2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer!!!

Item No: TX-P-393L

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer!!!
2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 2

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 3

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 11

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 12

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 13

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 14

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 15

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 16

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 17

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer - 18

2017 6' x 12' Sno-Pro Shaved Ice Concession Trailer!!!

Item No: TX-P-393L

This is a brand new, never used Sno-Pro shaved ice / snoball / raspados concession trailer. See specs below.
$14,850. Texas

See this equipment on video...

This unit is newly built - has never been placed in service.
It includes the following:
Serving bottle racks,
Gallon jug racks,
Detachable tongue,
Ice blocks 5 in by 5in by 10-12 in long
Plug is standard with ground; 7 way plug in connection.

**Trailer is 110v and requires 30 amps of service.

Equipment List

  • Vehicle Options
  • Air Conditioning: 13,500 BTU
  • Concession Window(s)
  • Removable Trailer Hitch
  • Cabinets
  • Refrigeration
  • Deep Freezer: 15 cu ft. Whirlpool (will hold 50 if blocks stacked correctly)
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Ice Shaver: NEW Southern Snow Shaver
  • Electrical
  • Interior Lighting
  • GFI Outlets
  • Plumbing
  • Hot Water Heater: 2.5 Gallons
  • Hand-washing Sink
  • Triple Sink
  • Fresh Water Tank: 8 Gallons
  • Gray Water Tank: 16 Gallons & 50 Gallons (under the ice shaver)

Prior Equipment Questions...

What southern snowball shaver is included?
Our trailers have a new southern snow shaver.
Is it possible to split the front window and have to sides...one for order and other for pick-up?
Yes. The window is split. The feft sude opens and the right side opens. There is glass between the two.
Are the walls insulated?
Can you add a larger fresh water tank and do the tanks have lighted gauges ?
That would have to be done after purchase
Can power generator be added before delivery ?
We do not sell generators. Sorry
How many circuits are in electrical panel?
4 15 amp breakers
What is total amp draw with all equipment (shave ice machine, freezer, etc.) running?
30 amp
Is there an inverter from a 12 v to a 110 v?
Not on this trailer
Can any adjustments be made to account for local requirements, e.g., fresh water inlet must be at least 3/4 inch?
What is the size of the waste water drain valve?
Yes indeed
1 inch drain valve
Does the dual axles have brakes on them?
Yes indeed
What size hitch ball is needed?
2 inch ball
how is the total weight of that trailer?
6x12 2800lbs
6x14 3100 lbs
Do you offer a stripped down version of this trailer? I'm not using it for any type of food business. Just need the A/C unit and electrical outlets on a blue housing
Yes indeed. Remove the ice shaver, freezer, countertop, 4 sink water system, and you are good to go. Will have walls lights and plugs.
Does this trailer a 4 prong or 6 prong or 8 prong plug in for the truck to pull?
Our trailers have a 7 way plug in connection.
Can I use this trailer to do things like fry chicken?
Yes indeed
Can I get an option for a hood instead of A/C?
Sorry. We dont do vent hoods in our trailers. You would have to do that after purchase. Thanks.
Please send measurements of the 3 compartment sinks and the hand wash sink
11 3/4 long
6 deep
How many gallons does the fresh water tank holds and is it made of food grade material located for easy access?
8 gallons, yes, and yes.
Are there "P" traps at the sink drains?
Is there a exterior view of the fresh water inlet on the trailer is it 3/4 inch in diameter or less that is protected from contamination?
Yes, 1/2 inch.
Is the waste water tank a least 15% larger than the fresh water tank?
Yes it is.
Is there a transfer switch in the 6x12 snowball trailer?
The trailer has a 125 amp breaker box inside the trailer.
Does the lights have light shields?
Yes. They do.
Does the 6x12 snowball trailer have a Vent Hood?
No vent hood.
is there a location on the trailer for the generator?
No. The location would have to be added
How tall is it including the air conditioner on top?
9 feet 6 inches
It looks like this trailer has a sliding glass window in the back. I want to know of this window could be used as a drive through window? That's an important piece of our future trailer.
a back window is an added option. It would cost extra--thanks
Can the trailer be outfitted with an Oven/Range? Multiple outlets for warmers, etc, generator and cofffe urn?
It has 6 outlets right now. Any other additions would have to be a post purchase add on using your electrician.
can you get the trailer without the block ice shaver?
Yes indeed
can the trailer run both plug in 110 and or use a generator or battery?
110 plug in
Or generator
can the trailer have a small frigerator?
Yes indeed
Does this trailer have NSF Sink and NSF Freezer?

Is the trailer air conditioned?
Yes 13,500 btu A/C
Could it be used to sell baked goods out of?
Yes. Indeed
What's the fully loaded weight?
G.V.W.R. 3,000 lbs
Could this trailer be used for something other than shaved ice?
Yes indeed.
For example, like a "salad" truck of types?
(I would't need to really cook anything though so wouldn't need to much equipment)
Perfect for that !!!
Does it just come in a solid color or do you add lettering and graphics?
I do not add graphics. But it is very easy to do. Any graphics company can and will do it for you.
What type of warranty is included in this purchase?
Every thing is covered by the manufacturer. The freezer is covered by whilpool, the ice shaver is covered by southern snow...etc
will the shaver shave cube ice or must it be block?
How tall is the interior?
What amp services do these trailers use?
Where are you located?
Its near Austin.
I need more info. I see the freezer in front of the serving window on the 12ft snowball trailer but it's hard to tell how much room you have in between the freezer & the cabinet with the snow ball machine to get to the window to serve the customers.
The freezer can be moved. In the picture, the freezer is set about 2 feet from the cabinet.
Does it include ice maker?
The trailer has a southernsnow shaver that makes the snoballs. You must put a block of ice in the machine. The machine shaves the ice, it does not make ice.
Where are you located ?
Its near Austin.
Please provide all the specs on this trailer if it is still available. Please include clean/grey water tank sizes, water heater size, what it's wired for, does the freezer actually freeze, or just act as an ice chest, it appears to have DOT lights correct? What, if any other equipment is included other than the ice shaver. Is the the trailer wired to run off a battery or generator only? If battery, is it included? If yes, what about the charger?
Water system sizes clean 8, grey water 16, water heater 2.5gal. Electrical is 125 amp service with four 15 amp breakers. It is a freezer not an ice maker. This unit is newly built- has never been placed in service. It includes the same equipment as listed in the details of the ad.

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