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Looking for fun & profitable vending machines that just don't seem to fit other categories? Look no further, they are probably right here! Bagged bulk ice kiosks, ice cream novelty vending machines, retail beauty or hair product vending machines, trading cart or toy vending machines... there are so many to choose from. Sign up for the MeFirst Alerts to hear about them right when they post, and use the zip code search tool to find non snack / drink vending machines near you!

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Bag of Ice Free Standing Bagged / Bulk Ice Vending Machine for Sale in Florida!

Item No: FL-OV-225F2

Ice vending machine available now! For sale- this is a “bag of ice” brand free standing ice vending machine available in Florida. Very good condition, see details. 
in Florida 


Just Ice Bagged Ice / Bulk Ice Vending Machine Kiosk for Sale in Florida!

Item No: FL-OV-212F2

For sale in Florida, this is a very good condition drive up / walk up bagged bulk ice vending machine kiosk. 
in Florida 


2011 Kooler Ice Bagged Ice Vending Machine for Sale in Louisiana!

Item No: LA-OV-152F2

For sale in Louisiana- this is a 2011 Kooler Ice Im1000 commercial ice vending machine in very good condition. See details for specs!
in Louisiana 

Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations


2016 Everest VX4 Bulk Bagged Ice & Water Vending Machine for Sale in Arkansas!

Item No: AR-OV-996E2

For sale in Arkansas- this is a 2016 commercial bulk / bagged ice / filtered water vending machine by Everest. Produces up to 1,909lbs of ice in a 24 hour span! Less than $500 sold on the machine. Like new condition. 
in Arkansas 

Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations


TURNKEY ICE BIZ- 2 Polarmatic Bulk Ice Vending Kiosks for Sale in Arkansas!

Item No: AR-OV-933E2

These are 2008 Polarmatic Ice Vending machines, a turnkey business. Vends 20 lbs of Ice. Two established businesses for 8 years! Can be left set up in high traffic area. Owner will retire! 
in Arkansas 


Used Bagged Ice Kiosk Bulk Ice Vending Machine for Sale in Kentucky!!!

Item No: KY-OV-725E2

For sale in Kentucky- this is a 2008 commercial bagged / bulk ice vending kiosk by The Ice Cube. It has a 6000lb per day ice maker, capable of selling up to 300 20lb bags per day. Good condition. 
in Kentucky 

$1,350 ea.

Fast Corp Blue Bunny Ice Cream Novelty Vending Machines for Sale in Colorado!

Item No: CO-I-565E2

For sale in Colorado- here are (4) year 2000 Blue Bunny single serve ice cream novelty vending machines. Good condition. 
 in Colorado 

Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations


2012 Polarmatic 7.5HP Bag / Bulk Ice Kiosk for Sale in Florida!

Item No: FL-I-227E2

For sale in Florida- this is a refurbished & overhauled Polarmatic bagged and bulk ice vending machine, ready to work for summer.
in Florida


Ice House of America MiniXL Bagged Ice Vending Machine for Sale in Missouri!

Item No: MO-I-905D2

For sale in Missouri- this is a 2013 MiniXL Self contained bagged ice vending machine by Ice House of America. See details for specs.
in Missouri 

Was: $33,000
Save $16,500 (50% off)

Polarmatic 10000 Bag / Bulk Ice Kiosk for Sale in Alabama!

Item No: AL-I-837D2

For sale in Alabama- this is a Polarmatic 10000 in good shape! Machine produces 18 pound bags of ice with 500 lb hopper. Has a hot water heater and hand washing sink installed to meet local health department requirements. Small porch also included to allows access to control room.  Seller will include some supplies as well. See details for more info.
in Alabama 

Was: $23,100
Save $2,750 (11% off)

2013 Kooler Bagged Ice Vending Machine Kiosk for Sale in West Virginia!

Item No: WV-I-566D2

For sale in West Virginia- this is a 2013 Kooler Ice Vending Machine / Kiosk- commercial grade machine will vend 10lb bag of ice. Can accept cash and credit cards! 
in West Virginia 
*Delivery may be possible depending upon buyer situation.
Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations


AP Vendstore Electronic Retail / Snack Vending Machine for Sale in California!

