its automatic transmission diesel engine. Call now for more info!
 .in Massachusetts 

Was: $107,800
Save $25,300 (23% off)

Well-Kept 1990 International Stepvan Turnkey Food Truck for Sale in Maine!

Item No: ME-T-420F2

Take a look at this 1990 International Stepvan busy turnkey food truck. This is an ACTIVE and BUSY food truck looking for someone to take over for 2020 and start booking ASAP! Open through October 12, 2019 and have requests coming in for 2020 events now! Standing height inside of the unit is 7' with a kitchen built in 2014. See below for more details.
in Maine


2006 14' Freightliner Automatic Diesel Stepvan Food Truck for Sale in New York!

Item No: NY-T-428F2

Get ready to roll with this 2006 14' Freightliner step van food truck that's running on a diesel engine and has a beautiful wrap! The kitchen was added last year in October of 2018 and has already been permitted for its own county Health department. This truck has passed inspection and has almost everything on it! See below for complete specs.
 .in New York 

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Was: $51,700
Save $7,700 (14% off)

1998 Freightliner Automatic Diesel Engine MT45 Food Truck for Sale in Idaho!

Item No: ID-T-453F2

Kick start your dream mobile food business with this loaded and super cool 1998 Freightliner MT45 Food Truck. This 4 speed automatic unit runs on a 6BT Cummins Diesel engine and can be a turnkey as well. All designs are hand painted and the logos are all vinyl over that. Wrap it or peel and lay your graphics instead! It’s a huge truck with an 18' kitchen with lightly used equipment, big enough for a decent crew. See below for complete details!
in Idaho


Used 1999 Freightliner MT-35 Fully Loaded Diesel Food Truck for Sale in Arizona!

Item No: AZ-T-416F2

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make some serious money with this astonishingly designed 1999 Freightliner MT-35 food truck. This fully loaded unit was only used for 8 months by its original owner. With a standing height of approximately 8' and a September 2018 kitchen build-out. See below for complete specs!
 .in Arizona 

$66,000 all

Mobile Food Biz w/ GMC Food Truck & Pace Concession Trailer for Sale in Iowa!

Item No: IA-T-400F2

This is a combo you can't miss! It includes a 28' 1987 GMC Truck-built from the ground up as a food truck, AND a 1995 18' Pace concession trailer. They have matching motifs and will draw a crowd. 
in Iowa 


Turnkey Used Multi-Use / Donut Food Truck for Sale in Utah!

Item No: UT-T-389F2

"Donut" worry, for this cute and very versatile food truck has got you covered! This is a well-built donut truck that has a successful following and the owner just doesn't have much time to dedicate to this. Call us now for complete details!
 .in Utah 


1997 GMC P32 10-ft Diesel Step-Van Food Truck for Sale in New Jersey!

Item No: NJ-T-359F2

Sweeten your food business venture with this 1997 GMC P32 10-ft Diesel step-van that has been meticulously maintained with the owner's 6 years of usage. They have a thriving business with much goodwill and word of mouth, and many repeat private corporate customers. It was recently used as a cupcake truck but you could install more food service equipment. You can either buy the truck alone or purchase the business with it. Call us for more information! 

Price of the truck only:  .in New Jersey 


Used Black Chevrolet Diesel Step Van Mutli-Use Food Truck for Sale in Wisconsin!

Item No: WI-T-345F2

Just bring the food, do the cooking and you're ready to roll! This bullet proof Chevrolet Diesel Step Van can surely turn your dreams into reality. It is currently licensed in the state of Wisconsin, meaning you can go to any municipality once you've transferred the license. Call us now for more details!
 .in Wisconsin 


Chevy P30 Food Truck Mobile Kitchen for Sale in Indiana- 2016 Remodel!

Item No: IN-T-386F2

STAND OUT from the food truck crowd with this gorgeous mobile kitchen truck! It's a 1997 Chevy P30 with a 2014 kitchen install and remodelled in 2016. See details!
in Indiana 


Fully Self-Contained Mobile Kitchen Food Truck for Sale in Virginia!

Item No: VA-T-357F2

Don't miss this! A great condition, fully self-contained food truck that's ready to roll. 
in Virginia 

Was: $52,522
Save $10,022 (19% off)

Used 1994 Chevrolet P30 Air Conditioned Diesel Food Truck for Sale in Tennessee!

Item No: TN-T-339F2

Take out the hunger with nothing but the best cuisines using this air conditioned (in kitchen) 1994 Chevrolet P30 Step all-purpose food truck. Loaded with fully functional equipment and a kitchen built in 2014, everything is most certainly in great condition. See below for complete specifications.
in Tennessee

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  • ...we never had to wonder what was happening.