Item No: CA-I-935C2

For sale in California- this is a state of the art Vendstore (RAM4000) glassfront vending machine by AP / Automatic Products. It is currently configured for retail items, but can also be used for snacks. Takes Credit Cards & Cash. See details for specs. 
in California 

Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations

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2015 Kooler Ice - Ice and Water Vending Machine Kiosk for Sale in Florida!

Item No: FL-I-820C2

For sale in Orlando- this is a 2015 Kooler Ice IM1000 state of the art ice & water kiosk vending machine for ice bags and water. Machine has built in remote monitoring feature to track sales and machine status from your computer or smart phone. Very good condition! See details for specs. 
in Florida 


Polarmatic 10000 Ice Vending Machine Ice Kiosk for Sale in Arkansas!

Item No: AR-I-743C2

For sale in Arkansas- this is a 2008 Polarmatic 10000 Ice vending machine. Vends 20 lb bags of ice. Well maintained. Works great. 
in Arkansas 

$74,446 all

NEW 2017 - Interactive 55" Touchscreen Vending Machines for Sale in Florida!

Item No: FL-I-353C2

For sale in Florida- here are (20) amazing, state-of-the-art touchscreen interactive vending machines- new! Accept payments using your phone, as well as credit card, debit card, cash and/or coin. May purchase as a lot for OR individually. There are Ramen noodle machines, cold food machines, hot & cold beverage machines & more- all top of the line latest technology. 
Many different models & functions; See details for specs. More info / pics on file, call for info. 
 for ALL. See details for price breakdown by each & in groups.  in Florida 

Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations

$6,000 ea.

Vendron Silkron Touchscreen Food / Retail Vending Machines for Sale in Illinois!

Item No: IL-I-558B2

Check out these (2) state of the art, 2017 Vendron Silkron fully electronic touchscreen interactive vending machines. These are currently configured for selling apparel & accessories. Can be converted for cold items (refrigeration not installed), food, cosmetics, any other retail items. Has cc reader. See details.
in Illinois 

Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations


2017 - USI Mercato 5000 Retail / Snack Vending Machine for Sale in Texas!

Item No: TX-I-152B2

For sale in Texas- this is a Mercato 5000 retail merchandise vending machine by USI / FSI / Wittern. Practically new. Takes only cards. Most recently used for hair extensions, but adjustable racks can be set up for snacks or other retail items.
in Texas 

Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations


Mega Vendor Rain Tunnel Stainless Vending Machine Cage / Shell for Sale in Ohio!

Item No: OH-I-966Z

Cover your investment- protect that expensive vending machine from the elements and vandalism with this Rain Tunnel All Stainless Steel protection shell / vending machine cage by MegaVendor. Great condition.
in Ohio

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$1,000 all

Bulk Baseball Card / Sticker Vending Machines for Sale in Maine!!!

Item No: ME-A-912X

For sale in Maine- this is a lot of (4) Greenwald/Vertical 5 bulk vending machines, currently set up for baseball or other trade cards. Holds over 200 cards. Very good condition.
in Maine

$500 ea.

Coin Racer Fund Raising and Profit Machines for Sale in Indiana!!!

Item No: IN-A-411U

For sale in Indiana- available 100 - 2016 Coin Racer Fund Raising and Profit Machines- NEW, never used. These units can be used simply as an amusement for kids racing coins or as a fund raiser for charities. No products needed or vended; people just put in their spare change! All coins spiral down and fall into base. Collect money by removing two padlocks under the topper and dump the base into a bucket or bag.
in Indiana

$6,450 ea.

6- Lobster Zone Games / Vending Machines for Sale in Wisconsin!!!

Item No: WI-I-238S

(6) of the very popular 2007 Lobster Zone games. Very good to like new condition. Great for waiting areas in restaurants.
in Wisconsin


Standard Change Makers Inc. Bill Changer for Sale in Toronto!

Item No: CAN-I-980R

For sale in Toronto-  Standard bill exchanger - not updated to accept new polymer bank notes/bills.Very good condition.
CAD. in Ontario

$1,200 ea.

Refurbished Kiddie Rides for Sale in California!!!

Item No: CA-A-706R

For sale in California- a huge variety of 2005 coin operated kiddie rides by Carousel International. Available repainted and refurbished, or "As Is". Must buy in lots of 10 or more- Call for pricing on entire lot.
as is or $1,750 refurb. in California

$4,000 ea.

(8) Used Veloxity Commercial Charging Stations for Sale in Massachusetts!!!