    Had an awesome experience working with Melissa Powers and Used Vending. Melissa explained every step of the process completely. She kept in contact with us and the buyer continually; we never had to wonder what was happening. Melissa is a pleasant, caring person and was so patient with our questions and concerns. Our buyer was a nice young man. It was enjoyable for us to share in his enthusiasm as he took possession of the trailer and looked forward to his new concession venture. Thank you for the help with our sale.
    Jerome and Sheryl Johnson,
    Marshfield, WI

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    Awesome platform to sell your candy vending machines very quickly. Sold in two weeks, can’t be more happy with

    Daniel Tovar,
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  • April is a joy to work with....Highly recommended!
    April is a joy to work with.....very professional and quick to respond. I appreciate working with her and her company. Highly recommended!
    Chad Trammel,
    Huntersville, NC
  • It could have been more difficult, but you helped to make it so much easier.

    We would like to thank you, Jennifer for all your hard work in helping us to purchase our Food Truck. It could have been more difficult, but you helped to make it so much easier. We are very happy with our purchase. 
    Glenn Stewart,
    Broken Arrow, OK

  • ...a true sales professional that blew me away

    Melissa Powers at is a true sales professional that blew me away with her persistence and abilities, I will definitely refer her to anyone I can looking to buy or sell vending equipment. Thank you very much and I wish you great success with your future endeavors!!!

    Ron F.,
    Lancaster, PA

  • ...I'll be ordering 20-25 more machines in the next two or three months
    Hello Julie, I just received the shipment. That was fast. I really appreciate your help and I'm very impressed how fast you filled and shipped my order. I'll be ordering 20-25 more machines in the next two or three months. I'll definitely be in touch when the time comes. Thanks again,
    Randy P.
  • I was very impressed by my dealings with

    I was very impressed by my dealings with in general, and with Cristina in particular. She was a total pleasure to communicate with, and always had a cheery, positive attitude. Thanks so much for making the selling of my concession trailer such a quick, easy, and enjoyable experience!

    T. W.
    Bloomington, IN

  • His professionalism gave me confidence.
    Our church recently purchased a food truck with the help of Our purpose was to find something within our price range that we could utilize for a ministry of feeding the hungry. Working on behalf of the church community, I began the search and early on stumbled upon I found potential prospects right away, as I began to work with Bradley. Working with Bradley and gave me the confidence to go ahead with the purchase. knowing that I was buying a vehicle that had's recommendation. Bradley was sincere and forthright from the start. I felt that he was not just a salesman seeking to help seal a deal, but rather someone who was concerned for my best interests as a buyer. His professionalism gave me confidence.
    Rev. James Ruggieri,
    Providence, RI
  • ...within a couple of days the transaction was complete and I had my money.

    Professionals at their Best. I listed my Food Trailer with UsedVending; Melissa Powers had several buyers for me. The first buyer had problems and was unable to complete the transaction. Melissa keep me informed the whole time. When the deal fell through, Melissa had 2 backup offers waiting. Melissa contacted the 2nd buyer and within a couple of days the transaction was complete and I had my money. I have listed another item with UsedVending and Melissa has buyers for it. UsedVending is a GREAT company to work with and Melissa is the bomb. Thanks so much for caring.

    Kenneth Nutt
    Clovis, NM

  • The high level of communication keeping me up to date every step of the way was important to me.

    Hi Traci, I wanted to thank you and Used for a great experience. I was impressed with how quick my concession trailer sold. You were very helpful answering my questions and explaining all the details. The high level of communication keeping me up to date every step of the way was important to me. The entire process was very professional and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. I will absolutely consider Used again in the future and I will also be sure to tell my family, friends and business contacts about your service.
    John Raimondo
    Laurel Maryland

  • ...not only communicated, but also explained thoroughly along the way.

    Melissa provided us with exceptional service, going above and beyond to make sure everything related to our purchase was not only communicated, but also explained thoroughly along the way. I would VERY highly recommend for all your merchandise related equipment needs! Thanks!
    Glenn Iverson
    Auction Stalkers, LLC
    Las Vegas- NV

  • She handled the entire transaction smoothly and without a hitch
    I just wanted to say THANKS! for my recent experiences I have had with your company. I am new to the vending industry, establishing myself in January 2009, and am still learning the ropes with a lot of help from April and Kara. These two ladies are huge assets to your company! I can't thank them enough for the assistance and information they have given to me.
    I was contacted by Kara in March 2009 about a medium size account in my service area. After meeting with the client, it seemed like a good fit, and I informed Kara of my decision. She handled the entire transaction smoothly and without a hitch; it was a very different experience then I have had with the few locating services I have dealt with.
    At that point, I contacted April about the location. She listened to specifics of the account and made a recommendation as to which machines to consider. When it turned out that the machine we had chosen (an ST3000) was a little outside of my price range, April promptly arranged financing for the equipment. Considering the recent state of the credit markets, and the short length of time I have been in business, I was relieved to say the least!
    The machine was delivered with no problems and has been on location for about a month now. Everything is working great and the capacity of the unit seems a perfect fit for the account it is in. Thanks again, April and Kara, you made this the easiest account that I have!
    Joshua J.
    Milpitas, California
  • I will use and recommend
    In business today it is difficult to find an 'actual person' to whom you can speak. So imagine my shock when I called Melissa from USEDVending and she answered the phone! From that point forward the transaction was held in a professional and smooth manner. I will use and recommend to my friends and family.

    Gilbert, AZ.
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