Item No: MA-I-717P

For sale in Massachusetts, here are (8) electronic charging stations that were only lightly used. Fully automated kiosks for vending eletricity to charge smartphones with individual locker.
. in Massachusetts

$3,450 all

Electronic Pet Supply Used Vending Machine for Sale in Florida!!!

Item No: FL-I-601P

For sale in Florida- this is an 2008 electronic snack / drink vending machine that has been configured and decorated for selling pet supplies and treats. Has credit card reader and bill validator; 60 selections. Good condition, needs freon.
in Florida

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  • all moved really fast, and very smooth.

    Hey Greg, The experience you provided in helping our company buy this new food truck was exceptional. When it came time to put in an offer on the truck, you went above and beyond, even staying a little later than you were supposed to so the deal could happen. Putting down the deposit to hold the truck was also simple and quick. From the time I put in my first offer to the time I put down the deposit was maybe 30 minutes so it all moved really fast, and very smooth. I look forward to maybe doing business again when we are ready for another truck.
    Adam Salinas,
    Tuscaloosa, AL

  • ...kept in contact periodically and advised us.

    Calice was a great help and stayed on top of negotiations. She kept in contact periodically and advised us. We highly recommend her!
    Deland, FL

  • It was a tough decision to sell our concession trailer but they made the sale easy.
    It was a tough decision to sell our concession trailer but they made the sale easy. If I have any more food vending equipment to sell in the future Ill definitely be listing it with them. Thanks for the help selling it and making it simple on my end.

    Michael Price,
    Baroda, Michigan
  • ...very painless experience

    April, thanks for all that you do! With your helpful and cheerful demeanor, you have made my purchase a "very painless experience". Again, much thanks!

    Take Good Care!

    John "The Wash Tub"
    Decatur, TN

  • I could not of asked for a better experience.
    Melissa was Fantastic. She was quick and responsive with every detail. She was on every detail. I could not of asked for a better experience.Thank You so much.
    Kyle Veatch,
    Denver, CO
  • Prince George County will keep you mind should we have future vending needs.

    Thank you so much for assistance in getting us a drink vending machine. Your assistance, along the technical assistance received, was very beneficial and allowed for a smooth process in ordering and receiving our machine. Thanks again for all of your help and Prince George County will keep you mind should we have future vending needs.
    Leigh Primmer,
    Prince George County, VA

  • ...all 5 machines were sold in two weeks!!
    I had five vending machines listed for sale on Craig's list for three months. I then gave a try, and all 5 machines were sold in two weeks!!
    April and the rest of the staff were absolutely great to work with. I recommend USEDvending to anyone who wants to buy or sell vending equipment.

  • Everything went well and a special thanks to Wendy.

    I never had used an online broker before. The experience I had was a good one. The UsedVending company and the associate (Wendy) were very helpful. She helped me get through a few hurdles along the way, but everything worked out well. The sellers of the property were also quite nice and accommodating to my needs. Everything went well and a special thanks to Wendy.

    Harry Oakes,
    Cato, NY

  • ...4 mega vending was awesome!
    My experience with 4 mega vending was awesome! I contacted several other companies and it took several days for them to contact me.I emailed and within a few minutes I had a response. April Hurd is very professional and wonderful to work with.

    Monica Reece
    Harris Jobe Elementary PTO
  • I was treated as a HUMAN BEING

    I have been in sales over 25 years and the way I was treated as a HUMAN BEING by Stacy Sweet was a educating experience. He not only has awesome voice projection but his sense of know how and politness and willingness to create whatever the situation is into a positive experience.I am very very very happy and did I mention I was A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER. Thank you again Used Vending and STACY SWEET!! " HOW "SWEET" it is.

    Pinellas Park, Florida.

  • ...THE BEST way to sell equipment
    Thank you, Melissa, for making the sale of my vending machines so easy. This is THE BEST way to sell equipment (or find equipment). You even worked out a negotiated deal to meet the needs of myself and the seller.

    Tony from Iowa
  • ... there was an offer and by 4pm that afternoon the trailer was sold

    I can't believe how easy it was to sell our food trailer with Used Vending. I got a call one morning that there was an offer and by 4pm that afternoon the trailer was sold and on its way to a new destination!!!! Thank you so much for making this procces of closing our business easy!!!!!
    Duane and Lori Coucke,
    Vinemont, AL

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